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  1. Charon

    Psionic Attack Hard Limit?

    @kabillIs it a CTD or an infinite alien turn crash ? You can distinguish infinite turns by activating your FPS on screen. If the FPS is 60, you got an infinite turn crash, if its around 5 the game works as normal. Also why do you think that the problem is with your mod ? Even XCE has unresolved psionic issues, especially regarding Mind Control. I think Solver fixed Mind Control issues more times than he has fingers on his hands, and people still kept rolling in with more and rarer bugs. Down below is an example. Phase 3 with Ceasan Leader Class units, with PsionicAttacks="Fear, Dread, Paralyse, MindControl" and <Rank type="PsionPsycho"> with PsionicAttacks="Fear, Dread, Paralyse". Edit: now that i think about it, i could propably remove dread from the leader, to eliminate possible sources of problems. Edit2: As far as i know there are specific infinte turn crashes which start to happen in Phase 3, so with the introduction of Caesan Leader Class units.
  2. Charon

    Psionic Attack Hard Limit?

    Psionic attacks seem to have a 1 turn cooldown. So only every second turn. Dread only works for race="praetor" im also pretty sure an alien can only use 1 psionic ability per turn, then all psionic abilities go on cooldown. Eg. an alien unit cant use Fear and then Mind Control. This might be changeable in the behaviour.xml under the child <Psionic> X-Division has a lot of aliens with 3 or more abilities on the same alien without any issue. But without describing the problem there is no way to make a profile to see if it fits.
  3. Charon

    air support

    Guys, guys. I think air support is a nice idea. 1. Close range calls only. So for instance a grenade ( optionally which marks affected tiles around it ) which gets thrown in an 8 to 10 tile radius. No laser pointer which can point at the other side of the map. 2. The air support takes a full turn, and gets executed at the beginning of your next turn. This means "in theory" no air support ability will ever hit anything, unless people dont move away. Its more of a zoning tool. 3. Air support for both sides. Aliens can also call in a limited number of air support abilities, which again take a full round to get executed. This means you have a full turn to withdraw soldiers in the effected area. Suppression and or panic together with air support makes for a more dynamic gameplay 4. Buildings can be affected, but bullets should be simulated "from above". 5. Obviously it needs to be balanced. Light MG Fire, area suppression, napalm, etc ... . 6. Aliens could have different air support abilities which they can only use a limited amount of times in battle. 7 Obviously high production cost. Maybe ... maybe ... you can even build your air/ground support and station them in your base like any other aircraft. Upside is that you can call in air support, the downside would be that you have to keep a hangar, a plane, and can only call in as much as you have. That would be a nice crossover between Ground Combat and the Geoscape. 8. Timers on air support grenades. So you could throw an air support grenade, which triggers in 2 turns, after which it needs a full round to execute. 9. Geoscape time cooldown. Which means you cant use them nonstop by going from one Crashsite to another. I think that is a very important point. Yes, this can already be modded in in X1, except for the GC - Geoscape connection.
  4. Charon

    Need Help with Research Glitch

    @TornadoADV 1. Open the relevant researches.xml 2. change the requirements of the final research to "Items.Alienalloys". Save. 3. Sell 1 alloy. Save the game. 4. Revert the research changes.
  5. Charon

    TUs are too limiting!

    This kinda contradicts why TU% were introduced in X1 in the first place. If Chris has doubts about TU% he could ask the community, but i think this should get fixed as soon as possible, since the feedback of the people build upon such basic things.
  6. Charon

    TUs are too limiting!

    No, i think the whole problem boils down to the fact that reasonable TU% havent been implemented yet. I dont think anybody would discuss a 63 TU% burst for rifles as reasonable, nor 30 TU% for a snap. I utterly agree.
  7. Charon

    TUs are too limiting!

    1. You are highlighting the hp, not the TU. 2. 47 TU is VERY low TU. 3. You are running through gras. Now the visual of the grass isnt THAT impressive, but they are the equivalent of Vietnam Soldiers wading through gras. That slows down. 4. A maxed soldier can have 100 TU. Whether or not you find it believeable that a trained soldier can run more than twice as fast as a rookie is a different topic. That is how the terrain looks for the soldiers: This implies that the aliens get faster and shot more accurate too ... hm ... As a result you want an action paced game with effectively smaller maps, where the first to shoot wins, and missions are over faster ... hm ... I think this would move away from the simulation aspect, and more into the action genre. Edit: but 30/47= 63% for one burst seems a bit exorbitant. And that is a Rifle, not an HMG. Burst shots should be inbetween snap and steady shoots, so inbetween 14 to 20 TU. Maybe the problem lies in the Weapon modes ?
  8. Charon

    UFO design

    Sure, my post undermined the immense difficulties of working in 3d, of which i know nothing about. You are completely right on that. Want me to make a proof of concept ?
  9. Charon

    UFO design

    Im sorry but i have to speak up for the truth. It is not only possible to make make any part in the late X1 system destructible, but also easily so. Option 1. Make predefined holes. This is the easiest example and looks kinda like this: Option 2: You can cut unique UFO art into a per-tile basis. This would require a manual, human eye to define where the art overlaps with which tiles. Then you can piece the art together in the submap editor. In the end this means you can make and define each and every tile to have an undamaged, damaged with hole, or completely blasted away state. This is a very work intensive option, but still only a question of manhours. All of that is so easily achievable that i can already do that in the X1 editor. Give me 2 additional men and 50 manhours and i will make all vanilla UFOs with predefined breach points. Give me 3 men and 300 manhours and i will make every single tile of every vanilla UFO breachable. The only issue i see with this is that when you hover over a UFOhull part only single parts are getting transparent and/or highlighted. This would need some hardcoded support to define UFOhull(s) as one part with a IF(UFOhull part gets highlighted,highlight connected UFOhull part, Nothing), otherwise parts highlighted look a bit "blocky". Im not desputing that the UFO art in X2 is final, and i am fond of completely destructible environments. Just pointing out that a hybrid approach is totally feasible, if decided on early enough. I realise its too late in the development to make a hybrid approach, but if the X2 editor is as powerful as the X1 one, and publicly available, modders can just make unique UFOs themself. Keep it up Chris
  10. If you wouldnt have written that statement, i would have ><.
  11. Charon

    AI "cheats"

    (1) In X1 aliens cant see through walls. They can however "hear" you, up to 8 to 10 tiles. I think this function was too strong in X1, and should be reduced in its effects as well as "walls" dampening the range of it. If you want to put the human on equal footing maybe implement sound based on distance and action type ( similiar to the aliens ). (3) In X1 aliens cant fire at what they cant see. Remember they have squad sight though, just like you. One of the side effects of the more stronger coding in X1 let aliens throw grenades on bunched up soldiers - whether they had vision or not. This could be addressed so that that function needs the visual component first, in order to prevent "blind grenades". (2) All main races had equal sight range in the vanilla game, harridans and wraiths had one more, and reapers had two more tiles of sight range. Not really "the world".
  12. Edit: Looks like you fixed that in the latest version, everything appears as it should. Good job.
  13. Strings are still spaghetti: You could save 500 mb by making a soldier_spectre instead of shipping all the images. In fact, all the soldier_spectre are already in place, you just need to delete everything else but the spectre. armour.basic\weapon.forceshield.makarov doesnt have code. Once you have done that you can have a single 15 mb file for every setup.
  14. Interesting to see another mod as cleanly coded as X-Division. Hats off for that. The equipment tooltips dont have a good to look at format, but one. maybe recode the strings ? You could write [X-Division 1.00.10] into the title to indicate it is compatible with it. I have run a compability check and it looks there are some X-Division dependencies which cant be erased, which is why it propably won´t work 100% for non X-Division setups. mod priority needs to be above the X-Division main.
  15. Charon

    Heartwarming developer story

    This is the heartwarming developer story of Space Pirates and Zombies, an Indie game with a quality which is beyond AAA level in terms of actual gameplay. Enjoy. https://www.minmax-games.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3152&sid=00c24490c435faad69a4295f43b253a4