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  1. Just ended a fun and entertaining 3 hour stream with lots of deaths and some bad shooting.... Vini... Will continue soon and I will cut this stream up and put up on YouTube for you to enjoy the deaths
  2. Going live on www.twitch.tv/snowiifrog i am just setting the last few things up
  3. I would say it is better in the beginning of the game and on lower difficulties
  4. I would also say it is the CPU since it is a "turn based" game
  5. You are correct on the armour part. Not sure on the procentages on how much lower, thinks it is about the same as the assault shield in %
  6. Hehe i am just recoding som guides for Xenonauts tonight, and fixing some sound issues i keep hearing the sound of my computer in the background of the recording. But i will start very soon i am really looking forward to it. Its my first real go after official release.
  7. As the title says i will be starting a new Lets PLay on Insane Ironman mode and i am seeking volunteers that are willing to put their name on some of the soldiers.... Do you dare? I will do my best to keep you alive
  8. I have just posted a video where people can sign up for the team. Right now i will try an get some guides recorded for the game most of my old ones seems to be outdated.
  9. I really enjoy this thread, especially since I will be starting my I/I LP start of next week. Getting som extra pointers before going live so I don't look like a complete idiot on the stream killing my self of within the first few months.
  10. You guys have inspired me to do my next LP of the game on ironman mode. Thou I haven't tried out the game after release yet I am looking forward to it. The only problem is the amount of hours in the day, and the amount of content I want to do for my channel. Think my last v21 stable LP was at 62 episodes when I had to end it. I think I have to change a lot of my earlier tactics for the insane difficulty thou. My channel is: https://www.youtube.com/user/SnowiiFrog
  11. I have also tried an alien spawning on some vases which made it so he couldent move. This was in a crash site mission thou. It was only a small craft so the map was small and i found him quickly.
  12. As the title says i have started a new LP which i will be releasing a new video every day at 6pm (Gmt +2). Hoping to go all the way this time Episode 1 Hope to see you there feel free to give advice in the comments- SnowiiFrog
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