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  1. @Black_Lenin If you are using XCE on linux you will have to run the game through WINE for it work correctly, but it still can cause issues. The better alternative is to use windows. You can get the latest files of XCE for linux here:
  2. You dont have a working installation of X-Division. Please follow the installation instructions in the main thread again:
  3. @Black_Lenin Im sorry, X-Division does not support pirated copies of Xenonauts. Please buy the game and support Goldhawk Interactive so they can continue to make awesome games. Best Regards Charon
  4. The airgame is definitely what you make out of it, and if you want to use condors to shoot em down go ahead, paint your picture. Dont be shy to use your imagination . On easy the airgame is considerably easier with less health and less speed as well as a toned down AI for UFOs. Good luck
  5. Use dogfighters with cannons against interceptors and small UFOs, and bombers against anthing bigger. The advantage of cannons is that their aircraft is fast and agile most of the time, and can roll. The downside is that their damage is not on par with missiles/torpedos. Missiles are very versatile and share the trait that they do good damage with torpedos. The downside is that you will have a hard time downing interceptors with them. If the UFO has escorts you will need to figure out what to do. At least thats the basics . Phase 1 is just the tutorial, so there is a lot of room for mistakes and time for experiments. The airgame is like a picture, and the colors are your aircraft and weapons.
  6. Thank you, cool that you like it ^^ .
  7. .40 is not save compatible to earlier versions. And between .33 and .40 there is a big compability gap, so i recommend not upgrading or making a new game.
  8. @ckelloug Thank you for your kind words . Why dont you try the .41 ?
  9. @ckellougX-Division nor XCE can take responsibility for non-windows OS or third party programs like Wine. Im sry to say that but if you are not running windows you will have to run into some obscure bugs every now and then. Maybe try Ubuntu. All the best .
  10. Problem: Props on Valkyrie delete Ground ( layer 0 ) tiles. Units cant move over them because the ground is missing. Steps: 1 hour of careful back engineering of what might have gone wrong. Solution: Discovers special code lines not editeable with the submap editor but is text based only.
  11. @davidjruss This is propably due to your pc not being able to find the image folder. If the installer cant find the images provided in the image folder it crashes at the step your describe. Have your tried extacting everything into another folder ? Whats your OS ? Alernatively you can also manually extract the assets into your Xenonauts folder, and then proceed with the .41 installer.
  12. I cant help you with installing XCE for GOG, but maybe other users can. I think the description is pretty straight forward. You dont worry about the mods, this is why i made an installer. You just follow the steps of the instructions. This does not work. Dont use open office. Only use text based editors for strings and xenopedia, everything else corrupts the files. Notepad++ or Sublime Text are options. @davidjruss Please discribe your problem with all the information you can muster, including the steps you take up to the error. If you just double click on part 1, then on the exe there should be no problem. All 3 parts need to be present.
  13. No, i thought you wanted to make slovac cities and and paint everything differently, but now i see i misread your word. But i actually have no clue how to make a different language for X-Division. My best would be the Translation Section: And sure if you figure out how to do it i would be honored to include the translation in the main pack. This is the discussion section for translations: