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  1. I would just LOVE a mod that replace the white backgrounds with black ones....
  2. Have you taken the Foxtrot pilots off drugs yet? Load up torpedos ans they refuse to turn into the target...
  3. Everything freeze if you fire a shotgun at something beyond green range - only thing working is rotate and next turn (next turn fixes it until the next time you do it)
  4. by the way, have you looked further into the 4:3 aspect ratio issues?
  5. Can you show me an example of what to change to change portraits?
  6. ...so, I name my squads after the colonial marines, but it's a pain trying to get soldiers that actually look like them. Anyone know where in the savegame files it is defined what portrait goes with what soldier name?
  7. By the way, this problem only appeared with the experimental builds.
  8. ah, the whites are finally coming. Don't like 'em: The contrast drowns out all the other artwork. Aw well, nothing to be done about it...
  9. yes, 19.5 - found an older thread though where thr devs state that 4:3 ain't working properly
  10. Game still can't handle 1024x768 - it gets zoomed out to a widescreen, the desktop showing at the top and bottom, and the fonts unreadable.
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