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  1. Don't you have a waifu to save from tentacle rape or something? And by the way, i though sword art is locked out from the outside world, how are you even here?
  2. Because the tech you reverse engineered yesterday is always at peak optimization.
  3. Well i guess hardship in my studies, and generally the knowledge of how much stuff i have left is denying me the ability to have fun and relax. Plus a small depression from failing several tests in a row could make a person a sore. So i deleted my stuff in an impulse of sadness and "logic". I don't have much time to work on rhymes at the moment. Only dropping in for a few minutes to read stuff.
  4. same thing
  5. OOOOh. Me likey! Any chance we can convince Chris to have an option for the original and this to be in the official options menu? :3
  6. I didn't know about UFO. Because i'm not old and craggy.
  7. [attachdisplayproperlyyoufuckingpicture!] [/please]
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  10. \
  11. Well i don't know about that. I mean why have fighters at all? There's really no use for them.
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  14. I feel everyone missed the joke._. I just wanted to get the logistics of how liquid can give you rope. I don't wan't realism as much as i want it to make sense. What do you mean "glowing spines aren't normal"?