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  1. <p><p>Hi you mentioned you had some spectres for the rpg7 rocket launcher. still around=?</p></p>

  2. Pages 26 and 28, (Caesan rank concepts and Sebillian rank concepts, respectively) artist Deigo Garcia's name is spelled as "Diego Garsia," not consistent with the rest of the art book.
  3. I once had a pet one eyed one horned flying purple people eater... but it died of malnourishment for lack of one eyed one horned flying purple people to eat!
  4. FWIW the rocket launcher, just going by the appearance of the stock artwork in game, seems to be one of these: http://world.guns.ru/grenade/usa/mk153-smaw-e.html
  5. Glad to know it is finally working for someone besides me. As for the weapons that are currently included (i.e. the AK-47), they are there because the artwork for them was already included in the game files and they just weren't being implemented. I may consider adding some additional weapons in the future, as well as an option to choose between wood or synthetic (read:black), but right now I am back to playing vanilla as I haven't played at all since beta days and I'm curious to see how the release version compares.
  6. CornishGH, thanks for the feedback. The issue I found that was causing a crash was indeed with the makarov pistol in weapons.xml. Instead of referencing the texture at weapons/ballistic/soviet/makarov_black I had it pointing to weapons/ballistic/soviet/pistol/makarov_black, which doesn't exist! Once I got that cleared up and had it working in game again, it quit working somehow and I couldn't figure out why... disabled all of the Soviet weapons then went through enabling each one individually and firing up the game again until I figured out what it was. Somehow the two .png files I had created for the AK-47 and SVD ammos had gone missing! They were not in my recycle bin and I definitely do not remember having deleted them, so no idea what that was about, but I was able to restore them from a backup. Geez, it shouldn't be this difficult! Sorry for your frustration as well, I have uploaded a *hopefully* fixed version at https://db.tt/crGSCj4n
  7. OK, let's try that again: https://db.tt/crGSCj4n At this time it won't work with any other mod which changes ammos.xml, items.xml, sounds_gc.xml, strings.xml, weapons.xml or weapons_gc.xml, as those are the files which are modified. It should work with the Community Edition (subject to change as that gets updated) and will change your starting loadouts to use Soviet weapons.
  8. No, there is no research required- they should be available at game start. It's weird because it was working for me, but apparently at least one of the files is jacked up- so I'll have to take a look at this later and I'll put it back up once fixed.
  9. So I'm just jumping back in here after being AWOL for a long while, and had a question I was hoping someone could answer. Basically what I'm seeing is: I send my interceptors after a UFO. I hit one of the buttons to speed up time on the geoscape, so I don't have to wait for them to get to the intercept point. Next thing I know, I get a message that my intercept squadron is low on fuel and returning to base. If I click OK to dismiss that dialog, time continues at the accelerated rate, interceptors back to base, and UFO takes off and flies away. I wonder, is there a way to have Xenonauts alert you when a UFO landing event has occurred, so I can send my dropship (while keeping my interceptors in the area in case it decides to take off again). Otherwise I don't know it's landed until my interceptors are already out of fuel, which is kind of silly and rather annoying.
  10. Check out this thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/2473-My-try-at-adding-a-new-weapon-to-the-current-build/page3 On page 3 (linked) Max_Caine gives a link to some soldier_spectre.xml files from an old version. Placing one in /assets/units/xenonaut/armour.basic/{yourweaponname here} and renaming to soldier_spectre.xml should work. I assume you'll want the machinegun animation so you'll also need to edit the soldier_spectre.xml to point to weapon.machinegun. And you'll need to do that for each armor type. Good luck!
  11. Let me know how this works for you: https://db.tt/crGSCj4n (Somewhat) tested with Xenonauts v1.06 I tried to make them slightly different from the stock weapons, using accurate real-world clip/magazine sizes for instance (although I think the PK belts start at 100 rounds, I went for 50). Also I tried to figure out what real-world weapons the stock ones were based on and then compared those to the Soviet weapons and adjusted the stats accordingly. Only in some cases I ended up having to improvise on those because for example, when I looked at the effective range of the PK Machinegun vs. the stock one (looks like an FN Minimi) I ended up increasing the range to like 46, which I noticed is higher than even the sniper rifle, so I ended up adjusting that down considerably. I settled on it being higher than stock machinegun, but lower than the precision (sniper) rifle. In general, the Soviet weapons seem to be heavier than their Western counterparts, and on a few I found the clip sizes to be smaller (pistol 12 vs. 15, shotgun 6 vs. 8) although, I did up the AK-47 to 30 rounds and the PK to 50 so that should make up for it. The SVD Dragnov sniper has a 10 rd capacity, but the stock rifle- which looks like a HK MSG-90 -has 10 rds also even though it's real-world equivalent uses 5 or 20 round detachable box magazines. But again, I didn't alter the stock weapons at all. Please do make suggestions, and you are welcome to make any changes/additions or integrate these into whatever mods you like.
  12. This is awesome. That is all.
  13. Thanks for the link, I was able to grab the soldier_spectre.xml files from an older version from that thread, (and recreate the ones that were missing for rocketlauncher and machinegun types) and those seem to work. Now to just polish up a few things- like writing new weapon descriptions and tweak the stats a bit to make them sufficiently different from the stock weapons.
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