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  1. @Solver Phase 4 just started, and 300 UFOs have appeared since the start. This makes 100 UFOs per Phase on Average. Although i think its rather 50-100-150 distributionwise. Quite some content there, eh ?
  2. This might be something for @Solver, if hes interested in fixing that. @Svinedrengen Solver will need an image and a savegame, preferably.
  3. Updated content: Files without MODMERGE There are a number of text based files which can modded without the use of any MODMERGE command. This is an incomplete list of the more important ones: colours, config, gameconfig, psioniceffects_gc, psionicpowers_gc, settings, tilerenderer, xenopedia. These files mostly contain code which addresses the game itself, and thuse no new things can be added there. This is where the automated MODMERGE system really shines. The xenopedia is a special case, as it gets an excel treatment, although it can only be worked on with text based tools.
  4. Sure, thats why we put the data as an external 7z into the installer. Follow the installation instructions until the installer manually extract the 7z inside your Xenonauts\ folder repeat step 1 and 2 for the update Clear scripts, delete all zips in your mods\ folder, set the mod priority into the state shown by the update image.
  5. Thank you, your words mean much to me. #VehicleProblems I dont know, we never had problems to beging with as provided in the picture below. The maintenance UI is something else. First, you need to look into what lua is calling the main base maintenance strings. Then you propapbly only have 3 different strings to work with as well, as teh game is not programmed to dynamically call strings from new vehicles whatsoever. After that the game doesnt even look for different vehicles, only the ones provided by the vanilla game. If you want to troubleshoot your own mod, i suggest this guide:
  6. Dont have 2 goldhawk tabs open. Uhm, yes, but the Xpedia doesnt tell you more after Phase 1. There is not more data available past anything. The Xpedia is 100% not done.
  7. @Mattes98 I cant see the problem with open terrain, actually. Personally, i would prefer open terrain any day of the week, 24/7. Over an industrial in any case. If you are dealing with open terrain you need smoke, a good vehicle, and preferable sniper equipment. Keep standing in line of sight of an alien is NEVER a good idea. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ?????? Because even standing up requires 10 tu. What does that mean ? It means, if the alien has to stand up it limits its shot from 7 to 4, simply by you not being available to shoot at, then it also has to move forward and backwards. In case of crouching i mean + crouching gives everybody +30% ( !!!!!! ) aim accuracy. Yes, hmg, pistols, shotguns and rifles are the wrong tools to battle in an open terrain. Yes, aliens weapons are better in any case. Before you fly to a crash site you see beforehand what kind of terrain it is. Every type of terrain has its own traits and features. No hate though, X-Division just makes you use your head .
  8. @Mattes98 Check EDIT above.
  9. What makes you think clipsize="6" is for aliens ? The situation is that the alien weapiens have unlimited ammo, as their ammo pack simply needs a simple tap with the right configuration and it resets the ammo count. Something which just needs an alien hand to do and requires virtually no tu. Think about it like genetic authorisation, the weapon refuses to operate without the correct authorisation. It still has the 6 ammo count authorisation intervall in case something out of the ordinary happens you still have available 6 shots before you might give away that you are not the correct weapon holder. This is also the reason why aliens only carry mostly 1 additional ammo. In case the first ammo pack in the weapon malfunctions ( we are on the battlefield remember, anything can go wrong ) but not because of ammo count. The clipsize is only for human hands, as they are not authorised personel handling an alien weapon. This is why you reload with another clip, because the first one refuses to work beyond the intervall. Im sry that nothing of that is in the Xpedia, but if nobody writes it, nobody will know about it. EDIT: I also appreciate the exchange of thought, but there is little we have not thought about, and thuse your reasoning is missing a lot of data . Come in and see the world of X-Division .
  10. Its funny, but i never had this situation. In over 1000+ hours i never had a single occurence of that situation. Are you telling me you ran up to a non suppressed unit, parked in less than 10 tiles away and think you are safe with a shield ? I just think your assumptions are flawed, here let me quote from the advice that shows up on loading: <Tip>Do not stay in an aliens Line of Sight! Do not trust cover!</Tip> There are so many things wrong here. Heavy Phazer is a machine gun equivalent Some weapons have the isheavy attribute, reducing their accuracy by 90% as soon as they move a tile. This means not making an alien move increases the accuracy by 90%. Guess why they hit. If you dont give aliens a retreat option, AKA have sight of all places they could retreat to ( and thuse are at a disadvantage ), they get very aggressive. What would you do if you were surrounded without any hiding place ? If the only option is fighting, you will do that to your best of ability A normal machine gun can fire 12 shots wiht 90% tu. A rifle fires 7 with 94% tu. How is that cheating ? Dont worry, you are not the first person to whine about the difficulty of X-Division, but i havent seen a single valid argument yet. I also agree on the whoever shots first is at an advanatage, and the lack of proper defense tools to advance safely. While i think that is highly realistic and makes for a very interesting gameplay, i also acknowledge the situation that we could do more in that regards, hence the suggestion of making heavy armour being capable of carrying shields ontop. Unfortunately the code doesnt allow it, apart from the fact that we dont have any sprites for that.
  11. How do aliens cheat, other than not having to reload ?
  12. @Svinedrengen #ammo because it doesnt work. @Mattes98 #alienammo what do you think infiniteAlienAmmo="1" means ?
  13. @Community What about making shields equiptable for the Exoskelett armour class ? EDIT: The code doesnt allow it.
  14. True dat, i guess we can cross this off the list than. I was suggesting making you a bot which automatically presses the space bar every 0.5 second. Making it as close to a turn based game as possible, but ALAS i can see why you dont like the aircombat. Although i think the aircombat goes far deeper than people give it credit for.