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Going withe the fuel levels, it makes sense for every item, including corpses, well and living aliens, civvies and troopers would have a fuel value.

Now that would be interesting a civvie standing next to a highly flammable ... um ... fire, catches alight and proceeds to run into the middle of a bunch of AD's red barrels...

Can we say ... boom!

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Yes, that would be quite amusing.

Not sure its such an excellent idea game-wise though. I'd enjoy seeing flaming, screaming units running around as much as any RTS player, but not sure that it would really add much beyond being annoying.

Dwarf Fortress has taught us this.

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Let's just make sure Chris hasn't given the civvies an unhealthy obsession with socks...

You could actually have some aliens have an explosive fuel value, akin to the poppers of apoc. God damn did I hate them, only just slightly less than suckers. I'll say this for apocalypse, some of the enemies really made the atmosphere of the game what it was.

But yeah, hose them down with a flamethrower, BOOM... Ditto if a spreading fire hits the corpse of such.

Now we need a way to kill such a creature, carry it to the ufo , toss it inside and then light the trail of paper leading back around the corner.

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Reality check:

1) Flame throwers are fuel thrown by an engine much like a hose. Actually it has very little use.

2) It has been dropped down by the Armies, considered useless but to burn civies

3) It also will be useless ingame due to range unless you make aliens wary or extremely weak to fire.

4) Even so incendiary nade are lighter, have a greater blast radius longer, are able to house hotter burning substance and longer burn duration substance range IE: More preactical even to create a wall of fire.

5) So flame throwers are good for nothing unless:

you can arc throught the shot to create an efetive wall to deny something the oportunity to close ground to your soldier.

you can fire in the air and have floating aliens vulnerable to fire.

Any other option than those render flamethrower useless and people will prefer incediary nades (and probably create some).

So before wasting much time in the weapon realization, design a extremely good reason to why player (must) would (waste time with)use it at all.

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Would love a flame turret for the Hunter (and other vehicles). It's easier for vehicles to get closer becuase they're slightly toughter than soldiers and players won't mind risking them as much.

Me too. Even just for fun.

I think flamethrower will be good for soldiers morale after battel when we will grill Caseans in front of chinok :P.

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Not to rain on the fiery parade too much, but the biggest issue with the flamethrower is actually that of animation. The guy who does the explosion / fire / whatever animations has stopped freelancing, which puts us in a bit of a fix. Still, we'll see what happens.

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Well, the flamer could spew post-it stickers labeled FIRE. =)

Heh. A little flag coming out of the flamethrower with "whoosh" on it. Then the target spontaneously combusting. I'd take that :)

Yet, Jean Luc pushes past the flammenwerfer issue entirely and suggests that we play Adele at the aliens. It's forward thinking but alas, banned by the Galactic Federation across twelve star systems for cruelty .

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