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    Some very quick stats on my side. Playing at 1080p I took the FPS after revealing the aliens inside the house, and the lighting post on the north: Fast / fastest: 32 Simple: 18 Good: 16 Beautiful: 9 AMD 8-core FX8350 AMD Radeon 5770, 1GB 16 GB RAM I did not run any more tests. One of these days I will install my RX 570 8GB and I will let you know for more stats, if not, for checking the Unity hypothesis on my AMD hardware. I am happy to use my machine to give you some stats if you need.
  2. For the 0.27 changelog, how about the Morale / psionics fixes?
  3. Brilliantly put. Allow players to enjoy the vanilla version with all the improvements / bug fixes that the CE brings, but also give a few options based on "Community experience". As also said by others before me, vanilla balance includes countless hours of discussions, gameplay etc. And since the smallest change can have a far reaching effect, it is best to leave this option intact. If possible of course.
  4. I will not tell you how to play your game, but does it not, kind of, defeats its purpose playing it in Iron man and then using Ctrl+Alt+Del on a bad situation? Regarding what you describe in your last post, this is perfectly normal. Alien fighters just get vanished into pieces when shot down and never generate ground missions. Edit: Just a note. This game is quite unforgiving to player mistakes. Since this is your first time into the genre, not only the game, I strongly recommend playing it without Iron Man. Otherwise you risk quitting in rage.. :-)
  5. In my opinion it's a bug since this is completely pointless. Besides, it reduces the possibility that the terror site occurs in a continent where it really matters. That effectively makes the game easier than it should be.. Anyway, I think this is a very low priority at the moment..
  6. That did it. Thanks! It was getting quite unplayable otherwise...
  7. Select the hyperion tank and shoot with a normal shoot, the elite Andron in the picture. If the Hyperion shot is successful, the game freezes. Since the shoot has to be sucessful, you may have to load and retry a couple of times before getting the game to freeze. [ATTACH]5212[/ATTACH] Quic.sav Quic.sav
  8. Depends on your difficulty settings, but I would say 30 is enough. Try to assault an alien base as soon as possible, and then research the "base upgrades". This will make your scientists work 50% more effectively. Regarding the engineers, 30 will be also be needed when you start producing Marauders "en masse".
  9. Sure, the faster you can have a Marauder-only fleet, the better. However, this normally takes quite some time to accomplish and until that happens, Foxtrots are the best option. They are cheap, they get produced from very early in the game (so you can build plenty), and they are useful until the late game. Typically, after having 2-3 Marauders, instead of replacing a Foxtrot with yet another one Marauder, I give priority to my ground team equipment (Wolf armour etc.)
  10. @rsf77: Unfortunately the game does not work like this - so I am afraid Kiel is right. Although it seems realistic to have troops in every base to defend them agains extraterrestials, you will soon reach a dead-end. Instead of the troops, try 4-6 base defences. Regarding my set-up, I have my many base in middle east, with 8 troops, 15 engineers, 4 Foxes, 1 Condor, 1 charlie, No tanks yet. In central america I have 30 scientists, 4 foxes, 1 condor, 4 base defenses. Somewhere around Malaysia, I have 4 foxes, 1 condor, 4 base defenses. I will soon build my 4th base, which be exactly like the Malaysian one.
  11. @featherwinglove Probably you've tried this already, but just in case, did you try running the game from the internal HDD (C:\) and not from an external one? Edit: You are lucky that you are offered a full refund. You are typically not offered a refund when you buy computer software, regardless of the public specs and your own specs
  12. ... every mission will end up being a massacre and everyone will quit the game in rage!
  13. Wait, not entirely, right? If the UFO is landed, assaulting it gives the same relationship bonus as if you had intercepted it in first place. I remember seeing that in another question some time ago.
  14. It has been discussed a lot here:http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/11718-The-AI-is-cheating-but-I-guess-that-s-ok In short, the answer is yes, with deadly consequences. At least in Veteran and above
  15. It's base defence has a percentage chance of hitting the target. Then it can inflict some damage. I had two plasma defences in a base. The first one missed, but the second one destroyed the Cruiser. Larger UFOs should be harder to destroy. I don't know the statistics of either the defences nor of the UFOs, so I would say that four defences in each base and the fact that you don't play Ironman, should be enough