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  1. All the best Chris and have a great time on honeymoon !
  2. Ahh, that's not good, as it will lead players into situation where they want to haul maximum possible amount of ammo magazines of every type. Let's say that I start the mission with normal ammo, and after firing my first shot I notice an alien that is susceptible to fire - then I would have to irreversibly throw out 99% full normal ammo magazine that I might still need later in this mission.
  3. Wow! It's so nice to write here, on Goldhawk Forum, for the first time since I played Xenonauts 1 :) I've read your plans for second game and played this demo, and now I am sure I will back you up Chris :) Some remarks about this particular demo build: 1. It is possible to have an FPS display enabled? Because on my older machine the game plays a bit laggy. 2. I think shotgun shots are way louder than other weapons sound effects. 3. Some kind of summary screen after "mission completed" could be useful - both gameplay (overall accuracy etc.) and hardware (average fps, cpu load) statistics.
  4. Desperate times require desperate measures Chris! Thanks for help guys
  5. Anyone knows is there a way to have Xenonauts on GOG if I own it on Desura ?
  6. I had the exact same problem as landlord but managed to find a solution The cause of the problem was missing "valkyrie" folder in /assets/tiles/dropships - and validating files could not help with this to fix this problem please use this Valkyrie Drop-Ship Fix by kabill http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11599-Any-Version-Valkyrie-Drop-Ship-Fix Edit: My game version is 1.09 on Desura
  7. I really hope Desura users will be able to participate in the polishing phase. Please remember that not all of us use Steam - yet we still want to contribute to the game before it is released.
  8. Great to hear you are doing next stable build. You know, not all of us are using Steam.
  9. Regarding rewards: just like Max_Caine said a personel reward would be nice. For example Yes/No pop-up like this "Thankful for their rescue 2 experienced scientist offer to join your research team for free" Those people could also help with one research or manufacture and then depart.
  10. I think simplest method would be some kind of pop-up info appearing before deployment. Like "our analysts suspect that alien leader will be present on the battlefield"
  11. Wow, the video posted by a333 is just awesome!
  12. New Planescape Torment? Didn't even know about it... Awesome
  13. A sound plan! If only you could guide me what and how should be translated I'd like to help PM me with instructions please, so we don't spam this thread.
  14. I completely agree with this suggestion. If we want to complicate things Aircraft Missile Range Indicator could even be unlockable via research.
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