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Play-through is Back in Action!

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This was originally a v19 play-through in preparation for v20, but it seems the game updated when I thought I had it set not to, so surprise - we're doing v20! (que confetti)

Head to v20 discussion here or click the link below to head to the playlist.


I'd prefer comments be left on the video page, but if you hate Google+ then feel free to post 'em here instead. I completely understand.

Soldier names are being accepted and put into play in random order, as that's the only way I can think to do it fairly (or at least evenly unfair) with as many names as I get.

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Play-through updated to v20
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I'm watching X-COM right now. Finish that.

UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994)? Getting there! Should just be another week or so. I'm making a push to finish that pretty much ASAP as it's been going on for, well.. months. Most stuff has :P

Also, beating Commissar to the punch (though I do appreciate him keeping threads update :D)


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It's been an awful month for me, guys. Long story short, I need to reboot the series. The solider list is intact and will be re-randomized and re-used. Turns out it's going to be a v20 play-through after all. I see updates for release candidates, but I assume the auto-update on Steam is a completely-awesome-okay-to-use-and-abuse version?

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