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  1. Yup, im the boss now. Drages transfered all rights to me. Although i would have appreciated if he could have stayed. RL issues forced him to lie down the work on X-Division. @bugs Well that shouldnt happen. But you know you can hand in a bug report and i can look at it. @Suave
  2. @Suave No, we didnt remove the hunter. @drages has officially retired.
  3. @TacticalDragon just checking if you still read this forum. PM me when you come visit sometime.
  4. There is none. We make the mod but everything else is community driven. You can make one. Researches.AlienAlloyFabrication(AND)Researches.CaesanengineerInterrogation(AND)Researches.SebillianengineerInterrogation(AND)Researches.AndronDisassembly
  5. Hey guys what do you think if that kind day and night cycle would be in the next version ?
  6. Androns. Good luck .
  7. Basic Specialists, Phase 2.
  8. 1. A stun rocket does 60 chemical stun damage, 10 mitigation and the stun gas does 30 chemical stun dmg per tile the reaper runs through. The armour reduces the stun damage, but the reaper has 0 chemical armour. Furthermore the resilience is 140, and it has regeneration, of which i dont know how much stun damage it actually recovers. Rockets additionally do explosion damage which gets reduced the further away the target is from the explosion zone. The outest ring does 75% while the hit tile receives 100% of the damage. Since the damage gets rolled between 50 and 150% you minimally need 2 150% bulls eye hits or in the worst case scenario 7 rockets which all only strafe the reaper, excluding the gas tile damage. Since a reaper does not move in your turn it may regenerate the stun damage you dealt during your turn, but still run through a lot of gas. 2. MK2 + Caesan Data Hack 1,2 and 3. 3. Researches.SebillianphysicianInterrogation No, it isnt.
  9. Thats good to hear, but odd. Your modloader clearly states you are playing the .4 version + .33V of Charons Changes. And the exe is outdated too, it should be 0.34.3 23/7/2017. So i guess you just reused your old picture.
  10. Yo welcome back @axmangeorge. #axeproblem Yes the axe can be dublicated, so can a lot of other weapons. We know about it. There is no obvious fix for this since we actually want axes to be 2 handed. I have a different fix in mind for another problem which might fix this too, but i holding off with it for now because it definitely breaks all saves. Maybe for the .5 version. #meleefreeze This is the same bug as you reported earlier with the reaperbulls, melee reaction fire causes teh game to freeze. This only happens when you reloaded the GC at least once and thuse should tell you that the nature of this bug lies in how the game loads an GC save, and cant be fixed on our side. Bug reports dont bring us down, they make me happy that people love this game enough to hand in bug reports . Offtopic, any reason you dont like to upgrade to the .41 version ? Its majorly different than the .4 one and since you are not running the official modloader priority there could be issues but on the other hand the AI is more brutal if you are missing that lately. Also all UFO contents have been revised so you will have a different game. If you are lacking challenge definitely try it out. PS: i especially love proper bug reports, makes everything so sweet and dandy and easy to identify.
  11. Looking through the alien base AI im not quite satisfied yet. The actual code is good, even more so that it also is the same AI which defends the UFO, but the sight range of 60 make them too aggressive for an alien base. I would have liked for them to be a bit more passive and waiting. Unfortunately there is no real fix and the AI is good enough to pass X-Div standarts. @Phoenix1x+52
  12. @pão Thats some nice screenshots you got there. Very understandable. Nice report.
  13. Try talking with @Chris maybe he can refund your money. There is ofcourse no way of knowing if a problem on your side didnt occur, but from developing history i know that it is impossible to make a game working on every single different setup, you only will ever hit 99% of users. If you buy a new pc i guess it will be working.
  14. Thx. Alien Outpost is Phase 2, Base Phsae 3, and Fortress Phase 4. It is a clever test for people to understand that leaving overpowered enemies alone until they can beat them is the right thing to do. It also is a wonderful practice ground to press the "Abort mission" button if you didnt have enough practice before that - I borrowed this great words of advice from Rowan Atkinson. Alien Fighter and UFO Datacores make the most money. Since their materials are also needed for various manufactures your skill of handling geoscape and ground combat decisions will determine how much money you will make. Additionally shooting down UFO will grant you a relationship bonus in that country, and additional 50% will be given for each successful Crashsite. Good luck. Terror missions are hard and test your whole campaign to the maximum as they are designed to. While being the pinnacle of achievements of your skills they are not impossible to beat but rather a test of your skills and knowledge of the game. Multiple people have shown that every Terror Mission is beatable with the right amount of preparation and skills. They are also not game ending in any way and countries are recoverable, so even if you find yourself in a pinch you can outshine the aliens elsewhere, although not forever, at one point you will have to deal with Terror UFOs. If you are struggling check out my signature. Again, good luck commander, earth depends on you ! PS: I suggest reading the Xpedia, all information is in there.