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  1. I can't change the thread title but I'll try to conform to forum rules from now on.
  2. I've noticed the 0 chance to hit while shooting through an open door too. As soon as I step into the room the chance goes up to 70% (for snipers). It might be only a display issue since most of the time I hit the target despite the 0% chance.
  3. Hi, Saving game during a mission actually aborts the mission. To reproduce do the following: click abort mission, chose no, then click save game, pick an existing savegame and confirm. At this point the mission is aborted. To make the issue stop quit the game (exiting to geoscape is not enough) . Another interesting thing, if after going to abort menu you save on a new slot everything goes as expected.
  4. Sry, for some reason I didn't notice there is a forum section dedicated to experimental builds. Thx for answers and moving my thread.
  5. I'd like this too. Just because it was in old x-com(s) doesn't mean it has a place in a remake. Music + instant deaths were the source of the tension.
  6. Another thing I've noticed, when loading a savegame some (possibly all ) damaged or broken walls, floor tiles are intact. Curiously a barrel I destoyed was still destroyed but the wall the aliens brought down while shooting my soldiers was now back up.
  7. Hi guys I'm playing v19 experimental and encountered the following new bugs (at least i didn't read anything about them): Medikits start with 1/50 charges, don't heal wounds and seem to heal only 1 hp or so. Does anyone know how to avoid or fix this ? When trying to build a new airplane without an empty hangar there's an alert window that keeps popping up. The alert window informs me I don't have an empty hangar and keeps popping up after I click ok. When trying to load a mission savegame during a mission the game crashes. Quiting the savegame then loading the savegame from geoscape seems to work. Aliens in ufo keep shooting the ufo walls although they don't see my soldiers (and they never did)
  8. Well, not exactly on dev's computers. This post mentions an experimental version that might not be stable or balanced but is the latest thing.
  9. Hi, I'd like to try the latest development version but I don't know how to download it using steam. I tried right clicking the game and going in the properties menu but I couldn't find any beta or switch version option.