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  1. Even the best air game would end with auto solving for a gamer. As someone who tried to mod X1-air game so madly to create a fun and cool way, i end up using autosolve again.. it's not about the quality of the minigame, it's about the number of it. At mid game, you fight against 6-8 ufo same time. Until midgame if you play all the minigames, you will be already sick of it.. again and again and again.. you will use it maybe against a bigger ufo at first times.. As i said, i made tons of contents for air game at my mod.. i made special planes, special weapons.. even wanted more special things from XCE branch.. but still, you need to repeat it so many times that you ignore it totally later.. and x1's air game was hard. Maybe the default game is much more forgiving about it but if you want it hard, you can make it hard very easily.. so nobody would want to play a minigame which needs a total concentration and failure chance with just a wrong maneuver.. For these reasons, i would like to see a cool auto solving solution without player control. First After**** game got this very well with just some videos from the dog fight scene.. it was cool, it was simple, it was very fun to watch.. Some options can be added for players, but %90 of it should be auto solve.
  2. drages


    Dog's can have good number of updates. They can have armors. They can have senses to detect enemies. Dogs can have special attacks to disarm or stop enemy movements by catching them. There are many reasons that armed forces uses dogs rather then mars shivs.. you can have even have cyborg dogs at late game with same weapons. With the same movement sets, you can have strange dog shaped aliens too. Dog animation sets would be very simple too.. run-attack-death maybe stun and another attack.. so 4-5 animation sets would not break any animator. As we talk about it earlier, modders can create many creative things from them.. And shiv's are not cool.. you probably get a soldier rather then a shiv with gun.. a rookie soldier could be used as a cannon fodder as a shiv but he got a chance to survive and become more skilled one at least.. but shivs are... just shivs.. i would like to have drones with cool abilities like xcom and some bigger one as a manned walking armor, or something more cooler scy-fi thing.. but not a shiv with a normal rifle on it.. adog makes tons of much more sense..
  3. drages

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    New aliens?? I did not expect that one.. i would like to see all concept arts of others!
  4. As I don't remember anymore the exact numbers but a magazine must have exact number of rounds for any shot. I mean there should be not bullets for 2.5 burst shots, it should be 2 or 3. It should be 3 for that weapon probably.
  5. As i read the reviews, it's not well with LOS and bullet passing walls problems.. heh like Xe-1 at first days.. and the combat is very very hard.. you just need to be under cover and as people says, it's not well too..
  6. drages

    Mod Hosting

    Kabill you alive? Nice to see you!.. About mods.. i think most of the useful mods are already inside X-CE. Others are mostly outdated by the base game and X-CE versions, so they would bring more problems and questions to new comers. I think the best option is, if there is mods which works fine with final version of the X-CE, it should be inside X-CE. As the X-Division development finally finished, there is nothing left for Solver to have a headache and X-CE project finished too. Every mod should be checked but it would be time consuming too. Most of the good mods are from specific people like you, so if there is mods which works, i think you can talk about it with @Solver to add them to X-CE as an option rather then making a special mod server. Funny part is, mod servers got always problems if they are just for one game. For that reason there is Modb and Nexus. Even openxcom, which is created for modding too, do not have a working mod server because the old server owner vanished. Goldhawk can make a server but as i said, if the mods got problems with final version, it will bring much more problems at least for Xe-1.
  7. The problem is, the old air game is about more action then strategy. They are people who can play it like a god or who loses much more then autoplay. If you can play it well, you got a huge advantage but if you fail and use autoplay, you just play it as it should be. A little wrong manuever would make you lose everything. This is a difficulty strike. Even the game is very difficult, a pro air gamer can make it easy. As the game purpose is not to test someones realtime air manuever skill, you lose game balance here. As i said, Xe-1 air game is perfect for realism and type for air game. But it's more then an Xcom fan as a strategist player can handle. Maybe you don't feel it at the base game but when you start to mod it and creates some difficulties and more detailed weapons/engagements, it becomes so hard for many players and still easy who can handle them. As you said, i want to have more skills and more on that air game but i fear about the audience. Some people dont want to learn something they dont like. It's like to add a shot-em-up to a tactical game. BUT at the end, if there is no better option found, i would like to have same game rather then worse one.
  8. When you try to make an XCOM Air Game, we always imagine that, we are hunting ufos. At original xcom, the ufo is always in front of us and we are engaging it. At other xcom games with minigames, it's always so.. Here at Chris turn based idea, again it's the same. BUT this is wrong. Because UFO's would choose to attack to our aircrafts when they detect us. There is no reason to run when you are highly advanced and mostly big sized UFO. For this reason, there is no answer how to solve this problem.. At Xe-1, it comes with the solution, because at battlefield every body can attack to anyone.. so UFO's want to destroy our planes rather then tring to escape.. every concept works there like escorts.. I think it was the best solution for genre. So what was the problem? Even it was so cool, people autoplay it sooner or later. AND i think that, even you create much more awesome air game, it will be autoplayed again.. there is some reasons about that.. people don't want to play that kind of game because they are here to play soldier/tactical game mostly and playing the same game for 10 times per wave would be boring after some point.. So realtime, turn based, card game or not.. it will be end up with autoplayed. We need something very compact and very fast one, with some reason to play it manually. So what can i say about it; 1. There should be plane types. Fighter, Bomber (Torpedo launcher), Fighter-Bomber, Big ones (like ufos, if possible).. you will make squadrons from those types.. 3 or 5 up to the game.. 2. You will order your planes to attack to which ufo and how. Fighter 1 to Escort 1 with med to short range- Bomber to main UFO with long range blabla.. 3. When fight began, you will see who engaged who. Like the Chris new game design. You won't control anything, just watch. The game will look like a board game. You will see the weapon attacks and damages at another screen like a manager game. Fighter 1 hit Escort 1 with rocket for 2 damage. 4. You will able to change the commands when the plane is available. So fighter and escort starts to fight and if fighter wins it will be green and you can stop the game and give another order. You can have some limited emergency commands in battle too so you can break and attack and change it. 5. Pilots can have special traits like dodging enemy fire, able to get command at mid fight, more hit chance.. I think this could create a tactical air game which is fast enough and got good options. I say that, we should have not have a direct control of it. A squadron always controlled by wing commander at air. As a commander you just send them and tell them what your plan is. Executing is not your job. @Ravn7 i just don't want to have a deck at my xcom game. I don't want to have random events to choose from. Choosing something from random possibilities, is ultra unrealistic for me.. it kills all the immersion. I hate to use cards at a realistic game for that reason.. i cannot bring them together.. it's me :)..
  9. Yeah it could be.. but there is two details here.. 1. Having 2 views of base to build something would be very tiresome for players.. it's like playing tetris at a 3D space. It looks cool but after a short time, you will see that it's very difficult to plan and execute.. 2. You don't need so many buildings to need a huge 3D base.. imagine an xenonauts 1 or xcom base with 3 floor.. so basicly 3x bigger.. even 1 base mostly enough to have all your workshop, scientists, soldiers, stores and some hangars in it.. so a 3x base would be overkill..
  10. If you miss any ufo, there is a chance to see it at next wave. If you don't act about something, any ufo or mission, it just lowers your score at the end of the month. There is no big deal if you miss something.. You can't win everything at this mod..
  11. With the tech we got, and aliens got, there is noway to have a "hidden" base.. You should have a cloaking device for that.. you need to cloak everything.. I think you go for realism so badly.. you can't do that at a xcom game.. you will save the planet from alien invasion with 10 soldier and 10 planes.. this is the reality of the game.. like Rambo against all USA enemies.. Over realism always breaks games because games cannot be real.. every fantastic scenario got tons of anti-realistic plot wholes if you think about them.. Like eagles at LOTR.. For that reason.. just imagine that we got hidden bases and aliens got hidden bases.. OR.. let an alien make a time travel to warn earth about the invasion and give you a holy cloaking devise to give you a chance to fight against invasion. At the end of the game, you will see that the aliens noticed earth because of that aliens travel coordinates so it was our destiny anyway..
  12. It's like Akumas finisher. He knows every possible enemy positions and shots. So he... it's complicated a bit but a great movie..
  13. Cards are cool when they are alone. But when you try to use at a tactical combat, it becomes a card game with shiny graphics or a failure.. The biggest example is Endless Space series. You like it very much probably if you like the genre but its battle system is the weakest of 4x games out there. I would rather to have a full automated battle with random possibilities then choosing them from a deck of cards.. I am just against it. I don't want to play a card game for every ufo encounter..
  14. I hate card games. It will break realistic tactical engagement. You got a plane with machine-gun and torpedoes but you should attack with machine-gun because you got only that card for now.. Just big no.. Give me something tactical or make it something just watch like a soccer manager game maybe with some option..
  15. To be honest, sectoid is a global alien type. Nobody can talk about being same. I think the reaper is much humanoid then needed. Why do they have hands? They should be more creature.