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  1. The main idea here is which stats do we need to use in this game at all? I think we should not use strength, dexterity, constitution like stats.. we need special soldier stats lie accuracy, throwing, bravery, speed.. And you can train yourself for all those things at a military base. You don't learn to fight at battle ground, you already get trained and use it battle. You can add something creative related to bravery or battle experience. So a soldier with more bravery and battle experience can use their soldier stats much better. I mean you can be a sharp shooter at shooting range but can panic and even cannot pull the trigger at battlefield. Reaction could be trained at battlefield too but there is many training for reaction too because its more important then most things to survive. HP training is useless because HP is useless.. A plasma pistol can melt you anyway even you are Arnold.. so i like the solid HP with solid HP armor and solid HP shields.. so after everything is done, you will probably die or badly wounded against an alien weapon. So having 60 HP and 70 HP should not bother you at planning the game.. As a result: If you ask me, just get battle experience from battle and let it give you some ranks. Rookie, veteran, elite, super, mega vs... and this ranks will give you bravery and let you use % of your other stats.. Example: You got 100 perception, 80 agility, 60 reaction, 30 bravery and you are a rookie, so you will able to use %50 of it, so it will be like 50 perception, 40 agi, 30 reaction and 30 bravery. If you become veteran, you will able to use %80 of your skills and will have +10 bravery. For strength.. just don't use it.. every soldier can carry many things as at least 2 weapons same time.. for big weapons like miniguns, just add some creative limitations rather then muscle stat..
  2. drages


    Dog's can have good number of updates. They can have armors. They can have senses to detect enemies. Dogs can have special attacks to disarm or stop enemy movements by catching them. There are many reasons that armed forces uses dogs rather then mars shivs.. you can have even have cyborg dogs at late game with same weapons. With the same movement sets, you can have strange dog shaped aliens too. Dog animation sets would be very simple too.. run-attack-death maybe stun and another attack.. so 4-5 animation sets would not break any animator. As we talk about it earlier, modders can create many creative things from them.. And shiv's are not cool.. you probably get a soldier rather then a shiv with gun.. a rookie soldier could be used as a cannon fodder as a shiv but he got a chance to survive and become more skilled one at least.. but shivs are... just shivs.. i would like to have drones with cool abilities like xcom and some bigger one as a manned walking armor, or something more cooler scy-fi thing.. but not a shiv with a normal rifle on it.. adog makes tons of much more sense..
  3. drages

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    New aliens?? I did not expect that one.. i would like to see all concept arts of others!
  4. As I don't remember anymore the exact numbers but a magazine must have exact number of rounds for any shot. I mean there should be not bullets for 2.5 burst shots, it should be 2 or 3. It should be 3 for that weapon probably.
  5. As i read the reviews, it's not well with LOS and bullet passing walls problems.. heh like Xe-1 at first days.. and the combat is very very hard.. you just need to be under cover and as people says, it's not well too..
  6. drages

    Mod Hosting

    Kabill you alive? Nice to see you!.. About mods.. i think most of the useful mods are already inside X-CE. Others are mostly outdated by the base game and X-CE versions, so they would bring more problems and questions to new comers. I think the best option is, if there is mods which works fine with final version of the X-CE, it should be inside X-CE. As the X-Division development finally finished, there is nothing left for Solver to have a headache and X-CE project finished too. Every mod should be checked but it would be time consuming too. Most of the good mods are from specific people like you, so if there is mods which works, i think you can talk about it with @Solver to add them to X-CE as an option rather then making a special mod server. Funny part is, mod servers got always problems if they are just for one game. For that reason there is Modb and Nexus. Even openxcom, which is created for modding too, do not have a working mod server because the old server owner vanished. Goldhawk can make a server but as i said, if the mods got problems with final version, it will bring much more problems at least for Xe-1.
  7. If you miss any ufo, there is a chance to see it at next wave. If you don't act about something, any ufo or mission, it just lowers your score at the end of the month. There is no big deal if you miss something.. You can't win everything at this mod..
  8. It's like Akumas finisher. He knows every possible enemy positions and shots. So he... it's complicated a bit but a great movie..
  9. To be honest, sectoid is a global alien type. Nobody can talk about being same. I think the reaper is much humanoid then needed. Why do they have hands? They should be more creature.
  10. drages

    Tough Love

    I am the 2. One who watched it, just wanted to see what is so bad about game. But you only said something about cover for 5 min and then you start to talk about numbers.. I stopped there. You can't talk about balance at an early alpha test release. I don't know how you can deside about whole the game just playing with that alpha build too. You did not put game play to show your points. It's just a screen and very slow talk with very few info for 10 min. Anyway.. It's your desition.
  11. Yep, we need cool xenonauts if we need to stop alien invasion with some guys.. I think if he was an xenonauts, all those enemies would survive at the end anyway :)..
  12. Yeah ai is a bit capable of things more then it should be. Ai always throws when they see people together. So if you don't want grenade just don't hug each other. You are never safe!
  13. Enemy AI can hear voices ( footsteps, gunshots), can calculate possible positions and if an enemy saw you, it can inform others about your position. They are team as well, they communicate. Think that you play as aliens and you can detect enemies by their sounds even you don't see them.. what would you at that situation? Many people think it's a bug but it's something at code.
  14. drages

    New game vs modding?

    Hey solver.. As i said, i throw those ideas here and there.. there is 3 steps that we can have those ideas and devs, you and us will put those when it's fit.. I never want or force devs to add something to hinder their development progress.. Step 1: Development Phase: Ideas could be used at game itself and could be added/softcoded in the way.. Step 2: Mod Support: Ideas for things which not be used at base game but not big to give much time to code.. probably more softcoding and richer options which game already got.. Step 3: X2:CE: Crazy new things which even the devil not imagined.. Note: I gave up for bigger units as the main game won't have any, i will just go for "big creatures/mech armors which fits to 1.5 tile" trick, if i can add new units to the game.. and dogs.. there should be dogs.. people will fight harder to save civillian dogs rather then humans.. who cares human anyway? :)..
  15. drages

    mod me a 2x2 / 3x3 unit

    I can see the possible problems.. multi tile units needs to have a proper code for their own.. Even i would like to have it, i would like to have it with the units, not only a mod option.. adding a totally working, game ready model and code would require very skilled modder to create and put it into the game and for that reason, it's a big risk to take to put it into the game as a code from devs. A proper way would be a DLC/Expansion named "Big Bad Bosses" as the main game would have their own big enemies/units.. There is possible solutions for this: 2x2: A tile is already 1.5 meter so adding any 2 legged big unit/robot/creature could still fit there even it's a bit bigger then 1 tile as visual. At Xe-1, there was 3x3 support but many maps lacked for big enemy spawn points so most of the 3x3 enemies stuck into the walls.. we used 1x1.. it clipped with objects/walls time to time but it's better then bugged.. 3x3: It's very hard to fit anywhere.. again at Xe-1, those 3x3 units could not go anywhere because of map objects.. At X-Division, we made "every" object collapsible when a heavy unit passes. It worked.. but it's still huge for a tactical soldier battlefield.. and it's a bit lame size too.. i mean whatever you put at a 3x3 looks little or big.. if you put a tank, it would look still little as a drone.. but it's big to be a drone.. you can fit a huge dino to 3x3.. for short, it's not right.. I can ask for devs here, make every map object collapsible when a heavy unit passes.. it could be androns or heavy armors here.. let them destroy everything in their path.. at Xe-1, even little objects could be a huge problem.. some objects like cars does not collapse even you shoot it to the death.. the ruins always stay.. this create problems..