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    Ah, dang it, I knew I forgot one from the list.

    Anyway Wiglaf seems to be good example of what I meant with "Naive cynic". I mean, does he have any good reason to assume that devs would screw pledgers over their money other than that it is theoretically possible for them to do it?

    Or that project will be just mediocre in the end? Besides that "They promised us [x] in year [before 2012]]" which I can't confirm as I haven't been here that long. Heck, Wiglaf hasn't either so I don't know what his source is. Either way, whether that is true or not it doesn't change the fact that that usually happens with all projects, never heard of project that was completely on time. While it is true that developers could lie to us about how well they are doing with the project, we don't have any concrete reasons to believe that.

    Anyway, what is point of investing in project if you lack faith for the project? Of course people will think you are being whiny, they wouldn't have invested in this if they wouldn't believe in it.
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