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What's the makeup of your squad?

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Mine can't decide on rose or green blusher. I keep trying to tell them it doesn't matter, but they will argue....



How is your squad composed? Mine is like this:

Tier 1

Harry the Hunter (who's a terrible coward and runs away from all the aliens when it spots them)

Rocket-gal (I always give the rocket launcher to a girl. It's more awesome that way)

Rocket-gal jnr. (who vies with Rocket-gal for the most kills)

2 LMG guys.

1 Rifle guy.

Mr Shotgun, or the Man With No Fear

Tier 2

Sammy The Scimitar (who's ever so brave and always there for a buddy)

Rocket-gal (now with added extra rockets!)

2 Scatter Lasers

1 Laser Rifle (aka The Scout. Boink!)

1 Precision Laser (G'day!)

Mr Carbine, or the Man with Even Less To Fear

I don't usually go beyond tier 2.

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I've only had tier one stuff so far, with the exception of a laser rifle, precision laser, and the carbine.

My squad is either:

1 LMG, 2 shotguns, 2 snipers, 3 rifles (early in the game, I'd switch a rifle for a rocket next time, they're useful)


1 LMG, 1 rocket, 2 snipers, 1 rifle, 1 shotgun

Substitute laser where applicable, the rifle, carbine and the sniper.

I gave wolf armor to my rifle, carbine, and jackal to everyone else save the rocket, who's a tad newb-ish and needs weight for rockets in his pack (full of alenium and one AP for emergencies). He's also got a handgun. My snipers and the LMG have handguns as well.

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Team 1: Primarus Europa

Hunter 1: Callsign Metal Coffin

Redshirt 1-5: Ballistic Rifles with standard grenade loadout

The-one-who-actually-kills-stuff: Rocket launcher

That-Female-Soviet-Sniper: Precision rifle

Team motto: Oh god! What is that!?! Where's Bob?! Ohgodohgodohgod

Team 2: 'MURICA

Hunter 2: Callsign Mr. Splody (Guess the loadout...)

Redshirt 1-6: 'MURICA "Freedom-launchers"

Team motto: Nobody hides from America! Not even America!

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Tier One

(2) Brett Cronin - Rifle, with shotgun back up

(3) Uzma Shera - Rifle, with shotgun back up

(18) John thothkins - LMG (was rifle right at the start until str goes up a bit)

(0) Chris England - Rocket Launcher

(10) Alexander Bishop - Rifle

(20) John Gabriel - Rocker Launcher

(60) Nathaniel Ford -Rifle

(221) Kseniya Kirova - Sniper Rifle

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