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  1. Snagged mine! Xenonauts is also under "Featured PC Games" list on steam so I see it on my steam frontpage <3
  2. Yeah I know the OG had it also but that doesn't mean I was a fan of that then either Though from a gameplay perspective I see how it would be difficult to not do it in this fashion because then you'd have to have each weapon have a "range" display and what good reason is there a plasma/laser weapon can't shoot across a map? Or even a ballistic rifle for that matter. I could see a shotgun not being such long range but really that's about it. So from a gameplay/coding perspective I get why it's in there and it makes complete sense. That doesn't mean I have to say I like it though!
  3. It's something in the firaxis game I don't mind because it's limited to the sniper class only plus it makes sense a unit with a sniper could see very far. However I feel that for the most part you should only be able to shoot something that particular unit in question can see for itself. I mean look in no other situation can you ever fire at something YOU can't actually see and expect to hit it. Ever. I just don't like the mechanic is all.
  4. So every alien is now a squad sight sniper? I'm not sure I'll enjoy that too much.
  5. Congrats! Well Earned Of course now you have to work more while on the forums instead of just hanging out so... that's something haha.
  6. Well I certainly don't know but I snagged a premium slot for a reason - to get goodies <3
  7. If anyone likes Advance Wars you should check out "Great Big War Game" on steam - just make sure to change your monitor to 59 Hz from 60 until they patch it if you buy the game
  8. Looks like a nice road map! Let's hope we don't get lost checking out the scenery
  9. I had been wondering what was going on.
  10. Yeah one of the interviews mentioned a sniper ability that allows you to take a second shot if you kill an enemy with your first shot as a sniper. I don't know what it was called. However those ability trees seem to be set up with 2 abilities per level that are mutually exclusive. So if you pick one you lose out on the other. That should be interesting I think!
  11. It was smoldering for a while but there is never smoke without fire. Given the incendiary nature of the topic make sure to give it wide berth lest you get burned... or end up with smoke inhalation.
  12. It's ok because you were on break to laugh at me failing at XCOM
  13. Day 9 - The Mission to Mars! I'm still not sure if we can count this as a victory or not. The death toll spirals ever higher! Do we beat the brain or succumb to it's evil mind controlling powers?! Watch to find out! http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322488764 Next up I'll be streaming Faster than Light. You can see the first stream of it in the archives or just click below! http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322493125
  14. Wolfy Mach2 LIIIIIVES. Also Day 6! Alien bases abound... and fixing your aircraft takes bloody forever! http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322156726 Day 7 starts off with a bang and ends with an explosion! Includes at no charge annoyance and literally smacking my FACE into my DESK. Fun times! http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322266632 Day 8! We are successful at last in capturing a live commander... or ARE WE!? The ultimate troll game lives up to its reputation. Watch and see the hilarity! http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322377537
  15. Another fun time was had by all watching! This time we had some base defense, some battleships flying around, tons of research done and MORE TRAITORS!! I need a Commissar... Also Wolfy... I got you a really nice casket. All lined with velvet and stuff. It looked really comfy... let me know if you'd like a new soldier! Day 5 action (in two parts due to xsplit crash): http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322047115 http://www.twitch.tv/hillhome/b/322051850