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  1. Brantleyx21

    Dynamic Music?

    For the world map maybe? Like launching interceptors on a ufo / combat site would play the older intercept music Or if its getting real, like lots of ufo activity or attacks, some music that instills dread plays? Sorry, just thought it would be cool to have.
  2. Brantleyx21

    Steam Mac Support?

    When I log into steam on my mac, Xenonauts shows up and allows me to 'download' it, even though there are no files downloaded. When can we see the game uploaded to steam for mac?
  3. Brantleyx21

    I need help installing this on OSX 10.8.5

    Ahh, I see, well I think I figured out my issue, but still haven't got it to work. The desura site's download speed is so slow that it takes far longer to download than it should, any interuption to the download ( computer sleep / network issue ) kills the download. I hope they get a Mac build on Steam, soon.
  4. I've been searching the forums for mac issues and can't find anything about installing problems, unless the search bar isn't showing me what I need to find. I have recently downloaded the full DMG installer for mac and cannot get it to install. Anyone having issues installing on mac? The steam client doesn't download any files, so I've had to look for alternative downloads.
  5. <p><p>Welcome to the forums!</p></p>

  6. I've tried making new games twice now, both were on veteran difficulty but I believe one was iron man and the other wasn't. Right after my first ground battle, I return to a black geoscape, with nothing on it besides my Chinook, base, and menu UI. The game will run for about 3 in game hours then crash. I was going to upload a .zip of the game files, but it looks like the attach file link is down. http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/419619/17.6_Save_Crash_after_ground_battle.zip