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  1. Hi, I was pre-order for the Xenonauts and finished game when it was released on Normal. Last two months I back to the game and finished it also on Normal experiencing some of the mods (new maps, planes, soldier images and stronger tanks, etc.) The last thing was finishing game on Veteran in Iron Man mode - very responsible game play to not lost soldiers and not fuck something. I just would like to say thanks for developers for game and moders for mods (skitso, Kabill, Lorebot). Additional maps were very important as playing on limited deck is boring after some time. New maps in tundra and forest are very nice. I like new portraits/names mode, stronger tanks, enhanced crash sites, cybernetic armouts - mostly for avoid psionic attacs. Mod with Saracen aircraft is nice . Hold the Line v3.1 mod to avoid psionic attacs crashing game when casean trying take control of soldier. I don't know why it didn't work. I total I palyed probably about 100 hours for three games. the Iron Man was mega fun. Althoug I was afraid about crash games. Auto-fire of enemies trigered by moving to the teleport in a ship crashed game. You needed to kill process and start game (thankfully it helped). In Iron Man I lost at least several good soldiers. It was very dificult and the last mission make my day. I played carefully sending most players to kill High Preator. Two soldiers on the right and they died (too fast and bad luck). Three soldiers on the left (they killed reactor and nearly back). One of those three was heavy wouned, second was Reapered. Main squad back and I was fighting with 6 Reapers a turn + several, which already went somewhere. I was able to withstand few turns and push few soldiers on the right again. some lost, but I managed to move two on full speed to the right reactor and blow it up. Only 5 out of 12 survived in the central area and back home. Epic mission. Now I will begin new XCOM. Hope new Xenonauts 2 will be even better than 1, as there was some things to fix/improve. Best,
  2. Xcom Veteran

    [V1.09]Skitso's Ultimate Megamix Map Pack 2000

    Hi, I just back to Xenonauts after long time, while I finished gamedownloaded from Desura. Now I took key and installed it on my Steam. I saw Skitso's Map Pack version 1.5 as the only mode in Mod Launcher and I activated it to have more maps (this was one of the weak point of Xenonauts to fight all over the same places). 1.5 is latest version? What else is worth of installing (more weapons packs?) and how to do it. I just don't have outlook of what mod pack are good and ready without bugs. Any advices?
  3. Heh... I'm Playing Veteran on Iron Man mode (after finishing earlier on Normal/Normal) and already I'm in late stage of the game. I just picked up night mission to prevent another base as Alien landed and I didn't checked that this was Arctic in Asia (who could suspect). I landed without protection (latest ship) flat area, and lost in first turn another soldier from far shooters. This is crazy. This game instead of fun makes me angry. I probably lost this game, as other soldier is wouned so now I have 9 form 11 and 3 Aliens killed just yet in 2 turns with one Alien sniper somewhere. I just recently almost lost whole game as I used teleporter in Alien ship and he did reaction fire after my teleport (game stuck) so I reset it. There is a lot of other bugs like always opens doors in large ship and invisible aliens on the roof of ship. Rocket launcher after load games changes acid missile to explosive one. etc. But I'm sad because I lost without my fault . Because my soldiers often shooting to themselves desipte >60 brave at breaserk or halucination, I already playing without weapons in casean ships (just nades mostly).
  4. I tried this weapon once, and I will not use it any more. Maybe it could have sense with double the destruction range to kill half map, if not, then it is not worth.
  5. Anybody won on the Insane already? I started playing Veteran Iron Man, but lost . 2 perfect missions, third bad with lost soldier (night), and fourth (night) massive bad luck. I forgot to take 8th soldier, then I lost 2 because forgot C4 to install on the ship, then they kill my sniper, then I didn't care and won with last soldier half-life LOL. Curious if anybody win on Iron Man on Veteran.
  6. Xcom Veteran

    (Modded Game) No Caesons in any missions.

    Caesons are on vacations
  7. Xcom Veteran

    Relaying C4

    I just blowed two members with C4, because forgot to install it next turn after setting 2 turns. It was Iron man Veteran level and I lost this game also .
  8. Are there also other exclusives for pre-orderers?
  9. I just ended game and found bug. In final mission I killed preator, then moved all soldiers to teleport - end screen WIN, Then I loaded game to while whene I killed preator and moved 1 soldier to telepor. Rest of the team fought back just for fun with reapers. They died all, but game didn't end. I should see also end screen with WIN! But without soldiers I just doing next turn, ntex turn, crazy.
  10. Xcom Veteran

    Insane Ironman LP - Get you name in the mix

    Xcom Veteran maybe
  11. I don't understand why in Xenonauts manufacturing is so different then in oryginal game. I'm limited by cash to build weapons, while I believe I should be limited by alien materials and components. Here we don't have components at all. Just alien alloys and alenium. And hicks in Africa have laser weapons, while not all my soldier had such weapon. If you fighting with Aliens, materials should be precious, cash should be just addition. And manufactured weapon should be very good bussiness for sale.
  12. Yea. I'm playing 1.07 now. Alien control killing my soldiers I don't know, maybe I will now go only 1 or 2 to the ship if there is no other way then lost 3-4 on a mission.
  13. 1. Predator armor soldier destroying doors but only if we crossing them as open. When door is closed and he go somewhere he will not destroy them. :] 2. Wouned soldier on a mission and medi - I found that using medi I can do +2 TU units to themselfs or other soldiers, basically perpetum mobile. :]
  14. Because someone said that will build more then 1 radar, so I don't know if he want to have 2 radars in base or stand-alone radars on the map?
  15. No because I'm on Desura and only v.1.05 is/was available. I'm playing with new soliders foward and now covering them also like every one would be enemy of another. Just two in a short distance typically and puting gun down if morale is lowered. However morale and halucination/breaserk/alien control is not related it seems. They can take 60+ bravery soldier with 99+ moare, 2 turns further he still have 99 morale after all. Crazy. I also found bug - Predator armor for heavy weapons destrying doors in ships. But only if he is going throught already open doors. If he entering room and opeining doors in movement, then doors are 100% ok. Also feel like aliens killing own Reapers but I'm not sure? I just got one alive and waiting for research . The second generation tank was lost after 3 shoots in first mission. And wasn't rebuild, while airplanes and hunters probably are? Bug? Sorry for many topics. I like the game however some things still need to be improved.