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  1. Can't really aggree with this. Sure in xenonauts it was more difficult to figure out why a Person has a certain chance to hit an enemy. He had less chance to hit an enemy if there was a thing in between that he could hit instead of the person. That makes sense. In Xcom 2012 an attacker has less chance to hit an enemy because the enemy has trait Y, not because he has to shoot through a freaking wall to hit the guy. That does NOT make more sense that the xenonauts system. True, it makes it most certainly more easy to figure out beforehand how much of a chance someone might have to hit a certain enemy, but it also makes everything very binary. You're either in cover or your not in cover. Even if there is a massive rock or a wall between you and your enemy it might as well not exist for how much it protects you. Personally i didn't really like that. It really killed the immersion in the game and make it just feel so ... gamey.
  2. First i tried to go up a flight of stairs with my heavy in predator armor, were he didn't even acknowledge the stairs and would refuse to see any path that he can take to get on the second floor. Secondly i tried a rifleman in wolf armor, who acknowledged that there were stairs and draws his path to get up the stairs just fine but stops on the first step of the stairs, since he noticed an alien on top so not unusual. But now he refuses to go up the stairs. I can click on the second floor as much as i like and there's pretty much no way to kill the alien from the ground since he's got great cover up there. I attached the save file. Stair bug.sav Stair bug.sav
  3. Just some issues i noted about the game in 1.06 First the bug were soldiers see aliens from outside the ufo, even when the aliens are inside, doesn't seem to be fixed. Second I kinda like the new balance and i kinda don't. It's now extremely important to build up 3 bases with aircraft fighters asap or your going to loose continents. Sadly this makes equipment in early months, when your soldiers aren't that better than rookier anyway, a really hard investment and kinda gets the player to skip earlier tech levels like lasers. I just don't have the time and money to build lasers while i am trying to get my foxtrots up. Thirdly is it just me or is armor pretty useless now? I had severall times that my soldiers in wolf armor get killed with a single shot. Normally they would at least survive one shot and just get damaged. This makes the game a bit frustrating. Why even have the armor, if it doesn't protect my soldiers?
  4. Yeah the Deepth of the game is a definite plus for me. Not everyone will like it but i do. Also i really like that it portrays multiple races in a good way. When you conquer and assimilate other races they actually give you a percentage of their race bonus. The more you have the larger the percentage. But you have to be very carefull if you declare war on the empire that has the race as their primary race, because then you will get quite some revolts.
  5. Not sure if this belongs in here, but the youtube marbozir experienced a weird bug were a sahara mission loaded with a snow tileset. The tiles seem to be glitching out, too. look around 4:30
  6. But that's not the only problem it has. Sure it can be frustrating if you don't know why you can't shoot at an alien, but it is even more frustrating moving to a position and then realizing that you can't make the shot you wanted to make. In the old system you were able to guess the firing arcs somewhat correctly about 99% of the time. That was important because then you know were to move your soldiers in order to shoot that alien. Now it's a lot more confusing and overall less clear. Moving a soldier to a position were he can't shoot, even though it seems like he should be able to, happens a lot more frequently and that is not good. Reducing the players possibilities to plan ahead is never good in a tactical game.
  7. Nonsense, you still get more stuff, then when you would airstrike the crashsite. This change is really good in my opinion. Otherwise the player would be forced to do every crash site, which gets tedious pretty fast. It's not punishing your thoroughness, it's just not rewarding it as much as it used to.
  8. Well when bleeding was first introduced it wasn't really an issue, since you only got 1 damage per wound
  9. Not, it's not. Chris said earlier that Psionics are either area of effect OR LOS only, like berserk, or Squadsight. Currently they are always area of effect which just breaks any balance.
  10. Wait, what's with the vision bug were aliens were able to target your guys with psionics with no LOS.
  11. Hahaha, are you serious? The tension of not knowing if you'd be able to take down an ufo? Have you ever played the original, because it seems like you didn't. After you research the plasma beam aircraft weapon there was not a single ufo that you couldn't take down with zero risk. And if your smart you got that research in the first month, second month with really bad luck. There was no tension. The aircombat was by far the weakest part of the OG and i am glad that they changed it.
  12. Additionally to what ccrunner said a big part of psionics desperation is that only the aliens can use them in this game. I can shoot back, i can't mindcontrol back. Edit: I remember in the OG the medpack was able to wake up stunned soldiers. Does that work in xenonauts, too? It would make stunning mc'ed soldiers more valiable, therefore adding a way for the player to counter psionics, which is whats missing in the moment.
  13. No it doesn't. Surviving a critical injury, doesn't make a soldier more resistant to bullets, the contrary would be the case in fact. Additionaly killing a certain amount of enemies doesn't make a soldier better at shooting either. Shooting makes soldiers better at shooting.
  14. At least in my experience the only real problem was a gab between scouts and corvettes. Meaning Corvettes showed up too late and you will had one or two weeks of no research to be done and just repeatedly shooting down scouts. Pulling Corvettes to Day 1 is pretty obviously a bad idea.
  15. I really don't get the change of corvettes day 1. The progression balance was completely fine. The game had a clear challenge and technology progression and this change just completely fucks this up. Why this change? It doesn't improve anything, it just makes things worse and the games supposed to come out in 1 month. If you only have a month left to squash bugs and balance things out, then don't break your current balance, it doesn't make sense. Now you can get pummeled by ufos day 1, without a chance to learn the game mechanics properly. Additionaly the early technology tree is completely screwed up, too. This game had such a good progression balance, why do you screw it up? Edit: You also have to keep in mind. These are mostly veterans that you get the feedback from. Most of us played the game for months, maybe years before now. If we say that the beginning is a bit slow for us, it doesn't mean that the beginning is too slow. It just means that we know it so well allready. If you balance your game towards veterans, then you will not be able to engange any new players and i don't think i have to explain why that is a bad thing.
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