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Thread: Kickstarter Update and Steam

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    Kickstarter Update and Steam

    So, it's probably time for a quick update on what's been happening and will be happening over the next week. All the hard work on the Kickstarter has paid off as our US company has been set up and has a bank account that has been authorised by Amazon Payments. The page is set up and good to go - its only the video we're working on now. That's all been shot and we are editing that together.

    The press builds have been sent out already. They went out on Thursday, but all the preview coverage is embargoed until Wednesday. This is when the Kickstarter goes live, although don't start shouting about it till it goes live obviously. We want to time our coverage so we get bang for our buck.

    The other good news is about Steam. I'm pleased to say that we've signed a distribution deal with them so all preorderers will have the option to claim a Steam key when the game is released.

    We'll keep you posted as things progress, but if you're planning to donate to the kickstarter then please do so as soon as possible after it goes live as it'll give us that much more legitimacy as a result.
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    Special thanks to Sathra.
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    Awesome, I'll be sure to make another reddit post (or at least upvote one if someone beats me to it) and thankfully it shouldn't break your webpage like it did last time I made one since it would be linking to the kickstarter :P

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    Really looking forward to joining you guys in supporting this on Wednesday.

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    Haha, RPS coming through with excellent timing as they've just posted an article on Firaxis's Xcom, but with a question from Chris and a bit of Xenonauts lovin' from themselves AND Firaxis.

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    Read through rps interview and it was all the things I hated about the Altar games. Small squads, with the risk of smaller maps. I always question why a world at war sends 4 men into a battle against an alien horde and I didn't like the look of their art style.

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    also forgot will buy my bro a copy on wednesday.

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    With the Kickstarter coming next week Chris any word on those forum sig panels I suggested? Also GREAT NEWS for everything being ready to go and for Steam distribution!!!!

    Can't wait xD

    Once the Kickstarter goes live Chris I will live stream some Xenonauts if that's ok?

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    Already sent out? Damn and i was just about to post a suggestion that when you choose the full demo option , the warning screen about the game not being optimized for different screen resolutions should return. Wouldn't want the RPS articles to start raging about overlapping text.

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    Have the kickstarter donation levels been finalised? Are they the same as page one on the proposed teir thread?!

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