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  1. <p><p>I doubt this will reach you but you there man?</p></p>

  2. Mikhail Ragulin

    Dart Gun mod - Pulling my hair out

    I'm clueless as to how XCE operates, but I see there's an extra line in your items.xml: The bit in bold, it's in both entries. This doesn't appear in the vanilla files at all. What's it for?
  3. Sander Clausen and Dirk Hunt.
  4. Mikhail Ragulin

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    A mighty 4J of muzzle energy. I'm not sure, but I think more damage would be done by throwing the gun instead of shooting it. Update news: The next update is mainly focused on armours. There's one or two weapon stat changes, and a few new weapons (replacing some current ones). Probably be done for next weekend. The big thing is powered armour. Currently, there's just the predator, which is a bit of a game breaker, as it's so good (a vanilla hangover, as I haven't yet modified the armours) - cheap TU cost for weapons and no heavy weapons move penalty are the main culprits. That's changing. There's a new powered armour, like an early version of predator. I'm using senitinel armour for this. Currently, sentinel (like predator) is a game breaker - 360 degree vision, and a jet pack. Here's a quick summary: Sentinel: - reduced stats (taking on the buzzard armour values, ~35 resistance), no jet pack - earlier unlock (after jackal and andron disassembly) - 100 strength - big guns only, as it's a powered armour - 50% suppression reduction (as it's enclosed/helmeted, therefore reducing awareness) - reduced sight range and cone of vision (down to 12 tiles and 30 degrees) - suffers heavy move penalty This makes it an early "tank suit". Powerful, but needs troops nearby or it's vulnerable. Predator: - no weapons TU reduction - no heavy move penalty - 100 strength - big guns only - reduced sight range and cone (15 tiles and 45 degrees) - 75% suppression reduction The big daddy version of the new sentinel. Unlocked at same time as it is in vanilla. The reduced vision means these powered armours are powerful, as oppose to overpowered. Buzzard is now the only flying armour, and gets unlocked where sentinel used too - it's an end game armour now, as flight is a huge advantage. Keeps it's current armour stats though, so there's an element of risk to using it. Wolf gets a slight stat increase (and costs) from 45 to 50. "Big guns" are now just GPMGs and AT rifles, both have 100 recoil - therefore pretty much unusable without the powered armour (hence the need for an early-mid game powered armour, the new sentinel). This represents that issue that these guns can't really be fired from the shoulder (or even hip) in RL, unlike all our other weapons. That's what the powered armours overcome - it allows troops to use these weapons without adopting the prone position (so it's a bit of a nod towards realism). The GPMGs and ATs are always my top killers, and this is a nice way to keep them as not only powerful, but kind of unabuseable (the powered armours are expensive and slow to make, but worth having none the less).
  5. That was quick, sir. Do you have the old stats still? I'm interested in playing around with them.
  6. No - they're utterly incorrect! The only aliens with armour are Androns, and not as much as the table says. Have a look in xenonauts\assets\aiprops.xml for their current armour and health values.
  7. Mikhail Ragulin

    Having Issues With Modding! Please Help!

    I haven't checked, but from your description the crash could be coming from weapons.xml. If you've fixed a typo in ammos.xml....does the ammo entry for the weapon in weapons.xml need updating? If it's not that, it'll be an image-related typo/misnaming.
  8. Mikhail Ragulin

    [Suggestion] Small GUI changes

    Thar she blows, sailor.
  9. Mikhail Ragulin

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    Yeah, the earlier androns ensures varied loadouts. Although I did actually pick up my first andron flamethrower kill recently (albeit against one that was virtually dead).
  10. Mikhail Ragulin

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    Almost - they both got a slight buff. Stats is stats though, and can be misleading (I prefer judging them by how they play in-game). Full rundown: SMGs: reduction in recoil (60 -> 55) and increase in damage (~25%, if my maths is right). I'd overnerfed them in a previous version, and couldn't get enough kills with them. Idea is that they're meant to be as good as the shotguns, but with more range - with the downside of recoil. Like the weapon that the shotgun troops graduate to, if they live long enough to get the strength. Although even with these changes, I still don't get the same kills as I do with a shotgun, but they are a little bit better at suppression. PPSh-41 and Tommy were both switched to the drum version to bring them in line with the others. Carbines: increase in power and mitigation (~20%), and changes to TU cost (now only fired twice per turn, but aimed and normal shots are a bit cheaper...more pop and shoot). Was odd having bolt-actions that can fire the same amount per turn as semi autos (rifles). They use pretty much the same cartridges as the new automatics, and so have the same damage model. AR's: -5TU% for burst, now costs the same as aimed. Increases their mobility, helps to differentiate from the new autos. Automatics: new line. Higher recoil than AR's, but more damaging & better suppression. Burst costs 70%, so it's hard to use offensively (unlike the AR's). LMGs: reaction modifier dropped to 0.5 (from 1). Brings them in line with the GPMGs, also reduces their run-and-gun power. Recoil reduction as well (down 5 to 65, GPMG is 70) to represent the smaller cartridges. Damage up 25% (like the SMGs, they'd been overnerfed previously in that department). AT's: now under the heavy tab. And do more terrain damage (due to different damage type). Mauser 1918 switched to the 5 shot magazine model (from single shot). Heavy: introduction of M202 in final weapon tier. Both the Handflamm and Einstoss (the disposable/backpack launchers) are unlocked in the third tier now. New disposable Type 10 Grenade Dischargers appeared (firing timed grenades). Sidearms: Model 29s reaction down to 1 (from 1.75), so it's not a direct replacement for the 29. MP's damage went down slightly, but got an extra burst per turn (they were pretty crap before hand, but useable now).Two new MPs with higher capacities (the Stechkin and the Schnellfeuer) replace the Trejo and VP70. And also generic versions of ammo added (ie shotgun ammo, AR ammo) as the weapons now replace each other in the loadouts when researched (but won't work that way for ammo, hence the change - it simplifies things). They're all in pouches/molles/cans though, looks neat.
  11. Mikhail Ragulin

    Mod idea - reaction-fire melee attacks for sebellian/reaper

    The unit I made with the weapon range of 1 - I've never seen it attack from further than an adjacent square (ie 1 tile), and that's with an accuracy of 1000. I don't think aliens use "yellow range" (ie out of normal range), come to think of it. Their plasma splitter/shotgun is has a range of 5, and I've not seen them fire that at anything other than close range (in fact, they usually die trying to get into that range, but that's another story).
  12. Mikhail Ragulin

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    Right then sausages, I've uploaded the new version, download link is in the first post. It's being hosted only by the forum download service this time (last time it was dropbox too). I'll slowly update the first post with all the relevant details/new stuff over the next day or so. In the meantime, here's the weapon stats for this version: They're pretty much the same as last time (a few minor alterations), just with the new weapons in there. Changes are in bold (if it's visible).
  13. Mikhail Ragulin

    Mod idea - reaction-fire melee attacks for sebellian/reaper

    It might need some ai interference. Even with a non-melee bullet type, reapers will rarely have enough TU's to reaction fire anyhow. Dropping the TU cost for their weapon would allow them to spam-reap. Perhaps copying something like a Caesan/passive ai might help.
  14. Mikhail Ragulin

    [v1.09] Magnum-nauts

    We'd be into selective/full auto fire territory with those puppies. Which is maybe something for the future.
  15. Mikhail Ragulin

    Mod idea - reaction-fire melee attacks for sebellian/reaper

    Yeah, it works. There's one in the current M'nauts. It's just a new "rank" of reaper with a 1-range weapon (and a different spectre). It doesn't get chance to reaction fire though, as it's primary goal is to blow itself up and anyone near it (like the poppers from apoc)...so it's not the kind of unit that gets crept up on (it's weapon is also very low TU, to make sure it doesn't just come for a hug, like reapers sometimes do). Perhaps the more interesting aspect is that the ai has no qualms about blowing itself up (I don't think it understands blast radius).