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  1. A quick glance at the epic store may have you ask, yeah, what's the problem? You have to do a little study, get down to the dirty underwear and the deeper you go the more revolted you will become. Going with 'It's just another launcher or Its just another outlet, means it doesn't even have your attention. In a nut-shell; To be convinced you need to look further than your nose.
  2. Yeah, there was something in the mods description for the Xeno1 that said it slowed the process down or something along those lines, it was a long time ago but, can't believe the same screen has migrated to Xeno 2.
  3. I think a small banner at the bottom of the screen 'Alien Movement' would be all that's needed. Having that picture flash on and off over your view is silly.
  4. So far the game play and mechanics have my vote. Backers build 3 next month.
  5. Why is this screen still in the game? It's awful to look at, must slow things down, get's in the way and is not necessary. In X1 thankfully there was mod to get rid of the hidden movement screen.
  6. If terror missions are anywhere near as good as the terror missions in the original UFO_EU then that will do me. Don't over think it. The AI in that game was spooky. I think it was programmed to close the distance while staying out of your LOS. That's would be how the sneaky b******d would apear behind you and scare the living s**t out of you.
  7. What is needs is a evil shed full of hoodies.
  8. - Needs a zoom. This is tactical zoom, Is there a zoom? - Cross-hair and fire line far to chunky. Looks out of place. - Rocks, mountains, doubledecker busses are cover/ now they're not/ now they are/ now they're not............. - Footsteps to loud. - Are guns suppose to remove boulders?
  9. Xenonauts 2? Hell yeah. Looks really nice I like all of the graphics options, and it plays really well. Will there be zoom? What engine are you using this time?
  10. Believe me it is good, very good.
  11. Heads up on the latest game by the Trese brothers. http://store.steampowered.com/app/370020 Impressions so far are that's it's a great tactical combat game with talents, skill trees, story, you name it.
  12. Would you be using a new engine for this, if so which engine were you thinking of?
  13. Oh nose! Not he dreaded experiments.
  14. My biggest disappointment has to be Dragon age Inquisition. I nearly cried.
  15. Yes. I bought it for the art style, but after a few hours play I'm not to sure if I like it or not. It's kind of strange, not what we are use to if you know what I mean. Give me a few days and I will be better informed.
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