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  1. I don't recall that the shields were there at the very beginning, but I don't remember exactly.
  2. henri5

    First Alien Base

    I think that if you destroy the power core and leave you win the scenario.
  3. The purpose of any game is to have fun. The latest changes seem to encourage "playing the system" instead of "fighting the aliens". I could be wrong, but I suspect that the changes were inspired by the programmers seeing how the best players could easily beat the game (which is true for any game). I would hold that most players do not fit that class, and that the game should be tailored for the average player. Adding difficulty levels would help a lot of course.
  4. henri5

    New Lets Play Xenonauts

    Sonce the aliens are grouped, maybe you should use rockets. And perhaps smoke would help to hide your soldiers until the aliens get close (since they seem aggressive).This really looks like a tough mission. Perhaps you waited too long to get laser weapons? Or maybe terror missions need to be toned down a bit until one gets lasers.
  5. There is more than one way to skin a cat. For example, I usually use 2 soldiers with shields to scout and shotguns when they get close to aliens, and a couple of snipers, one MG and the rest rifles. Steelwarrior (see videos) uses almost all snipers with a extra rocket launchers that are used to destroy cover and to blast inside the alien ship.The idea is that in the v19 stable version, what you get from inside the ship is almost worthless anyway, so one might as well blast away, and you almost never get casualties. To catch live aliens, wait until you get stun weapons and then stun one with stun grenades and stun rockets. Some use smoke grenades a lot and some (including me) not very much. I never put armor on snipers because it decreases accuracy and snipers stay far from aliens, but others put armor on everyone. Some fight air battles by charging directly on the alien craft (especially light scouts and scouts) with one or two condors, based on the new machinegun power in V19, whereas others including me use maneuvers such as decoy tactics to get behind the alien.
  6. henri5

    Rapport de Bug - Francais

    Les armes de base (carabines, roquettes, grenades, pistolets etc) sont disponibles en quantite infinie! Seuls les lasers, plasma etc qui doivent etre decouvertes et viennent plus tard doivent etre fabriquees.
  7. henri5

    Air combat

    You can also kite them with a Foxtrot or a Condor and hit them from behind with a Condor.
  8. henri5

    Rapport de Bug - Francais

    Il est vraique le Xenopedia n'est pas complet - ils le remplissent tranquillement mais ce n'est pas une grande priorite. Certaines autopsies sont automatiques. Je n'ai jamais eu le probleme des sites qui ne disparaissent pas. Dans les versions recentes dont V19 c3, les extraterrestes ne sont pas toujours dans le vaisseau, et quelquefois ils sortent pour combattre. La version stable V19 a ete retiree pour quelques heures ou jours a cause d'un bug. Elle devrait rester en fonction pour quelques semaines. Autrement on perd no parties sauvees a chaque nouvelle version temporaire.
  9. henri5

    Rapport de Bug - Francais

    Quelle version? La derniere version est la V19 stable sortie hier. On ne recrute pas des specialistes. On les specialise dans l'ecran des soldats en cliquant sur l'icone "R" en haut a gauche. Les soldats montent dans les escaliers - lorsqu'il y en a. Le site du crash disparait apres le retour a la base. La destruction des obstacles prend generalement plus d'un coup. La location des villes est tres approximative. Le bug des tuiles inaccessibles dans les attaques de base est bien connu, et est cense etre corrige dans la derniere version stable.
  10. henri5

    When do you quit?

    I play to win, and if I am going to lose, I restart. I am enough of a loser in real life already...
  11. As I pointed out in another thread, all this discussion is headed toward having a "balanced" air battle (measures and counter-measures), the result of which will be having 1-3 Xenonaut planes shot down in every engagement. This can only be alleviated without seriously unbalancing the ground war by giving the Xenonauts an unlimited number of planes. So back to the fact that the only real purpose of the air war is to create targets for the ground war.
  12. Consider this: if the air battles were balanced, the Xenonauts would be quickly hobbled and be unable to win (imagine losing 1-3 planes on each air mission). So balancing the air war would mean considerably rebalancing the ground war. Remember that the REASON for the air war in the OG was to create targets for the ground war, and IMHO it should remain that way!
  13. I may be a minority, but I would not waste time on the air war, and make Xenonaut automatic air victory an option. The interest of this game is the ground combat, and that is where the effort should concentrate. After all, no one is going to buy this game for the air war.
  14. Ok, let us be realistic with fighters: light bombers like the A-10 or the soviet equivalent are armored with a titanium "bathtub" , but are mostly designed to avoid ground fire. At the start of the Vietnam War, the US had removed guns from fighters, which they quickly found was a major mistake, and they reinstalled them. As for missiles, most fighters of the time (and still today) have both heat-seeking missiles (sidewinders) for close range attacks and radar-guided missiles for long range. Newer US light and heavy bombers have stealth, which complicates things still more, but the newest fighter, the multi-use F-35 does not have stealth. And let us not get into the number of missiles problem (which idiotic country would send out a fighter armed only with two sidewinder missiles? or a Mig armed with only two long-range missiles and no countermeasures?) The use of countermeasures against missiles is not 100% foolproof, and depends a lot on the pilot's timing, ability and luck. Without adding player-controlled countermeasures, complicating air warfare. Personally I think that the player should be given the option of winning the air battle automatically to concentrate on the real fun - ground battles.
  15. Have the latest changes made Foxrots totally useless? Now the alien scouts and fighters can dodge both torpedoes due to the 1-second dodge cooldown. I can't find any use for Foxtrots except as decoys to pull alien ships away while the Condors try to flank them, but this makes it totally impossible to win a battle against 3 alien fighters. In the latter case, going into battle is suicide because the fighters are faster, so it is best to just stay home. As for the Condors, I find it almost impossible to time the two torpedoes and both usually miss. Fortunately this is compensated to some amount by the longer range of the Condor guns. As a result most of my air battles consist of using one plane to decoy the aliens while the other one hopes to flank one and use his gun to down him. This is rather repetitive and dull.