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  1. Dogbarian

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    That missing </Sound> was probably my fault, sorry about that. I'm glad you got it working, I was going to come back and post that I used your sounds in my install and they worked flawlessly (and sound great, as well as accurate!).
  2. Dogbarian

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    Well, sometimes, maybe it helps to start over from scratch. In the course of making lots of little changes, maybe we have broken something important. If you still have your clean Xeno files, let's start from there. Make these changes from "clean": 1) Edit Items.XML to change the AK47 from Normal to Unlimited 2) Edit Sounds.XML to add this: <Sound name="Weapon AK Single" volume="1.0" group="1" comment=""> <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/AK47_single.ogg</Wave> </Sound> <Sound name="Weapon AK Burst" volume="1.0" group="1" comment=""> <Wave>audio/sfx/weapons/AK47_burst.ogg</Wave> </Sound> I would add that right after Weapon Shotgun Burst, as a convenient place to search for it in the file and find it again later. 3) Drop your sounds in the correct folder -> Assets/audio/sfx/weapons 4) Edit Weapons_GC.XML to edit the existing AK information for the sound to replace the single shot sound "Weapon Assault Rifle Single" with "Weapon AK Single" and the burst sound with "Weapon AK Burst". If you want to change the accuracy, TU, clip size and damage while you are here, go for it. I myself changed the "shot count" for the burst fire to 5, the suppression value was already greater than the M16 stats. Test your game like this, before doing the other changes. If that works fine (which I'm betting it does), then you can add the changed artwork to the correct locations and go back into Weapons_GC to set the name changes for the images. It might even be an issue with your artwork, which unfortunately, I can't offer much help with.
  3. Dogbarian

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    Well, the first thing I see that might cause an error, you don't have the ammo in Items.xml (you need an entry for "ammo.7.62x39mm). It's possible that the format of the ammunition name is screwing it up, maybe change that to "ammo.ballistic.AK" in Ammos.xml, Weapons.xml, and Weapons_GC.xml. I'm still looking, but that might be your problem. Next problem - in Weapons_GC.xml, the sound is tagged wrong (i had this same problem). You have the sound as "AK47_single" and "AK47_burst". That needs to actually point to the reference in Sounds.XML, which is "AK47 single" and "AK47 burst". I have been using the AK with the assets already included in the game, by just changing the reference in "Items.xml" from Normal to Unlimited, everything else worked as is. Although it is using the wrong mag, I hadn't bothered fixing that yet. Is your sound actually an AK shooting? If so, I may grab it for myself.
  4. Dogbarian

    Grenade range adjustment?

    I'm looking at both CatMorbid's mod and Mikhail's Magnum-nauts, wanting to get an M79 that works nicely. Mikhail, looks like you never got yours working, because I don't see it in your release. Did either of you get one working, and by working, I mean with an arcing shot (with or without indirect ability, although with would be ideal)? It seems to work fine as a rocket. I'm kind of picking and choosing items out of various mods, rather than making wholesale changes.
  5. Dogbarian

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    A quick question if you don't mind (rather than posting a new thread, it's relevant here). In weapons.xml, there is a column for range and in weapons_gc.xml, there is a value for "props range". These are different, the props range is shorter. What is the difference between the two? In your notes above, you mention that weapons.xml is only used for a few values, is the range in this document just ignored? Great tutorial by the way!
  6. Dogbarian

    Simple question about modding aircraft

    Okay, cool, I can work with that. Thanks again, kabill!
  7. There are a number of threads about this, but most seem out of date/based on old versions. Using the release version, I'm curious about a couple of things. 1) Can you add hard points on human fighter aircraft back to 4 (1 cannon/3 missiles or 4 missiles), or is that still broken and limited to 2? For example, I'd like the Foxbat to have 2 heavy slots and 2 normal slots. And maybe variant version with 1 cannon, 1 heavy slot and 2 normal slots. 2) Can you change the ammo count of missiles in "aircraftweapons.xml" to be 2 (or even 3)? This would be more assuming that the answer to #1 is "no". I suspect the answer to this one might be yes, since the alien missile launchers have multiple shots, but I don't know if it works correctly. Thanks for your time!
  8. Dogbarian

    Two burst fire settings?

    Nice idea, but I don't think the game coding would allow this. You could peg the TU to 90% or whatever and then empty the mag with a full auto shot. Thanks for the answer, Kabill, I'll try it with pellets and see how it works.
  9. Dogbarian

    Two burst fire settings?

    I've been looking through the various weapon mods that folks have done (great work!), and hadn't found one that offered this, and I'm wondering if maybe the game doesn't allow it. Can you have a ground weapon with two different burst fire modes (example, a 5-rd burst and a 10-rd burst on the stock vanilla machine gun)? The shorter burst would take less TU to fire, and be more accurate. Maybe even less suppression value, too. For LMGs, you fire short bursts when you are firing at a point target, and long bursts when you are trying to suppress. Or would you simulate that by having the regular burst fire mode fire maybe 3 rounds, but the "round" is like the shotgun "bullet" that has multiple pellets, set to 5 pellets? And then have the option to fire 1 "round" as a normal shot? Doing it this way, you would need to artificially lower the magazine size, dividing by 5. Thanks to all the modders for your time you have spent on this! John