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  1. Elydo

    Funding Strangulation

    For clarity.
  2. Elydo

    Funding Strangulation

    Version 1.07 according to the launcher: Yet if you would direct your eyes to the top right: The initial base also costs the same, from a starting account of 2 mil. If those images are too large I'll resize them. EDIT: Or, y'know, they could be too small
  3. Elydo

    Funding Strangulation

    If that's directed at me, then no. I get the cause/effect link, all too well after seeing two Scouts cover a quarter of the globe in activity notifications outside the range of my radars. That cost me two funding regions within a month No, my "What the heck is going on" was referring to the fact that my NBC is still set at the beta value of 1 million dollars [raises pinkie finger to mouth] Makes me curious if any other aspects of the game have changed for Release and my version just hasn't caught the. I did a clean install...
  4. Elydo

    Funding Strangulation

    Wait, what? My New Base Cost is 1 mil. This might explain why I'm having a harder time of it than most other people I read about on here Wonder what the heck is going on...
  5. Elydo

    Jsleezy's Real Armors

    This was something I went and finally grabbed now that the game is done. Superb work sleezy, simply outstanding. Both this and your portraits packs.
  6. Elydo

    Stun Grenades

    Currently Electroshocks do stun damage against all targets, meaning they don't do much against aliens immune to stun, like Androns and drones. EMP damage is supposed to be inflicted instead against such targets, but it's currently disabled.
  7. Six months does appear to be a rather insanely short period of time, objectively speaking.
  8. Elydo

    Alien Mission Tickers

    You could look at it this way; any invasion has a plan, no plan survives contact with the enemy. The aliens succeeding at their missions is them remaining on-plan, so they see no need to accelerate their efforts or try new tactics. Things are proceeding exactly as they should be, from their perspective. We start stopping them from succeeding, start throwing their plan off, that's when they need to start switching things up. Accelerating some aspects, stopping some to try and develop new tactics. It can be effectively twisted to justify any timescale you want, with a slight amount of handwaving for 'alien perceptions and though processes' Want things sped up? "They're accelerating their plans in response to our efforts." Want things to slow down? "They're having to pause while they analyse our actions and try to get their plan back on track." or even "They've discarding the plan and are creating a new one." Anything you want, from the same lore. Elegant, I think >: D Edit: The key to strategy is not to choose a path to victory, but to choose so that all paths lead to victory. Victory being whatever game design you want. Of course.
  9. Elydo

    Base defence loadout

    The base personnel have enough time to get to the secure bunker beneath the command center, presumably at the same time the soldiers are gearing up and deploying those sandbags. Remember the base is underground, so even after the ufo has landed after surviving any ground fire from turrets, so we can know the base knows about it at that point if not before (before is likely), it still takes a certain amount of time for the base to be breached. My main complaint would be a lack of fixed defences, heh. If you've set up sandbag emplacements, how about some fixed .50 cals? Adapt them from scout car turrets! Bah, it's like there are arbitrary considerations beyond effectiveness to take into account or something...
  10. I've noticed bombers can really up the casualty count in short order.
  11. Elydo

    Throwing stuff

    Being able to throw a buddy a magazine would help with those long hours on missions where nothing seems to happen. Or the endless chinook flights. You're all secured in the transport, but your launcher guy down the far end of the chopper finished his copy of 50 Shades of Grey already. But you've also finished with the latest Horse and Hound and feel like a nap before touchdown. But, dammit, no throwing mechanic, he'll be bored and you'll wake up every time a buffet of turbulence makes your relaxed napping hand drop the damn magazine and everyone sniggers at you. That's two soldiers without their head in it even before the shots start flying. Poor design, very poor design.
  12. I've seen the same happen with smoke, but there was an open door at the edge of the smoke cloud in that case, I haven't tried in other situations yet.
  13. Having EMP be stun damage to units that can't be stunned (Robotic types specifically, if there are unstunnable biologicals), and so just dealing damage would be fine for me. Though I'd question having electroshock being quite so good at stunning biologicals. I use them exclusively over the actual stun gas grenades. I'd also like to see an electroshock rocket.
  14. Elydo

    Abduction missions plan

    It's confusing shorthand in this case, as it can either refer to our organisation or to the aliens.
  15. Elydo

    Inventory fine tuning

    If rockets became vertical then they could only be stored in the backpack, they wouldn't fit on the belt any more. This would make reloading and even more ap-costly affair.