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  1. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    The singularity core was changed to a gravity bomb that is researched from the Cruiser IIRC. So yeah, this is meant for a fresh run, like any mod that heavily edits the tech tree.
  2. skaianDestiny

    Super Farmer

    Well you could always recruit another dude and roleplay that Xenonauts recruited the farmer.
  3. skaianDestiny

    Melee Vehicles or 3x3 aliens?

    Couldn't you steal the code from the various drones for the alien 3x3s?
  4. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    Probably not.
  5. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    Alright, so Balabhadradas could you post your fixed FTD files so I can update the main mod?
  6. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    The Corvettes should be appearing at the 200 mark, but for some reason they're being replaced by the Assault Lander instead.
  7. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    Can someone playtest this to see if this fixes it? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82304502/Xenonauts/ftd-fix1.zip
  8. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    Hm, seems to be the same problem the people above are having. I'll have a looksie.
  9. skaianDestiny

    [X:CE v0.27+] S-20 "Aegis" Counterpsionic Support Armour

    You know I probably should. EDIT: How do I do this?
  10. skaianDestiny

    So lets talk about a complete overhaul

    As one of the people who worked on it, lemme explain the FTD mod. This was made in response to the fact that the Fury was way to expensive/came way too late for it to make a good impact, so it was pushed earlier along the research tree. It was also made for the fact that once the player achieved air superiority, you're basically playing all crash site missions. Thus, this mod introduces two new ships, the Assault Lander and Dreadnought, using existing unused assets that are way too fast/nigh unbeatable for the player's conventional planes to fight. This forced the player to either choose to let the UFOs complete their mission (a base attack or a terror mission), or use one of their expensive Furies to eliminate them. As these UFOs don't have ground assets, fluff was added to justify their lack of wreckage when they're taken down conventionally (if they're able to be even destroyed by the player).
  11. Quality work as always Max. I would like some perspective from the Recruitment Officer, she definitely sounds interesting.
  12. skaianDestiny

    FTD Mod

    Go ahead. Good luck with your mod.
  13. skaianDestiny

    Mods to include with X:CE

    Well yeah of course they'd be optional. Considering both of them have roughly 60~ downloads I'd like to believe some people like them enough to include them as options in the X:CE download.
  14. skaianDestiny

    Mods to include with X:CE

    I'd like to rec my "Xenonaut Real Ranks" and "Unified Air Combat Images" mods. These are mostly cosmetic things that I'm sure some people would appreciate.