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Xenonauts: Community Edition - changelog and downloads

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NOTE: This post is no longer maintained. For the most recent release, downloads and changelogs, see the Release Announcements sub-forum.

The latest stable version of Xenonauts: Community Edition is version 0.34.2.

Below is a list of older X:CE releases.

Version 0.31


See the release announcement for details.

Version 0.30


See the release announcement for details.

Version 0.28


See the release announcement for details.

Version 0.27:


Changes related to LOS:

  • Implemented true 3D LOS algorithm. Cases such as a soldier standing on the roof in the middle of it seeing an alien on the ground level right next to the building's wall should no longer be possible.
  • Fixed LOS problems in night missions, such as showing tiles that were too far to be seen in darkness, while still not showing aliens on them.
  • Alien alerts should be properly added/removed depending on what aliens are visible.
  • A tile is considered visible only if its central cell is visible. This mostly prevents seeing enemies if they are almost completely obscured by a wall, such as if right behind a corner.
  • Improve looking past a corner. If a soldier is standing right behind a corner and looking diagonally past it, the soldier will be able to see much better past the corner (the LOS will be equal to area where shooting is possible because of leaning). This and the previous item may result in a character standing behind a corner being able to see enemies further past the corner, while the opposite not being true (in older releases this was often the other way around, making standing next to corners actually a disadvantage).
  • Re-enable cover indicators present in older beta versions and improve them to show blocks by walls. This should show for any tile all directions that are covered. Note that this does not show the quality of the each cover, only directions. Configurable by ShowCoverState in config.xml .
  • Use leaning even when targetting a tile (previously leaning worked only when targetting a character).
  • Show properly why a leaning shot is still blocked.
  • Removed visibility range bonus for being on higher levels as it was fundamentally broken. May be possibly re-added properly later.
  • Debugging of LOS. Pressing 'H' and 'G' in GC editor will control various modes showing LOS (the most useful is "LOS cells", "visible tiles" is also useful, the rest are mostly internal).
  • Make walls temporarily transparent also when they obscure cursor position.
  • The roof-toggle button now has a 3rd state that also hides walls and props on the current level.


  • Berserk will work as intended when caused by low morale panic - the berserking unit may now fire around randomly, not necessarily targeting a particular unit.
  • Mind control now affects the unit for 2 turns, but with a delay. Immediately after MC, the mind-controlled soldier just stands around with 0 TUs, the next turn, the soldier is fully available for the aliens to use.

Modular system:

  • Load sounds from mod directories.
  • Buttons and bitmaps in Lua files now load images and sounds from mods properly.
  • Fix installing of mod .zip files that do not explicitly include subdirectories (e.g. Armoured Assault).
  • Allow MODMERGE matching for XML files that use element content as key (e.g. cities.xml).
  • Allow replacing text when merging XML spreadsheets using MODMERGEREPLACE.
  • Reworked starting soldier loadouts to be better, added new role (Specialist).
  • Added flags for all soldiers, including the preorder ones.
  • Log notifications about airplanes status changes allowing to be operational again.
  • Added animation for soldier melee attack (based on grenade throw, so does not entirely fit, but better than no animation).
  • Fix scrollbar sometimes getting out of sync (most noticeable in the Barracks view).


  • Soldiers with destroyed corpses can no longer survive.
  • Stunned soldiers keep bleeding and may bleed out.
  • Avoid crash when enabling/disabling weapons in air combat when the fighter has no target selected.
  • Fleeing shouldn't be stopped by TU reserve or spotting a new enemy.
  • Recognize alien grenades as grenades (makes their image show in quickthrow slot properly).
  • Prevent possibility of getting stuck in a prop after running up stairs into unrevealed part of map.
  • Low morale berserking no longer always tries to target a character.
  • Do not add a bloodstain when a character falls unconscious.
  • Fix a (LOS) hole in Cruiser's hull.
  • Offer few selected hardcoded windowed resolutions in the launcher.
  • Fixed mission_researches for some any-UFO setups

Version 0.26:



- improvements to air combat AI, mainly alien target selection and target leading

- most (broken) windows are now vaultable

- GC panel shows soldier nation's flag

- option to automatically save right after ending a turn (intended for bugreports)

- option to create a save game in format compatible with official releases, and X:CE saves use a different version to prevent loading by official releases

- option to disable showing suppression icon for aliens

- experimental option to reduce alien turn times


- synced fixes from up to version 1.09

- improvements and fixes for the new modular mod system

- fixed autoresolve crash with 3-ufo air superiority squadron

- reduce autoresolve chances on low combat fuel

- soldier's melee attack can attack props (and cannot attack through walls)

- fix soldier list sorting with renamed soldiers

- allow safely aborting a mission when using Valkyrie

- fixed a crash when base attack started

- fixed a crash when an airplane was being transferred to a base that's been destroyed

- properly display last mission for soldiers lost in a dropship crash

- fixed TU reserve tooltip to not incorrectly claim it is for reaction fire

- do not show damage/stun numbers, zombify and teleport animations in places that are not visible to soldiers

- cancelling retreat caused by low fuel correctly crash-lands the airplane after the air combat

Version 0.25:


CHANGELOG for 0.25:

- Fixed misaligned TU bars in ground combat

- Fixed inability to change weapons and do other maintenance on refueling aircraft

- Fixed inability to target event markers as movement waypoints

- Fixed potential Geoscape AI freeze if too many supply run missions spawned

- From 1.08: Fixed CTD with Harridans flying out of the map

- Adjusted placement of air combat speed buttons (thanks Skitso)

- A casualty list/memorial is now available in the Barracks screen, by bonds0097

- Air superiority missions no longer have a "main" fighter

- Air combat AI improved with some basic logic, enabled by airCombatAIThinkChance in gameconfig

- Weapon range colours from air combat moved to colours.xml

- The way buildings work has been overhauled, they are now far more customizable - guide

- Researches can now upgrade buildings arbitrarily with the UpgradeBuilding hook, see researches.xml for an example

- Researches can now use the LockResearch hook. This makes another research permanently disabled and can be used to implement a tech tree with exclusive branches.

- The effect of human and alien bases on the maximum alien wave UFO count is now in gameconfig.xml

- Alien bases can now grow independently, based on how long they have been on the map, and on supply run missions. Explanation of using this.

- UFO spawns can now be made more dynamic by providing probabilities for each particular UFO type in every ticker band.

- Temporarily disabled AI logic for firing at props in Xenonaut base, since it does nothing anyway

- Support for multiple Hidden Movement screens, also depending on the tileset

And the most significant change for modders in 0.25 is that it includes a functional version of llunak's modular loading system, for which there be separate documentation, but the current thread is here. Modders should try and make as much use of it as possible so that mods do not conflict!

Version 0.24:


Stability and bugfixes:

- Linux autoresolve crash and main menu background flicker fixes for 1.07HF

- Fixed several keys not working in configurable shortcuts, Shift/Ctrl being mismatched

- Fix transport assignment combobox in barracks sometimes not changing value if it opened under the mouse

- Record kills and missions for vehicles

- Do not repeatedly save asserts/groundcombat/ai/precondition_list.xml , showing an error dialog if the location is not writable

- Do not display camera level changes during hidden movement

Hotkeys, UI and options:

- Allow Esc to reset hotkey in the options dialogue

- gameconfig.xml option to make mouse wheel down go to next soldier instead of previous

- gameconfig.xml option to make mouse wheel change camera level in GC rather than soldiers

- Make clicking on soldier portrait center on that soldier in GC

- Keyboard shortcut for centering on the current soldier and 'select next' actions

- Keyboard shortcuts for reserving TU

- When rearranging soldiers in a transport, show tooltip also for soldiers with empty hands

- Do not allow "healing" of empty ground or dead soldiers

- Do not show 'alien invasion' description after commencing any research

-Show a bleeding message also when a soldier dies because of the bleeding

- Allow dot, single quote and hyphen in plane/soldier names

- Increase save name length limit from 20 to 60

- In save dialog it is now possible to click on a saved game and modify the name for a new save

- Display also 2-radar and 3-radar ranges when building a new base


- Experimental: fixed logic that prevented UFOs from firing two weapons at the same time in air combat

- Added mission_researches.xml, where research unlocks can now be specified per alien mission and/or UFO type

- Demolishing a just-started building now gives the full refund, to correct misclicks

Version 0.23:


- Soldiers now correctly get credit for kills with timed explosives (C4)

- TU-draining ammo (from 0.2) will drain TU for the next turn

- Modders can customize night vision range for armours (armours_gc.xml)

- Relations damage done by alien bases is now moddable in gameconfig.xml

- The airplane recovery mechanic is now optional through gameconfig.xml

- Vehicle Weapon and Aircraft Weapon categories will show up in the workshop if the player can build items from those categories.

- The distance at which the short range bonus kicks in is now moddable in config.xml

- Added colours.xml, where customizable colours will go. Only air combat background grid right now.

Version 0.21:


- Popup for "Alien Officer/Leader present" no longer shows up if the alien was killed in the crash.

- Can quicksave with F5 in ground combat. Quickload not yet functional.

Version 0.2:


- Hopefully fixed a bug (haven't been able to test it) where fleeing soldiers would stop fleeing if they saw an alien, defeating the whole point.

- Continents are now properly lost at the end of the month, not the moment your funding drops to or below zero. Negative funding now means you still have a chance to improve your relations until the end of the month.

- Mission debrief screen shows kills in this mission for soldiers.

- Armours can now be modded to increase any stat.

- Armours can now be modded to provide psionic defense, degrading or not.

- Ammo types can now be modded to damage TUs or morale. Applies to regular and explosive ammo.

Version 0.1:


- Soldier equip screen shows tooltips for soldier stats.

- Fixed a rare bug with uncrouching and TU reservation.

- Added speed controls to air combat. There are 4 buttons just like in the Geoscape, the first is default speed, the others are respectively 50%, 100% and 200% faster. The latter is useful if you're tired of watching planes withdraw slowly!

- Fixed a crash when transferring airplanes to bases that are too close to a city. (Also in 1.07)

- Empty dropships can no longer assault alien bases and thus lead to a crash. (Also in 1.07)

- Starting soldier loadouts are now moddable and contained in loadouts.xml. (Also in 1.07)

- Relations bonus for a successful terror mission now moddable (gameconfig.xml).

- Mods can now specify extra relations bonus for terror missions for surviving civilians and/or local forces (gameconfig.xml).

- Game start date (01/09/1979) is now moddable (gameconfig.xml).

- Mods can now enable relations bonuses for successfully completing crash sites and control the relative bonus (gameconfig.xml).

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The Download Instructions are a little vague to me.

Got this OK

Or Download 0.26HF1

(More information here)

Link is 0.26HF2 ?

X:CE 0.26HF: Attachment 5098

Leads to this
Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link …
Is this v0.27 ? Links broken if it is.

X:CE settings mod : Attachment 5091

xcesettings.zip is same as the v0.26 page so not v0.
27 ?

GOG Site provides

Xenonauts v1.05
and only
Xenonauts v1.09 Patch

A problem if v1.08 is required.

Getting a valid X:CE v0.27 would help though I think

X:CE 0.26HF: Attachment 5098

is meant to be X:CE v0.27 making it clear would help and if it isn't X:CE v0.27 where is it

Totally Confusing me this one, it may be obvious, but naming X:CE v0.27 download link as X:CE v0.27 would be so much easier to understand.

I never expect Modding to be simple but I don't recall finding the mods download being so hard, even if the broken link worked, unless it's file name is XCE v0.27 I would be still unsure I had the right files.

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That won't be anything to do with X:CE. Light drones cause a lot of suppression which damages soldier's morale. In conjunction with a soldier dying, it's quite probable that your soldier's morale was depleted sufficiently that they panicked. It won't show on their morale bars, though, because when they panic they recover a large amount of morale to stop soldiers being panic-locked over multiple turns. So it looks like the panicked for no reason

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yep,but all of them were 2 majors (one died) 2 captains,2 lt and 2 sgt....only 1 sgt didn,t panic and his lost of 10 points of morale is show....I've never seen such situation before in my game and they are not rookies but guys with 10 or more missions. Bravery between 50 (one of them) to 79. And guy with 79 just flee after death of my major (he is captain) and second guy who was near to him didn't flee (sgt with 62 bravery). All of this 2 didn't recieve surpression fire from drones - only saw alien.

Edited by azzim
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i know, but as i said before in playing my soldiers were many times under fire from drones and surpression was and losing of time units and morale was also....but never happened situations like this. One of two with low bravery was fleeing but rest of them even under heavy fire was able to use half of TU to change possition, withdraw and get the morale that has been lost.

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i have removed 0.27 and install 0.26 hf2. I couldn't load save from mission when this strange situations happened becouse i have CTD when I was try to load. So I use another save before ground combat and send on the same crash site exactly the same team. And now I am playing this mission in 0.26hf2 and You know what I see??? My soldiers have another bravery! And I am talking about the same soldiers that went so much panic in this mission playing on 0.27.....any clues???

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i have removed 0.27 and install 0.26 hf2. I couldn't load save from mission when this strange situations happened becouse i have CTD when I was try to load. So I use another save before ground combat and send on the same crash site exactly the same team. And now I am playing this mission in 0.26hf2 and You know what I see??? My soldiers have another bravery! And I am talking about the same soldiers that went so much panic in this mission playing on 0.27.....any clues???

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean they had different bravery scores to what they'd had previously?

I suspect this is due to morale increases that you get for killing aliens. These bonuses temporarily raise your soldier's maximum morale. It might not be this, but I suspect this will be the explanation.

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ok, I removed XCE 0.26 from launcher menu and install 0.27 instead of automatic overwrite and after playing the same mission - when I had more deaths in a team - it seems to be fine - no more such panic and flee even when my man takes damage and was bleeding while aliens still shooting at them. So maybe there was a problem - in automatic instalation and overwritting files?And I must say that Your work on LOS is great! No more strange situations when player can't make shot from corners and as I see even in a close area to Charlie there is no "stupid" blocking in LOF....good work!

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no, I have notice morale bonus after killing alien when my men had 99+. I can't explain this but really when i start the same mission with the same team I have notice a different morale in 0.26hf2 and 0.27 (the bravery level looks the same). And I'm playing on Ironman so i haven't got many saves (only 2 sometimes as backup) and I can't go back and try some issues playing in different versions.

Edited by azzim
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ahhh, by the way kabill......just getting myself better in playing Your sky mod :) ..... I am able now to take corvette with 2 fighters only using 2 foxtrots

Sounds like you're better at it than I am!, now! Foxtrots are certainly queen. I'm hoping that will be less true when I get round to a revision.

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