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  1. I would be perfectly happy with an X1 clone on a new engine. Anything else is just icing.
  2. endersblade

    Modded pistols with shields

    This has been bugging me for quite a long time. After creating the Dart Gun mod posted elsewhere on this forum, it frustrated me that the shield doesn't show up while it's equipped. Switching to any other vanilla pistol will make the shield show. Why is this? I literally just copied the pistol stats for a new weapon and modified them. What do I need to change to make shields show up? I've noticed this with other mods on the Steam workshop where people are complaining about it too, but there doesn't seem to be a fix for it.
  3. endersblade

    Scientists disappeared

    Just verified the cache and started a new game again, and so far so good...
  4. endersblade

    Scientists disappeared

    So I started a new game. Attempted to fire the starting scientists, it wouldn't let me. Couldn't destroy the lab either. So I modded the starting base to have no lab and zero scientists. Built a new base, quarters and lab, once everything completed, attempted to hire scientists, lab space said 0/0 and wouldn't let me hire any.
  5. endersblade

    Scientists disappeared

    I have a base dedicated to research. I completed my first cruiser mission, started research on two things (I can't recall what they were), then got a terror mission. Completed the terror mission, saw the auto-research of the assault lander and the terror mission, remembered I needed to check on research...and the research tab is completely empty. The topics are gone, and so are the scientists! According to the base info I still have all of them, but none of them are available. I've waited two months just in case the research would eventually finish, but nothing so far. What happened, and can it be fixed? I can't delete the labs or the living quarters, I can't hire or fire anyone. At this point all of my autosaves have been written with this bug, so no save to go back to.
  6. RESURRECTION IN PROGRESS Recently started playing this again in prep for X2...landed my first cruiser mission, having the same issue where I can't see the ground floor. UFO was shot down but no fires. Using community 0.35 (or whatever the most recent version is on Steam).
  7. Yep I loved the system in X1, I just didn't like the fact that not only were some of them way too situational but you have no idea how to earn them without looking them up elsewhere.
  8. You couldn't pay me enough to play a game like that. You make it sound like the Aliens just shoot for arms and legs, and our arms and legs are just paper. This isn't a Roguelike survival game.
  9. I like psionics, I hate psionics pertaining to mind control, especially when the psi-alien CAN'T EVEN SEE ME. In none of the descriptions has it been told that the aliens have a 'hive mind' situation (specifically for psi-capable aliens in this instance). Since that is not the case, an alien should at least have line of sight on you, OR if we're going the route of if one alien sees you all aliens see you (which I think is complete BS), then once an alien CAN'T see you, psi should no longer be capable. Psi attacks are great, causing soldiers to panic, go berserk, or even doing damage via psi is perfectly fine. Hell, even using it to buff friendly aliens would be cool. Mind Control has got to go though. There is absolutely nothing fun about playing russian roulette when landing at a mission - will one or more of my soldiers get MC'd and murder the rest of them, leaving me with nothing but a bunch of rookies back at base? Along that same vein, I don't think eventually giving you gear that makes you immune to psi is a good idea either. It then makes psi-capable aliens just about useless. The morale system, where the more you're attacked the more you can resist, is a great way of doing it. If you eventually become immune that way, at least you earned it.
  10. All I'm getting out of this thread as that a lot of people really don't understand how real lasers work. Considering this thread is titled with 'realism' in it, I find that extremely baffling. Correct, we do not currently have legitimate weaponized lasers (though some people have made some really powerful ones on Youtube) and so there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief required to use them in a game. But the technology is real and theoretically possible to make real weapons with them based on that tech. Did you know that a common laser pointer has an effective blinding range of almost 50 feet, and can be SEEN up to 2.2 miles? That's just a rinky-dink little keychain laser pointer. A 500mw (half a watt) laser can do serious damage at over 500 feet, and can be seen up to 22 miles away. That's HALF a watt. Imagine one powerful enough to be used as a weapon. Something say around 5 watts. That would probably be strong enough at 50 feet to punch a hole in solid steel with little effort. Games seriously downplay the power of a laser weapon, mostly for balance purposes, but sometimes because they didn't bother doing any research on the subject. My point is, a laser weapon strong enough to deal actual damage to something just be being hit with it is not going to lose any effectiveness on a map the size of the ones ingame. If you want something that loses effective damage over range, look no further than plasma weapons. Deadly up close, useless at range.
  11. endersblade

    "Terror" mission

    Agreed. Again, I think Terror missions should not be tied to UFOs. They should just spawn on a map. Since this game seems to be going for a sort of infiltration thing, we could consider that the city in question is be raided by aliens already on the ground. That way you have no chance to shoot down the UFO before it starts the mission, the mission just pops up when the aliens start opening fire on the civvies. And/Or, if we shoot down a ship of a specific size or higher, but we leave it there for a while, the surviving aliens venture away from the ship and start a terror mission in a nearby city/town. As far as missions go, I had a thought. What about 'baiting' missions? They send a high value UFO out for you to attack, but once you get in range, more UFOs spawn to intercept your interceptors. So you can take out the flying loot crate and risk losing your planes, or attack the interceptors and risk losing the high profile ship. Or if you're good enough, do both :-P This high profile ship can be anything, not something specific. That way we never know when we'll get ambushed. It could just have a chance of happening every time a UFO is spawned.
  12. This was the biggest drawback of XCOM 2. Most of the enemies are just basically humans in armor. I mean, I totally get WHY as far as the story goes, but it feels less like an XCOM game and more like Jagged Alliance or something. Even the original XCOM had predominantly alien looking aliens.
  13. endersblade

    Recover objects from missions

    Here's an idea as far as looting vs selling goes: Either in the research tree, or maybe in the stores, have a check mark set so that if it's checked it gets sold, if it's unchecked it gets stored (or vise versa, that works too). That way we have control over what gets kept and what just gets vendored at the end of the mission. The first round of the objects that come in get saved for research, after they populate in your stores you get the option to keep or sell.
  14. endersblade

    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    Dat clone army with the one token black guy lol
  15. endersblade

    "Terror" mission

    I'd be all for that idea. It might be less risk, fewer rewards if you skip out, but if you don't, you get the added bonus of assaulting a landed ship. I just wish terror missions weren't tied to actual ships you can shoot down...once you gain air superiority, terror missions basically stop :-(