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  1. I love the aliens assaulting my base, the opportunity to redecorate the walls with purple goo is always welcome. Apart from the main base when I start a new one I'm trying to work out which structure is the best to join onto the command centre. I tend to have the rest of the base branch out from this one room, unless the aliens have their assault tunnels joining onto the command centre then they have to come through this one room. So far I've been using the hangar for this, but which room would you use? Sadly they've only ever attacked my main base - which is a mess of rooms.
  2. My base was invaded. On the far left of the screen there was a room that it was impossible to get to. This room was densely packed with those robot chaps. Regardless of the lack of path, or the presence of unopenable doors in the way, I was able to assemble a firing squad of heavy weapons and mow the robots down by shooting through the door and across the black abyss. Bug?
  3. I love the game so far - its really shaping up nicely! This close to release I guess their isnt room for any new features - but Im just gonna suggest some anyways Two things id like to improve: 1) More options in base construction. - the 6x6 grid is nice and all, but only allows for limited variety in base layout. Id really like to have the option as a player to explore more customization, more variety, more depth. 2) More options in base defence. - A duly prepared commander has a plan of defence for his installations. When a UFO is spotted heading for a xenonaut base, there should be time to prepare som defensive countermeasures. Assaulting alien bases is really tough - you are exploring unknown territoy. Id really like to have the base defense mission feel like you are fighting on your home turf. The invaders may be numerous, but at least you should have the option to prepare your defence. Solution? Base defense overlay. Id like to add an additional "layer" to base construction. A defense "overlay" that allows the commander to: - determine the placement of sandbag barricades and "nests". - purchase security upgrades to rooms, like reinforced blastdoors or motion sensors. This adds an additional layer of options to each room, without altering the 6x6 layout or requiring new rooms or tiles. Sandbags allready exist in the game. They are a destroyable obstacle, so allowing players to place them as barricades in hallways or in front of doors should be possible without screwing the AI. Reinforced blastdoors could use the door graphic allready present in the game - only in a different color. Blastdoors would be set to close at the end of every xenonaut turn. The aliens should be able to destroy them or override the door controls, but it should take some time... (allowing a clever commander to use flanking tactics...) Motions sensors need not even be present as a graphic on the combat map. They should work by indicating if there has been movement in a room, or across a doorway - even if no xenonauts have line of sight to the room.
  4. Hi! I can't close doors inside the base, during an attack, which I find a bit problematic. Am I just missing the way to do it, as usual, or is it simply not implemented? If it's not, maybe it's going to be? I'ld like it to be, at least... If it won't be, I'ld be interested to know why...
  5. they could be automated so you don't control them but there scattered around the base. they would be like a machine gun so they would not be very accurate
  6. My bases have been attacked several times and not once has the Laser or Plasma Batteries hit the ship. Both of them at both of my bases read that they have MISSED and the ship was at 100% health upon landing.
  7. Add in a "security checkpoint room" a 1 by 1 building for the base that spawns 2 NPC soldiers during a base attack. The security checkpoint will allow players to delay the aliens, helping the Xenonauts to defend against attacks from the flanks and making base defense less lonely. In addition, the player may also deploy Xenonauts in the security checkpoint rooms. It always seems odd to me that all the troops are clustered together at the command center instead of having some located around the base's premises. Alternatively, just scrap the NPC spawn idea and make this a cheap "corridor" building that lets you create chokepoints while also allowing you to deploy troops outside of the command center area. The building will be relatively low cost. It's probably too late to put this in, but some modder might try their hand at it.
  8. So YAY! did my first base defence mission! Was kind of awesome except for one thing. And that is you can't see anything that is next to radar dishes or Laser Cannons.. Really annoying! lost a damn Commander to that . Also please make the walls transparent or something. Because right now if I want to see what is next to a wall I need to move my dude there (unless you can turn your camera around lol if not then I totally cool with that only I was playing don't starve and I was sure you couldn't move the camera and bam lo and behold after like 14H+ of gameplay I moved the camera by mistake lol) Another thing some AI just stay where they are.. kind of boring come to me ffs attack me! meh whatever. Last is when you send a squadron and it gets attacked in rout after the success it tries to return to base. Very annoying since a city got nuked and because I'm in Iron Man well... Damn! PEACE bitches! And awesome game
  9. If you were to find a way to add a base facility into the game, how much of a mess would it make of the Base Defence Missions? Would they be able to launch properly? Just curious having seen the likes of Alien Containment in the assets folder.
  10. I found a serious bug the first time the aliens invaded my base. The final room near the entrance of the aliens was inaccessible to my units except for grenades. There was an open passage and a door, and I made another hole but still no units could get through. This was in the SE part of my base. I had to wait until I could hit the aliens with grenades, since my units cold not enter the adjacent room and the last alien was on the entrance ramp. Soon after there were two more invasions of my base, but I did not have this problem again.
  11. Hi Guys. I have this problem, Alians attack my Base and the scenario starts where I mmust fight versus the alians in my base. But there are no Alians ( it must be a bug, because game is not ready yet). Sometimes I fined a alian, but there disappears after one round. Do you have also this problem? How can I clear this and win the mission. Because if nit, I will lose my base because of this shit bug. Pleas help GUys!!! Love this game and do not want to lose my base!
  12. I had my first base attack... ON CHRISTMAS DAY! it was like 3:43 A.M.! imagine being woken up on Christmas day expecting coffee and cookies and you find out your commander(poor guy... he died) is waking you up because a horde of androns and wraiths is sitting in general storage shooting everything that moves!(thank god for wolf armour, btw I finally got alenium[see we need more alenium thread].
  13. Last Sebillian falls to stun in a base defence mission. CTD. Game goes to the Mission debrief screen and then crashes. All save games cause CTD
  14. So, I completed an extremely frustrating base assault mission. Plenty of guys scattered through the base, that were fun to fight and kill 2 wraiths, 4 androns, all holed up in the one room with only one exit and a long, coverless corridor on the approach. Basically I was lucky enough to have two assault troopers with about 110 TU, so it basically turned into, - walk assault until he can see one alien - fire snapshot at alien - retreat - try to get LoS from one of my two snipers down the hall Sniper LoS was often not possible, killing the aliens took a LONG LONG time, since the room had lots of cover in it and the androns were using it to their good advantage (I thought they weren't supposed to, but they even moved to alternative cover when I destroyed their initial cover) I lost one guy just by getting bored and not paying attention to his TU's, ended his turn in their LoS and got shot in the back. Quite frustrating I may have assaulted the base too early and not equipped properly (laser weapons, no assault shields, wolf armour). It was also a night mission (which should not be a factor in assaulting an underground base, but was). Regardless, it seemed like a pretty odd scenario, and I wondered if anyone else had encountered it, or if it was intentionally so crazy hard. Oh, the other weird thing is that the LoS algorithm appears to glitch out in the bases, I saw a lot of plasma and heavy plasma fire happening towards my units from inside rooms which hit walls.
  15. I know I asked this on the old forms but I wanted to ask again, and maybe get an update as to where Chris/others stand on this subject. First of I love x-com, own it, played it for years and I love what your doing with this project and cant wait for the beta to come out. I personalty loved in X-com having my base attacked and getting to use my base defenses to shoot/damage/destroy incoming craft. Sadly the start of the base attack was just a screen with text and not anything more exciting. (The start of my wishlist/question rant *deep breath*) 1. Could you take your air combat system and mod it to run base attacks. Aka. You have to do something to help/hurt your chances at hitting or missing the aliens. 2. Base evaluation of non combat personnel. I never understood why, when the base was being attacked. My interceptors never did anything? Maybe add them into the base defense mix prior to the ships landing? (would explain why they left the base) 3. Where my solders spawn. I always found it funny that they would be just all over the place, in a hallway with there backs to an open hanger bay, just to turn around and find 5 heavily armed aliens looking at you (and firing do to reaction). Could we start off in a central place, like a command center or armory? 4. Tanks tanks everywhere. I used to keep a few on hand in my inventory just so I could use them during a base attack. They where ez to replace instead of a soldier Id been working on for a few missions. Please tell me we will not be limited to 12 troops and/or some limited combination. I can understand limitations due to space in the dropship but this is home turf. 5. A little atmosphere. The base is under attack, would a pulsing red alarm light every once and a while be out of the question? 6. No locks? Im sure human bases would have locked doors in such a top notch base. If an alien wanted to get somewhere important couldn't we have them have to "hack" the door code or something? 7. Checkpoint. Any chance of having something like a base upgrade that lets you add "retractable security walls" "These walls installed in the floor of hallway intersections rise up during base defenses to help give your troops cover when protecting key intersections of your base" Same distributable train and if you lose a intersection the aliens can make use of the cover. I'm thinking of a 3x3 cube with each corner having two walls in the case of X intersection and a 1X3 for a T intersection. I look forward to reading all the reply's.
  16. Two related things. When your soldiers get transferred to the medical bay, their equipment reverts to the default and they will not have armor. So you need to re-equip them when they go back into the dropship. This also means that for base defense missions, any wounded soldiers will start with basic ballistic weaponry. I would suggest fixes to both. Let my soldiers remember their last equipment even if transferred to sickbay, and before an alien attack on a base commences, give me access to the equipment screen so I may kit out my soldiers instead of just defending with whatever they happen to have equipped at the moment.
  17. These would be maybe like npcs and would be cheap to buy and pay think of them as conscripted soldiers and would act like base guards on a search and destroy mission
  18. Just an extension of the bug that allows shooting through objects and UFOs. Just to add that it is also the case for Base Defence missions. Pretty messy first turn. One alien spots the Xenonauts followed by a hail of plasma fire from all over the base, going through everything.
  19. If there are no soldiers at base, it doesn't mean base is absolutely unmanned. There can be engineers and scientists. And there are for sure: - logistics manager - fuel engineer - radar operator - repairman - cook (starring Steven Seagal ) - janitor (Roger Wilco forewer!) and so on. Aliens attacking. Yes, all this personnel are untrained civils. But they really want to live! They get what they can found and try their chances in seems-to-hopeless battle. ---------- Now inside-game point of view. 1) If base is attacked and there are no soldiers, game "hired" several (2-4) "soldiers" with names "Civil worker №" and low characteristics (slightly less then average private). All this "soldiers" have (hidden) template "civil" - no crafted weapon, no armor, only what can be bought (in game terms) "for free and immediately". I think, pistol or shotgun and 1-2 grenades will be ok. 2) Normal battle in "base attacked" style 3) After battle, if base is still here, game automatically "fired" temporary soldiers AFAIR, possibility to arm engineers and scientists in emergency already was in one of XCom games - but not in first two. ---------- Of course, it's for Chris to decide how difficult is such feature to implement.
  20. I have now found the two biggest and most important faults with XCOM:EU (and yes, I reinstalled the game and started to play it again in spite of earlier bouts, to come to grips with its fault and greats). My foremost grudges with this game is: 1. The fact that you only manage ONE base on the whole planet, and 2. The enemy NEVER attacks the base. In the old XCOM games, the fact that you could build several bases meant that even on the hardest playing level, when loosing a lot of good and experienced combat personnel, you still had few more personnel that could fill the gaps from other bases. This means one VERY important thing: in the old games you didn't have to cheat by reloading the game over and over when the whole group went to the wind and was killed outright. And, the worry that bases could be attacked added to the feeling of a great threat (not to mention the overall atmosphere is lacking in XCOM:EU). Good base building and personnel managing skills are not as important here in XCOM:EU as in the old games. I say: let's see what Xenonauts have to offer in these two parts. I am eager to know.
  21. As there’s quite a bit of argument going on about base defence missions, I thought it would be nice to collate what is known (on the forum) about Xenonaut base defence missions. Please note, this post is for INFORMATION ONLY. If people start an argument on this thread, I will ask the mods to lock it. Mission Design Aliens are intended to be few in number, but well-equipped with an aggressive nature. The mission is intended to be proactive like other mission types. You go and find where the aliens have breached the base, and you clear them out [1]. There are two loose conditions. If all soldiers die (default loose), or if the command centre is destroyed [2]. The win condition is if all aliens are killed. Map Design Soldiers will start in the Command Center, which is composed of a inner control, and an outer defensive ring. They can be deployed in the Command Center wherever the player chooses to deploy them [2][3]. Rooms will be small and densely packed. Cover will be plentiful, but will only protect from one direction. The intention is that one room can be flanked from another [1]. Map Features Rooms can be damaged, and even destroyed. Each room has a set of key props which if damaged/destroyed, set the building to a % of (re)building completion. The room cannot be used unless it is at 100% completion, so serious damage caused to 1 room can set it’s use back for days [2][4]. There will be no cameras, sentry guns or lockable doors [5][6]. Additional features Base defence batteries will also injure/kill alien crew on a invading UFO, according to a certain formula [7]. [1] Source: Level Design Principles [2] Source: Easter Progress Update [3] Source: Musings on aesthetics of base design [4] Source: Base Defence [5] Source: Base Defence (different post) [6] Source: Base Defence (different post) [7] Source: May Development Update
  22. Just putting this up as I know a lot of us don't check the main site for news (I rarely do at least). So some may have missed this news update. http://www.xenonauts.com/category/news/ A lot of its already been said on the development updates on the forums, but there's previews of base rooms, and they look absolutely fantastic. Seriously, I cannot wait to play on those maps. The tile artist has done a fantastic job, really impressed with how good it looks. Great job
  23. ...so, I've got two operational bases, and each time base nr two is attacked, the game crashes as tactical is loaded. Attackes against base one is fine, just base two. Is there away around this one?
  24. If aliens will kill some civilians in our base, will number of engineers/scientists drop? If aliens will damage aircrafts in our base (or at mission), will it need additional repairs? Same question with other equipment - radar or something.
  25. from what i have hear and read on the forums and building destroyed or dammaged will also be damaged or destroyed on the base screen now i wonder is it posible to re-equip your soldiers before the combat meaning that for exampel in my default chinook setup i have one guy with a bazooka but since this will be a base defense and i want to avoid damage too my building can i re-equip him to a rifle before the fighting starts:confused: i know base defense isn't implemented yet but this is just something i'm thinking about with the only reason i dont want that bazook cuz if i use it most likely with the x-com acuaracy style i'll blow out half of my hangar's walls instead of the alien have a fine day
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