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  1. Thank you. I will follow the news. As there is an Unity disaster happening right now, I hope we get the best in the end.
  2. You will make code wise things for sure like editing stats, adding new weapons but my concern is about visuals. At X-1, I could add anything 2D as everything was 2D but now even I notice some items images are 2D, there are tons of 3D things too. Will we able to add new weapon models? Or at least will we able to change the texture of the weapons or armors? Same for air content, adding new plane/ air weapons with new images. Sam for UFOs. As you throw out classic XCom UFO design and used premade ones, you already killed it, but still we need to able to add new UFOs at least changing the texture. Premade UFO designs ruined most of the X-1 modding ideas and it was really sad that you did this again with the second game. Maybe you still add the ability to do it so modders can replace the UFO's entirely and add new ones. Map making got a big role on this. But my biggest concern is about enemy side. Mod communities mostly add things that player can use, but I find it very boring if the enemy is same. I would like to add new enemies but I don't have any idea that you can do that at all. X-1 engine got many options you did not use at X-1. This made many things possible for us at X-1 era and we improve it with Community mod support. For example, enemies could use 2 weapons or at least we could make enemies use shields. We could do some respawn tricks/chains with the reaper method. Items and research chains, we add some special items to the map as a map object which spawns as loot in the end of the mission, like Alien Memory Cards. With this, we could link those items for special researches. Same could be done for enemy inventory, a unique enemy which got a random chance to spawn in a specific UFO could open a special research. You don't need it to finish the game but this kind of things add replay and grind value to the game. I am still sad that you did not play X-Division as I know. So you could understand many ideas possible to add this game with modding. It would be way easy to explain the concepts I got in my mind. Those are I can say for now. Good luck.
  3. I did not bash the game because of content. I said if devs got problem about it. Because if you add more and more, you become star citizen. and if the development takes too long and even so you would like to have more in your game, yes you can add it as DLC. It's not so good solution but if you passed a time frame, you should do it. You may wait for years without problem but a dev cannot continue to development forever. But this is not the topic of this conversation.
  4. I want to see a great X-2 game. I wanted to tell what I feel and see as a follower. Even AAA games have very bad and broken development periods and we see the results. I just want to say, stop designing things and finish what you have. You are not happy with it? Patch it after development.. Do you want to add more? Make it DLC, free or paid.. but finish the game first as it is. We passed the time to change those kind of things anymore. I hope the best for you and this game.
  5. Sorry but I don't tell this from a modders perfective only. As I said I am a hardcore player for 30 years and I am following all the news, developments and watch all the whats happening to the problematic development progresses for all the games, which fails and go on.. I am developing my own game too and I know how hard to come up with right designs and something cool on paper could fail at practice. So, I repeat myself. You are developing a remaster of your own game ,which is a standard X-Com genre, which made many of this game already. So you don't discover the world from start. You are making a game which done by YOU and others many times for 20+ years. So I assume that you got already enough forsee and experience for design choices. With this logic, you can't have an excuse to make design changes after 3 years of development. Design is the first thing you do. It's like you try to build a structure without any plans and you change it every time when you add new level. The result will be a) disaster b) very long construction and c) both. If you design well, you don't throw anything. This is what a good and proper design for. As I said again, you can make little changes at details and even make some big ones to better good, but as I follow, you just change things a) because random people wants that here, very loudly minority, b) you wake up and thinks it would be better if you change X. This is not acceptable after 3 years.. 3.. The armor change is good, and I liked that. Fun part is, I used this method at my openxcom mod years ago. And many games used that armor destroying mechanics at X-Com 1 and 2 as shred already. All the new x-com based game got this. Why do you wait 3+ years to choose this? As visuals and gameplay, you may see it good enough but we are not in 2018 anymore. Visuals are not everything of course but X-1 was cool when you made it. Now it needs much more to sell. X-2 does not have revolutionary things to make it unique (as I said before even it's less then X-1 as we lose some concepts from old game which is unacceptable for me, but it's a personal view and adding new things does not make you right to delete old ones) and it's a remake of a mediocre game. I love X-1, but for audience, it was a modern xcom remake which is not so well. Your visuals are better then X-1 for sure as X-1 was a jpg based 2D game.. you can't make something worse then that. For that reason, you should not compare your improvement over X-1 and still the differences are very basic compared a 2022 remake. Telling me that you figured the lighting after 3 years to make proper models is not a good sign too. In the end, you should not come to me and tell that you changed designs at this time. I expect the game itself after 3 years and you tell me you changed design.. Look from a player perfective please..
  6. Hi, I will tell something bold about this games development. This game development got issues. More then 3 years passed after Kickstarter ( 2018 June Kickstarter started and they already started to make a game before that, so the development/team was already on it) and you still changing designs.. not little ones, not some details but you still try to figure out how to make the main systems like armor. This kind of big design changes needs a rebalance/recalculations/retests of the whole game and this takes time. And you are just remaking your game... You already gave up many good things like modular old UFO style UFO designs (and now adding a new ufo as modder will be nearly impossible like X-1) and big units, more then 1x1 tile, for both enemies and humans.. You change designs every time when some random people tell you otherwise. You did this at everything, you even changed the whole game to a X-1 remake. You changed, geosphere, air combat, ground combat, management.. everything. Some where good, some where unnecessary, some of them ruined it, some of them gave you much more work load for nothing but old lame UFO nostalgia. I accept to see that in first 3 month maybe but now, you still do it. This is not acceptable. You can't change a design of a very core system like armor in 4. year of development. I don't talk the changes are good or bad, just you can't do it so late. And if you want to see the results of this kind of systems, openxcom got everything you said for long time. You could try to make some mods on it and test how it works. It would not same but you will get the idea. Again, you talked about civillian and soldier armor models to be done. Why would you wait for this kind of basic things which won't change in future after 3 years? You give the model designer what you want and 3D modeler/animator does it. There is no excuse to do it so late still. Development is ultra slow and it does not work as it should, as you already pass the design loooong time ago and you should have all the visuals and you should be finishing the game these days.. I watched some game play videos after your last kickstarter update and the tactical combat was a big "mehh" and dull. I did not see any visual difference then X-1. Animations were bad, not better then X-1 for sure. This is the result of 3 years of development of a direct remake? Original Xcom got a nostalgia factor and for that reason it will live forever with openxcom even the graphics sucks and there is no animations. X-1 is not, for that reason it's dead as an old game, this is normal. The problem is you can't make same game and success same time in 2022. Most of the backers even forgot that X-2 is a thing.. Yes, I know you will release a "game" someday so it's not directly a kickstarter scam BUT there are many kickstarter games tagged "spam" as the development is very slow after 1 year... we are at 3+ years now and the result is, you know.. I just think there is a big management and design problems about this game and you act like a "hoppy" rather then a funded kickstarter project which people expect something from you. This is not professional and even not amateurish right now for me, someone with games for 30 years. If I make sad some people, I am sorry. I just said what I think about this project as one of the greatest fan of X-1 and gave 2+ years to mod it.
  7. The idea of giving magical stats to UFO when you send more interceptor is very lazy and wrong balancing method ever. This is arbitrary, this is cheating and this is non-sense. You can't punish a player if he just uses what the game offers him. I don't know why you did think this is needed and a good idea at all. You balanced it at X-1, many modders made it more balanced and more fun, and god knows at X-Division, we made it balanced with 200+ UFO's.. we never needed a magical buff for UFOs. We added unique weapon designs, as you did which is a good think at X-2, we add tougher ufos and gave them good escorts as the game developed. You can rise the difficulty as player gets better for whole game wise but not at tactical level like this. This is not realistic, not logical. Really why would a UFO suddenly get tougher if you send one more aircraft. Did you ever ask this question to yourself? At a realistic alien invasion simulation game?
  8. You can try X-Division :). You got some nice terror ufos there.
  9. After our many tries, I experienced that having special slot for a non soldier unit is much better. So you can bring everything without losing anything. We got same ai problem at x1 too. Enemy was ignoring the vehicles. So this makes vehicles op because enemy ai act like they don't existed. So xce made some magic and we handled this ai. So problem is ai. If they attack to those vehicles like soldiers, you can't do those things. Before nerfing the Mars, the ai should be fixed and tests should be done after that.
  10. We will have NVIDIA RTS support at least for x2, so it's enough for me. Hehehhee.. Shhhttt..
  11. As the devs know hwo important nodding for everyone and they code it with this mind set, I don't have any doubt about it.
  12. The problem about having it like a combat shield, 1. It would be more logical as an armor part you wear rather then something you hold. So you can't use 2 handed weapon and it's not so game friendly for its purpose. Not only for player but for enemies too. For that reason, this mechanic should be taken as something more then combat shield variant. 2. At x1 combat shields got a global defensive angle. Like only front and some sides. But at energy shield, field, aura whatever you call, should protect whole body. As I said it's very nice gimmic for Sci fi atmosphere and it's very nice to hear that we got it at air combat.
  13. I said i will mod it already as i did my old mod for x-1. Main game does or can't have them already. I am curious about the enemies in the main game anyway.
  14. Hey Chris. Do you have any plan to add shiny enery shields for ground and air combat? Shields with some abilities like absorbing % of ***** damage type from its health. Like 100 hp shield which absorbs %80 of the laser so 8 dmg to shield and 2 damage to unit. It can be a mod to armor or special item like Xcom apocalypse. Please consider this. It would be very logical for weak aliens like caesans to defend themselves.
  15. I still want to see mechs and robo-animals at androns, xenomorphs for caesans and some big dinos for sebs :)..
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