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  1. CAS could be added (a helicopter/VTOL vehicle that you can periodically call in - but that again comes at a cost - another hangar space, another aircraft to maintain, and it wouldn't be of use on many maps), but at the same time, what about alien CAS? Just because you were able to land troops, doesn't mean you have air dominance. Basically, there are 3 scenarios: 1 - you have a support craft, the aliens don't: Every X turns you can call in support 2 - you don't have support craft, the aliens do: Every X turns, the aliens can call in support 3 - both side have support craft - the support craft duke it out, air support is either unavailable or sporadic Then comes the question of power. If CAS has the big guns, then regular cover is NOT going to keep your troops safe, and suddenly the entire dynamic breaks. Loosing your troops to attacks you cannot counter is no fun. Thus there would have to be a way to keep your troops safe (perhaps a way outside of your own CAS). Soldiers with AA missiles that project a BUBBLE inside which the enemy CAS cannot operate? It becomes a complicated issue or how do I make it fun, engaging AND make sense?
  2. I'd say it is balanced by the need for two hangars, two dropship and twice as many troops (and $$$ to pay for it all). I find it is bad design when the player has the resources, but the game does not let you use them.
  3. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I do know programming, which is why I'm saying it. If altering this require massive work on multiple layers, then that would speak very poorly on the initial implementation of the system. There shouldn't BE multiple layers to a simple string display.
  4. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Given that rank is not tied mechanically to anything, re-writing it should be simple. As well as adding promotions. The mechanics behind it are simple enough. A promotion bottun that appears on eligible xenonauts (level being the measure) that changes their rank. SHOULD be a quick and simple job. But every hour of work time is precious, so the eternal question of allocation of time and resources and worth rears it's ugly head.
  5. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    If something doesn't have a mechanical purpose, then the only purpose it can have is aesthetics/clarity and worldbuilding/sense.
  6. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    I'm aware of the definition. But I'm also aware of a colloquial/free/common use. Also, I don't think Ruggerman mentioned aesthetics. He simply said the rank feel odd and make no sense, and I agree. That's good enough of a reason for the simple reason there there IS no reason for them to be like they are in the first place. It certainly isn't for clarity, because while most people have heard of miltiary ranks, most also don't really understand those ranks.
  7. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Sorry, I don't have photographic memory of every conversation I had on every forum (have you any idea how many game/modding forums I'm on and how many discussions on mechanics I had?). Right now, I don't recall that discussion at all. That you went trough all the trouble to search and dig up all those threads is very....autistic? Either way, if a simple level number is too bland, how about special badges? Does not have to be real-work rank badge, but something made-up. Would be nice if one can track stats for soldiers - total aliens killed, kills by types, times wounded, average accuracy, etc..
  8. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Rank is not a proper representation of potency, so if THAT was the reason back in X1, it was a really stupid one. No offense to the devs, but what's wrong with simple levels? A number is even MORE informative than rank, because your average player won't know the military rank structure. Level is a soliders level (actual power), Rank is their Rank (and in small squads there would be only a few anyway).
  9. Most things are "not a big deal", but the devil is in the details. Heck, those little tiny things you can pul off are the best things about games. Anyone remember the live c4/grenade hot potato trick you could do in some old games?
  10. All the walls of texts, and nothing really changed in the end. Geoscape is still real-time by any sane, workable definition. Either way, planes work very differently for humans, so even if you made air combat turn-based, it would STILL require a separate set of mechanics anyway. Same holds true for geoscape. The time, scale and requirements of all 3 are completely different.
  11. Something like extra protective plates that a soldier can carry? You can go that route...or you can have encumbrance affect AP's. That way a stronger soldier does get a benefit. Something like AP = Max AP - MaxAP*(carried weight/optimal weight*10) If a soldier has a standard max carry/optimal weight of 100 (before becoming encumbered), but is carrying 150, then his AP are reduced by150/100 = 1,25*10 = 12,5% Conversely if he carried 50, then his AP penalty would be 50/100 = 0,5*10 = 5% Or both??
  12. So it doesn't really have turns then? You do realize that by that definition, everything is turn based, since the computer calculates things in intervals. Might be 10miliseconds or however small, but it does. Time itself can be cut down into minimal intervals (Plank time, the smallest measurable time unit in which something can happen), so you can say Reality is turn-based by that logic. Turn-based games have distinct phases that are recognized by the system and part of gameplay. And while there are some hybrid systems, what is and is not turn-based is not rocket science. The Geoscape is NOT turn-based by any definition.
  13. TrashMan

    [V5 General] Rank Structure

    Have ranking be separate. Have the player be the one to pick and promote. You don't need a rank to indicate the power of indivudual solider. You can just show level. OR maybe a different badge for each level (NOT a rank badge, a completely separate badge)
  14. How do you figure that? Since when can Diablo be considered turn-based? There are no phases in it, no turns, no breaks in the action or execuation.
  15. TrashMan

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    I'm not suggesting that. I'm not saying "change UI to JA2" I'm saying "this element of JA2 UI (fire modes selection) could mesh well with what you have". Basically, remove the fire mode options above the gun and implement them into the crosshair, as it frees more screen space. But it's a non-issue, as long as the UI is usable and visible. Basically, it's a "nice to have, but not needed" thing. Certainly not worth wasting dev times and resources if you have more impactful things on your to-do list.