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  1. He is a fictional character. In movies you also have gun-kata, should we implement that? Pistol are backup weapons in RL. SMG and shotgun offer more firewepower or greater RoF and more ammo, so there's a reason SWAT and Special Forces use them. About the only thing you are right about it that the pistol should be very accurate at short range and easy to bring about.
  2. TrashMan

    air support

    Anyone play EDF? I'm thinking air raider. A laser marker or marker grenades that let's you call in support. And what support you have available is somewhat random (since it depends on allies in vicinity) Mortar/artillery strikes and gunship support (if you have a dedicated gunship with air-to-surface weapons deployed). It can always be balanced in terms of accuracy, collateral damage, number of uses and of course, enemy numbers.
  3. I made a mod, but haven't bothered to check if it's still out there. Can't even recall how I named it. I'll have to check. It added more weapons of each type with altered balance. Also new planes and a minigun.
  4. TrashMan

    Dropship layout

    A machingun cannot suppress everything. You can only keep it pointed at one point at a time and if the landing zone is sorounded, you are in a pickle.. A Machingunner can keep the dropship safe-ER, but that doesn't mean completely safe.
  5. TrashMan

    Dropship layout

    Primary goal? You mean supression? Because machineguns are rather sub-bar in terms of performance. Having one or two that can fire once a turn in a limited range doesn't sound like it would influence balance or difficulty much. Especially on bigger maps. And there are many ways to balance it - limited ammo, limited rang, enemies that keep their distance (no baiting), more enemies, etc...
  6. TrashMan

    Dropship layout

  7. TrashMan

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    The way I see it, dissasembly can be done in 2 ways: ON THE LOCATION - you send scientist/engineers to the UFO, kinda like a strategic operation, but you can assign the number of people. Simpler to implement, but raises issues - you are sending people out of the base and the aliens can attack and destroy the UFO, since they know where it crashed. STORAGE - the UFO is recovered and stored in a safe location (UFO Yard, guess it could be a facility like a radar station/sam site). THEN you dissasemble from there. I guess scientist/engineer could be transfered to the yard to work there like it was another base? OR the Yard could work like a permanent Strategic Operation Location?
  8. TrashMan

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    UFO AI just hada simple "dissasemble" project (you would select which UFO from the UFO yard you want to dissasemble). Naturally, the time necessary would depend on the number of engineers and UFO size, and the materials you get would depend on the UFO
  9. Alien UFO walls should not be destroyable by small weapons fire at all. Having said that, when it comes to cover, if you're having a 3D engine and a turn-based game, but are not using actual 3d projectiles and collision detection to work with cover (and hits in general), you are doing something wrong. The only downside is calculating chance to hit, but I never considered that important since I can guesstimate (and real soliders don't know their hit chance either)
  10. You are wrong on all accounts. Putting all your eggs in one baskets is what makes no sense. Dispersion/redundancy is what militaries these days are aiming for. And guerilla style warfare with decentralized/spread out resources is the main way to fight a superior foe. - Aliens have to find your bases first, and if a base is hidden it won't be easy. And given the sheer number of military baes around the world, the aliens have a LOT of work to do. - if aliens are capable of detecting lifesigns the neither a) the secret base wont' be hidden for long, so a single one makes even LESS sense, or b) the bases will be hidden within populated areas to mask their presence - a global defense effort against an alien invasion will require a lot of personnel anyway. Given the sizes of real world armies and miltiary budgets, especially in such a scenario, it is not only doable, but necessary As for the other points: - people will not gossip to aliens. And things like the A-bomb project prove that you can have big bases that remain secret. - how can aliens tell apart a xenonauts base from a standard military base? I suggest you quit LARPing as some military expert, since you are clearly getting everything wrong.
  11. You bring up a good point. Ideally, you wouldn't get the materials upon securing the crash site - you'd get the UFO that needs to be stored and then dissasembled by your engineers. I like how UFO AI is handling it. You have a UFO storage as an installation type (can be bombed by aliens if they find it) that can store a specific number/volume. Then you assign your engineers to dissasemble them for usable parts.
  12. They are both geoscape and tactical/strategic attributes. Or are you arguing that weapon range and detection range are irrelevant on the tactical map? Pistol vs. sniper anyone? While your ground radar can detect an UFO, the fighters own radar and missile range are what counts in combat.
  13. If you're talking about programing knowledge to make a game, yes. If you're talking about phsyics, no. You don't need PHD's to understand the basics or air combat.
  14. That came off a bit differently than I intended. I meant mechanically (as in, planning, paper gameplay model), it doesn't take a lot to figure out the basic dogfighting rules, as in itself it is not as complicated as most people think. I mean, in a way it IS complicated, but you get down to it is really isn't. For a simple (not 100% accurate) simulation - several variables for fighter performance and knowledge of basic dogfighting manouvers. Finding the best way to implement them and programing it in takes naturally significantly more time.