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  1. Hi! The preview of the bases layout doesn't show up in the boxes at the top of the screen.
  2. Hey! I feel there is something wrong with the way grenade TUs are calculated. It takes as many TUs to send a grenade when a Xenonaut is holding it as it is when he is carrying a rifle... 50 TUs to send a grenade that is already in hand, that's harsh.
  3. Hey! I'm really glad I didn't have any CTD with that new build, however... Does anyone else have the problem of only finding caesans? I've built the quantum cryptology center and even ships that should carry androns or sebillians are full of caesans... I invaded a base supposedly held by sebillians and once more found caesans... Basically, I built a marauder and never had the opportunity of researching stun weapons.
  4. Hello! I've had several CTDs from the inventory, during Ground Combat, whilst trying to handle the ballistic rifle. Also, my stun baton disappeared after a single use... Sadly, I have no save at the moment. Sorry.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to add the option to change a Xenonaut's role in the Barracks by clicking and having a drop-down menu showing the options. I tend to change them at the beginning of the game and I feel it would be faster this way. This seems like a small change from the exterior, but I have no idea what amount of programming it would require... So... Not a priority. I'm mostly posting this to see what others may think.
  6. I am the one who is sorry, Danube. I should have used a more explicit thread title!
  7. Oh, yeah, sorry. I simply moved next to a Caesan, he was suppressed so crouched and my guy was standing right next to him. (I think this happen each time you aim with a shotgun just next to your target.)
  8. Hi! I've just had, once more, the bug where the alien would shoot at the door and sometimes even shoot through it! This had been corrected in v20e3, but it's back... Sorry.
  9. Hi, I'm sorry, I don't have a savegame for this. I just had my assault guy display a 118% chance of hitting his target. While very pleased, I supposed it wasn't a desired behaviour.
  10. I'll understand if it's too much of a bother for what it would bring, but wouldn't it be preferable if the "reaction fire threshold" wasn't a constant? Let's say you put a moddable modifier in there, but there is also a link between moral and trigger-happiness? If the squadie is stressed, he would fire more often than if he were calm. "My coworker is in the way, but that thing almost killed me! Die!" (Well, maybe "berserker mode" is enough, but this would be a lesser version of it.)
  11. I had the same "sealed doors" bug with a Sibilian shooting a burst at one of my soldiers, though I reported it already.
  12. Hi! During my second Xenonaut base attack, one of the entry point was misplaced (that is, it was open on an empty space, hence a black space that could not be walked on). After a few turns camping, defeating the first waves of aliens, I sent a research party towards the anomaly. I was able to shoot a lot of aliens (though this was fastidious since I could only see them if they came in the front, and since they were regenerating... Well, they just swapped place, recovered and came back... Though, after a while, there was simply noone else willing to come towards to be shot and... I was stuck. The alien wouldn't come and I couldn't come after it. Since the Base Attack can only be completed if you kill all the aliens... Impossible to complete.) EDIT - Also, the Hunter crushes the doors even if they are open... +++ MORE! +++ After moving around my two poor men randomly (the crew is out on a terror mission and they are attacked, sinister), the last Sibilian came out. I moved my squadies back in the entrance, shot, the enemy had his reaction shot and... The doors appeared and were damaged... With one of my soldiers inside them... Impossible to move him or to open the doors. Yeah! EDIT - http://www.filedropper.com/2013-11-11175147 EDIT - Finally! I just got the final alien... Who wouldn't come out unless my squadies were out of sight.
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