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  1. I have a Mac version that was on Desura but nothing since. What happened? Have you just abandoned it or what?
  2. Stuman

    Steam Mac Support?

    Now that version 1.03 is out where is the Mac steam release
  3. Stuman

    4k tv

    It would seem that there are now relatively cheap 4k tv's out there that some people are using for monitors. However these tv's are limited to hdmi 1.4. That means 30 htz refresh rate. The question I have is no matter what your graphics card is that supports 4k, since the tv only has an hdmi connector will your frame rate only be 30fps.
  4. Well, damn it, my windows box is sick for the time being and was wanting to play some Xenonauts on my macbook but was not working. Didn't even bother to check that it was windows only on steam since I already had it on my mac since before it was on steam. Weird thing is it is in the Mac library. If I wanted to download the latest and greatest on the mac box how do you do it?
  5. Stuman

    Real life plasma guns!

    Commissar, the fact that you know anything about benzodiazepines in food capsules would suggest prior experience in either the giving or receiving of such fiendish thingy's. And is that how you spell thingy anyway:confused:
  6. Stuman

    Fields of War

    I seen this on Steam Greenlight. It's a mech game but there is something about it that is different about it that possessed me to vote for it and sign up for the beta coming up on the 3rd of March. www.thermalerosion.com Give it a look, see what you think.
  7. Stuman

    V16 tomorrow!

    extra sweet thanks Chris
  8. Stuman

    V16 tomorrow!

    anyone have any idea when the mac files will update
  9. Stuman

    Borderlands 2

    I'm right in the middle of the game right now. Or at least I think the middle. The strange things I see are weapons, mods and the like with what looks like lesser specs but are far more expensive and wondering why. I go to the wiki or some other site and think while I'm reading this stuff I could just be shooting or blowing stuff up. The strategist in me say's "are you getting the best gear or selling shit you ought not be selling?" The marine in me say's "piss on it, just go get some!" so that's what I do. It's really a fun game. Got it on the Christmas Steam sale which makes it even better. Looking forward to Borderlands 2. On a Steam sale!
  10. Stuman

    Build V15.1 Released!

    So how long does it take for premium mac files to load up on Desura still says v14
  11. Stuman

    Build V15 Released!

    Thanks Giovanni much appreciated
  12. Stuman

    Build V15 Released!

    Trying to find the Mac builds for Xenonauts but can't find it. I thought it was out but Desura has no client for Mac. What's up?
  13. Stuman

    How many military types are there on this board?

    I never quite got the U.S. Army specialist grades and what the difference was between spec and hard stripe. E-5 is E-5 right? With us it was Private, PFC, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant and so forth.
  14. Stuman

    Alternative Rock in London

    I've been listening to Xfm out of London and wondering if there are any other alt rock stations in England worth listening to. Also been listening to the Phantom out of Dublin so definitely Ireland as well. I get them on the Tune In app for my phone. Xfm tends to get a little repetitive after a while.
  15. Stuman

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    Isn't that the voice of Optimus Prime in the Destructoid piece?