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  1. Khall

    Updating Tropical Tileset

    Thanks, I looked at your random maps back when I started to create random submaps for tundra, they were very helpful. I'll definitely co-ordinate in making maps once I get the default versions for all the tiles done. I was thinking something roughly like this in terms of maps and submaps: -Long rows of LOS breakers done adding each tile individually in level editor -Random clusters of LOS breakers, 5x5 -Random Dense cover (more defendable positions in terms of cover placement), 5x5 -Random Sparse cover (randomly arranged props, makes up most of the map), 5x5
  2. I've started work on updating the tropical tileset by TT3 and Frakel. I've started by editing the tiles to more closely match the vanilla style, changed the hue and saturation of the grass tiles, started work on redoing the spectre values, added tall grass and some more edited tiles from other tilesets. I've still got a lot of work to do editing the rest of the tiles, adding some new ones, plus creating damaged and destroyed variants for them all. In terms of map design, I'm planning to have the maps quite dense in general, with quite a few LOS breakers. Naturally foliage (which most cover will be) will have weak health, with trees and rocks being better cover. I've been thinking and I'm going to add larger vegetation clusters (LOS breakers) directly using individual tiles in the level editor, while the rest of the map (cover) uses random submaps. In my view that would give the best balance between quality and variation. I've only got 1 map right now for testing purposes, and it'll be a while before I have all the tiles needed to start producing "proper" maps.
  3. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    Ah, I forgot about that. I'll make a new thread in the completed mapping now that this is done to avoid any confusion
  4. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    You should be able to install it the same way as kabill's and skitso's, it has the same format, just a few more files. Though the way you installed it will also work, any problems just ask.
  5. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    Sorry for answering late. As llunak said this uses the existing but unused tundra tileset so there's no problem there. I've been using this with the experimental candidates and it all works fine, apart from that rare tiling issue that is fixed in the latest XCE build.
  6. Khall

    Adding new tilesets

    I'll certainly have a go at it. I had a look at it and while the tiles are there, it's not exactly a complete tileset in regards to damaged/destroyed states, spectres not set up right, very few submaps, etc. I''ve started on editing the tiles to look more vanilla by adding a slight black outline, removing the fade out effect on trees (which while nice, didn't match anything in the base game, plus allows me to match bottom/top portions of trees better) and playing around with contrast/saturation. I'll also have to make damaged/destroyed images as well, but they shouldn't be too difficult. Once the tiles are done, creating maps should be fairly straightforward.
  7. Great work! These all look good in the level viewer at least, I'll give them a proper playthrough when I've got the time and let you know how I get on. I did notice however that "middleeast_small_middleyard_skitso" and "middleeast_small_middleyard_skitso_lightscout" are basically the same map, just different sizes, which I know isn't what you want in the lightscout overhaul. I also can't find a certain small villa map, which is definately not like the "middleyard" maps...
  8. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    Work on military bases is going along very well. I've added the majority of tiles, completed quite a few submaps (which I will make different versions of in the future of variety), and created 3 military base maps, for lightscouts, small and medium UFO's. Next step is to finish the military tiles, improve current maps, make more maps, start on some railway tiles maybe, make more maps, etc. Some Images: Updated in download section and Steam Workshop. Btw I've also noticed some tiles don't seem to work properly if I just use steam workshop to use the pack (the tiles, maps, etc. are in the mod folder), but everything works fine if I have the files directly in the assets folder. I'll need to do some more testing, but if there's any problem with tiles it'll probably be that, I've checked the spectres and tested the maps, and it all looks ok.
  9. Khall

    Mods to include with X:CE

    I'm currently adding new tiles and making new maps for each map size to bring it up to at least 3 per UFO size. The tileset masks for tundra does overlap arctic though I agree that could be reduced a bit. It still uses my initial masks, which I didn't really do any research for, so I'll need to tighten that up a bit. I have the current modularised version on the steam workshop, but I'll make sure the file in the download section here is up to date as well.
  10. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    Thanks, I got it, it works fine now. I've started to work on tiles for military bases as well, here's my progress so far. I'll do a military map base for each map size (lightscout, small, medium, large) once I get the tiles done. Eventually I'm aiming for roughly 2 wilderness, 2 rural and a military map for each map size.
  11. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    New update, fixed the issue with roofs (thanks for the advice), fixed a few spectres and added 2 more submaps for each building, doubling the variety. I also added the ability to vault through broken windows, but they only seem to work one way, from the inside. Don't really know what's happening there. Incidentally the level editor seems to be broken in v1.52, does anyone know how to fix it or has an older version they could send?
  12. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    I've changed the submap names to lowercase, and it seems to have fixed the roads and fences not appearing. I haven't been able to reproduce the issues with buildings and forest submaps, they all work for me. But hopefully changing the submap names will also fix that. Updated in Steam workshop, if those other issues still persist, can you get a screenshot of them, since I don't seem to get them
  13. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    I've done a full reinstall and downloaded the maps. I think the reason I didn't get any issues is because I had the pack in my assets folder as well. So far I've noticed some submaps missing, like the roads and some fences (the ones that have uppercase in the name as kabill said) but buildings seem fine (wall, roofs and floor are there) and forest areas seem fine, lots of trees and props, so they shouldn't be barren. Maybe something went wrong in the installation, can you try reinstalling the mod. There shouldn't be that many issues with buildings, forests and aliens not appearing.
  14. Khall

    Khall's Tundra Tileset

    Hmm, thats weird, i didnt have any problems when i downloaded and tested them. I'll do a clean install and see what the issue is
  15. The earth has 2 tileset masks which determines where tilesets are. When the game creates a mission (crashsite, etc.) the game will randomly choose between the 2 masks which tileset to generate. E.g. In Europe, only the farm and industrial tilesets are generated As you can see from the masks tundra has a 50% chance to generate in Canada and upper Eurasia. But yeah, Rng could screw you over and keep giving you the same tileset in a spot