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  1. Yeah, I can see that. it didn't stop me from continuing, just had me be a bit more careful where I'm exploding ;D
  2. Well, I found an interesting consistant crash with this weapon. Look at this save attached (X:CE .30 HF1 with this mod, Dart Gun, and Skitso's Alternate insignia and Megamix map pack) and shoot directly at the car in front of the dropship. The game crashes immediately and sounds like the policeman died, but if you hit near the car instead of right on it (even if that makes the car explode), the game runs fine. [ATTACH]5874[/ATTACH] gbe test.sav gbe test.sav
  3. This sounds like a pretty important question.
  4. How exactly do you choose which beta build to test on steam though (between stable/experimental). I don't see anything in the properties menu for Xenonauts.
  5. @Gundos No, its just a delay on desura's part.
  6. Its probably just a delay on desura's end, hasn't things shown up there first before?
  7. At downloading? Certainly. Having as many indie games? Not really.
  8. Usually (as in the hunter hasn't gotten itself blown up) 1 hunter, 1 sniper, 2 rpgs, and the rest rifles with shotgun reserves (just laser rifle and wolf armor if their strength doesn't keep up later)
  9. They can be occasionally. I'm not going to dispute that though, its true, and thats why I don't just give everyone a rocket launcher.
  10. Right now, I always use the rockets over the machinegun-type weapons. I get less heavy weaponry ammo, true, but the rockets just seems plain more useful for the tu cost, since if I don't move I can fire/reload in one turn, even with jackal armor on after the soldier gets some strength increases. Also rockets can explode, which has a bunch of uses over throwing more ballistics fire in the xenos direction.
  11. Quite well said, I'd certainly agree with you on this.
  12. Sounds useful indeed.
  13. I'm guessing the missing equipment fix is only in the mysterious dev version for now Giovanni? I've gotten it too.
  14. I finished the stun weapon research, but unless I missed something (are they in the workshop instead?), all I can find is the stun baton, not the grenades.