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Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

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Are you now talking about replacing the files in the game directory or putting them into a mod .zip file because the latter doesn't work 100% of the time it seems.

I literally just made a zip file in the mod directory with the modinfo.xml and the items.xml with the ak47 set to "unlimited" and it absolutely, positively, doesn't work.

I think the problem is trying to do two things at once - adding a weapon, and using the mod system (I don't know if this even works yet, or if one has to download something extra to use it).

So, using completely clean files, do this:

Make these changes from "clean":

1) Edit Items.XML to change the AK47 from Normal to Unlimited

And go from there.

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I think the problem is trying to do two things at once - adding a weapon, and using the mod system (I don't know if this even works yet, or if one has to download something extra to use it).

So, using completely clean files, do this:

And go from there.

Well atleast that worked.

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Well I got the weapon description, stats and increased burst fire working, but the sounds don't work.


 <Sound name="Weapon AK Single" volume="1.0" group="1" comment="">     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/Weapon_AK_Single.ogg</Wave>   </Sound>   <Sound name="Weapon AK Burst" volume="1.0" group="1" comment="">     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/Weapon_AK_Burst.ogg</Wave>   </Sound></Sounds>

and the two files in the audio/sfx/weapons/ are named "Weapon_AK_Single.ogg" and "Weapon_AK_Burst.ogg"

is there a specific bitrate and frequency the audio files have to be rendered on?

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Alright I got it working. But guess what;

Now majority of sounds don't work. All I have done is add lines of code that don't mess up with others, seriously I have been really careful with that. Yet this happens. How is this possible?

How the hell a handful of lines of code, separated from others with one empty line, can fuck up the functionality of the game so royally?

So for one last time, help me with this shit. What did I do wrong?

stuff added:


   <Sound name="Weapon AK Single" volume="1.0" group="1" comment="">     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/Weapon_AK_Single.ogg</Wave>   </Sound>   <Sound name="Weapon AK Burst" volume="1.0" group="1" comment="">     <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/Weapon_AK_Burst.ogg</Wave>


  <Row ss:AutoFitHeight="0" ss:Height="135">   <Cell><Data ss:Type="String">weapon.ak47</Data><NamedCell     ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell>   <Cell ss:StyleID="s68"><Data ss:Type="String"><font face="fonts/arial.mvec"\><b>Avtomat Kalashnikova 47:</b>"Avtomat Kalashnikova 47" first developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Due to it's rugged design, AK47 is incredibly reliable and sturdy weapon, capable of going weeks in the field without maintenance. This weapon uses the powerful 7.62x39mm round that has twice the stopping power than the 5.56x45mm NATO round, which is known to have trouble penetrating even a brick. AK47 is incredibly reliable and deadly weapon suited for all situations. It is without a question, the greatest assault rifle in the world. Range:                                                    20Damage:                                                 40 KineticSuppression:                                           25 Single / 80 BurstMitigation:                                                0Ammo Capacity:                                     30 shotsReaction Modifier:                                   1xFire Modes:- 28%% TU                                                 45 Acc x 1 shot- 40%% TU                                                 80 Acc x 1 shot- 55%% TU                                               130 Acc x 1 shot- 60%% TU                                                45 Acc x 10 shots</Data><NamedCell     ss:Name="_FilterDatabase"/></Cell>  </Row>
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Yes thanks for all the help, good lord this has been the most frustrating modding project I have ever taken. There were a number of things that went absolutely nuts in the game that I didn't post about here, which took about two-three reinstalls of the game due to the persistence of the problems.

I also just got the 7,62x39mm ammo added to the game and working too.

Truly, this is a great day for Rodina.

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Thank you OP. I've been trying to introduce some AOE weapons for the high weapon tiers - sorry Gold Hawk but you dropped the ball on your weapons selection.

My original idea was to reuse as much asset as possible of the Alien Plasma Cannon but your guide makes me realise I can do a bit more (plus all the other files I wasn't aware I need to change).

Much appreciated.

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i have a short question,

i tried to move the rocketlauncher out of ballistics to rockets. it doesent work, i can move it to lasers etc etc.. but not into the section equipment, where the rockets are.

same with the assault shield.. i can move it within equipment, so grenades etc, but not to the weapon section like balllistics... where is that coded ?

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This tutorial was very helpful and an excellent place for me to start and learn how things work :D

I think the rest I can learn via deductive reasoning.

Also, just wanted to share something that makes all this work much easier:


you can ask all your question at forum or via pms.. nice to see more modder in this game..

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I wouldn't call myself a modder yet!

More of a first-rate amateur. At everything. When I started gaming, I used to tinker with game files for fun. The ease of accessibility that I find in Xenonauts combined with the wealth of unused game assets is.... enticing.

Like, I really want to implement the X-44 Saracen as an alternate to the Corsair that carries 4x Missiles (not torpedoes).

And I'm trying to mod the AK-47 into the game as a variant assault rifle with slightly lower damage, but a small value of mitigation (which reflects my half-assed wiki research on how the M16/AK-47 compare).

I want to add the DHVRL back in as a researchable weapon for use with the Predator Armor as an alternate to machine guns (since they can't use the rocket launcher :( ).

I want to mod most of the alien stats so that they include appropriate armor values and health values adjusted to match the change (according to the xenonauts wiki only Androns have armor).

I want to add a new map/mission for late game which plays like a terror mission, but where you're called in to help defend an NPC military base using the local forces models (of which there are a reasonable number with which to do this). Sort of a siege mission.

So far the only significant modding I've done was halving the weight of the Singularity cannon. Because that irritated the crap out of me.

But I DO have a question about weapon modding! If people are willing to help me out on this, it would please me :D

I'm looking at the weapons.xml and weapons_gc.xml, which as I understand it need to match.... but... o.O I'm confused. Okay, here's what I see:

In weapons.xml,

the rifle has an accuracy of "1.2".

So does the AK47.

And the sniper rifle has an accuracy of "1.6"

In weapons_gc.xml,

The rifle has an accuracy of 130 if you spend 55AP

The AK47's accuracy is 115 for 55AP

The sniper is 165 for 65AP

Are these connected somehow? They don't appear to match up properly....

And then there's range....


Rifle & AK47 is 32

Sniper is 40


Rifle is 20, AK47 is 15

Sniper is 30

I feel like I've seriously misunderstood something here! But I don't know what it is...

And one other thing:

The AK47 currently uses the same ammo as the standard rifle according to these files.

Now, from the tutorial I know how to change it to use the assets for the appropriate AK-47 ammo and how to make that a distinct ammo type.

BUT! If I do that, will it screw over all the local forces equipped with the AK-47? Will they suddenly have the wrong ammunition type for their weapon?

If so, then if I want to use the AK47's proper ammo I should copy paste and create an entirely new AK-47 for my troops. But if I do that the inconsistency will bug me a little bit that my AK-47 uses different ammo than the AK-47's I'd find in the field...

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I can say that don't care weapon.xml so much.. weight and ammo are the only ones which should match. That acc modifier means nothing too. Weapon GC xml is your main goal.

You can change npc equipment too at aiprops.

Check kabill modes and take them as reference. His mods are always most dated and best coded to decode.

Adding a new mission is not possible at least for now. You can create more npc and put them to maps but don't have high hopes about these..

I was not a modder until this game now I stop playing and giving everything for my little mod :)

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Ground attack missions are bombardment missions rather then ground combat as I know. I read some ideas about maps without ufos. I don't know much about that side of the game.

Yeah msvknight you are totally right. I got some chains u would like at my incoming mod :)

all guns need moar chaingun, pistols, shotguns, EVERTHIN!!

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