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  1. Kreny

    Xenonauts V1.5 Plans

    Would it be possible to choose if firstly rearm planes and then refuel? Because ammo is more needed than fuel and it takes much less to finish. But others may not agree... so could You make it configurable in game-menu?
  2. Kreny

    [V1.08] Melee atack bug

    And what is wrong on it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHcJCmMVVJM
  3. there is attached savegame where my guys see that pre-Reaper alien (can't recall it's name, but when you kill it, it will become Reaper). There is a bug - this "guy" is last remaining alien scum and where I kill this pre-Reaper (so normal Reaper appear), game will finish mission (this actually saved my life btw:) ) savegame : [ATTACH]4784[/ATTACH] wtf.sav wtf.sav
  4. can be this map integrated into game menu as I tried to propose in http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11026-Integrate-download-community-map-pack-into-the-game-menu ?
  5. Hi, would it be possible to add button to the Xenonauts opening screen which will download and extract community map pack(s)? This possibility (map pack) is hidden to many people and for example one review I have read said "few repetitive maps" and lowered final score because of that. If this community map pack would be validated & frozen (so next maps will go to second map pack) then it should be safe to use this approach. Pretty please
  6. Finally downloaded and tried first mission. Basically same like Desura build, both had backrgound of main screen broken. Otherwise looks fine so far
  7. I maybe know the reason ... it seems Steam is not downloading one big package but each single file one by one. And right now, my Xenonauts folder under .steam/steam/SteamApps/downloading/223830/opt has 44 431 files. So it seems it is openning connection for each file, then downloads it and then closes it.
  8. Not sure if you have influence on this, but download speed is a bit slow (it tells me mora than one Year to finish download ) edit : left it downloading for whole night and still not there, average download is few kB/s. This is first time I've experienced this on Steam. Tried to download other game and it was downloading with full speed, weird
  9. Kreny

    Xenonauts V1.07 Released!

    Great! Once I am out of VPN, I'll grab it and do some testing. Thanks a lot!
  10. Kreny

    Xenonauts V1.07 Released!

    how it looks with Steam Linux version? Is the light at the end of the tunnel closer?
  11. Kreny

    Xeno + Steam + Linux ?

    So Xenonauts are on the Steam as final release, congrats! But how it looks with Steam Linux version? There is still just Windows client, seems. For those who do not understand why I want Steam version: in a World where mankind invented repositories (and that is really cool, Windows users) I would like to use them as much as possible. And Steam is some kind of " game repository"... So Chris, make it running pleeeeeeeeeeeeease
  12. Kreny

    Release Date & Work Tracker

    Great, glad to hear that! Thanks for reply
  13. Kreny

    Release Date & Work Tracker

    Chris, what about Steam Linux version? Is that in the plan?
  14. How about Steam Linux version? Any progress here so far?