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  1. Love it. In general it seems quite demanding on the hw. @ 1024x768 Brilliant: laptop overheats, but the game is fluid @ 1920x1080 Brilliant: the mouse pointer and scrolling are slow and lagging i7-6700 16GB ram GTX960M W10
  2. Aggiornata a V1.65 (É cambiato poco o nulla)
  3. Well yes that works, but the mods are downloaded as .zip files and you can install them from the Modding Tools in Xenonauts. If I try to do it that way then I get the No permissions error
  4. Hi guys, I've just bought a new PC with Win10 on. Now for whatever reason the system doesn't allow me to install mods. Did anyone experience the same problem?I've tried the usual stuff, change folder permissions etc. but no luck.
  5. Yep, that's all I found too. Btw, the accuracy tip is a duplicate
  6. Any update to Xenopedia, Strings or Loading Tips in 1.65?
  7. Gam

    Xenonauts 2 confirmed!

    Will there be a crowdfunding for X2?
  8. Gam

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    Chris, I would't agree either but I suspect that some reviewers will think the same and you may get a low(er) score just for this detail.
  9. Hi, I highlighted this issue sometime ago, but I can't find the thread and the outcome. Basically I can see sebs regenerate when they reaction fire. I am not sure if they then regenerate again during their turn. Gam
  10. Brilliant, everything working fine now, thanks!
  11. Here you go thanks [ATTACH]6144[/ATTACH] Could it be because there is no first column that the mod manager can use as reference? gcloading_tips.zip gcloading_tips.zip
  12. Working now thanks Kabill. Any idea on the gcloading_tips?