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    Xenonauts on Steam

    That was super easy. Thanks for the info guys.
  2. CrimsonBinome

    Xenonauts on Steam

    Hi folks, I recently returned to check up on the progress of Xenonauts and was hoping to hop into game. I noticed that the game is now on steam and I was wondering if it was possible to get access to this as I backed the game in its early stages using Desura. Sorry if this has been covered but there is so much info Im not sure where to begin. Peace.
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    New Member

    Tried looking for a hello thread I swear but hello to you all nevertheless! Afraid I need my hat too. You see I got a hook and this peg leg, just goes with the theme and all. Yes, Im bald...
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    New Member

    Just downloaded the game after reading through the site and I thought I'd say hello to everyone. Very exciting stuff so far and hats off to the hard work the team has put in! Been a big fan of X-COM since it came out when I was about 9 and cant wait to try this remake