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  1. Here are the upcoming changes for the next version. I think its far from complete if you know what you can change : sightrange diversified: Caesan: 22 Wraith: 30 Xenomorph: 40 ( good nose ) Sebillian: 20 Harridan: 30 Reaper: 40 ( good nose ) Androns: 24 Drones: 30 Robodog/Roborex/Roboreaper: 40 ( good mechanical nose ) @Pandi fixed the Stinkys wooden farmhouse. Many thx for finding the missing spectre Fixed aircraft weapon position offset again. Thanks to @Pandi for pointing this out and helping to solve it Increased Aircombat Alien Anti Fighter Missile cooldown from 0.3 to 1.5 and Heavy Fighter one from 0.3 to 0.7 . This was specifically changed to make fighting the first interceptors more easy and not only accessible to pilots with superhuman skills or No Airgame users. For specific video footage refer to this:,, and [coming] Increased carbine/shotgun damage by 10%, except for Rail Carbine Normalised carbine magazine capacity to a multiplier of burst options Increased Magazine capacity +2 for every shotgun Decreased material requirements for the MAUSER from 4 alloys to 2 Revised Reaper and Zombie mechanisms: More Powerful Reaper will now spawn more powerful zombies which will spawn the appropriate reapers. The more powerful the reaper the faster the zombie spawns another reaper. Zombies can now be killed before they spawn a Reaper, taking them out for good. Zombie armour revised. They have good energy armour now but are very weak vs kinetic and fire damage Increased moral penalty for killing civilian by +300% to further discourage friendly fire Increased recruitments range of stat points by +20. The sum of average stats are still the same par the next change. Increased strenght stats of recruits by +10. Phase 3 and 4 Xenomorph melee units got a boost in +10 TU and lower weapon tu useage recoded the corvette layout, aliens should stay inside the UFO now Experimental: Decreased Vehicle Priority by 99% Inner UFO Walls are now destructible. We need feedback on the feeling of destructability updated armour descriptions
  2. If you really want to have a good break from X-Division i suggest XNT, although i have no clue if that even works to begin with.
  3. In short, its impossible. You would need the experience of a developer to merge 2 games, because the files which spawn which UFO are as integrated into the game as the bones in a human body, and it wouldnt even be worth the hassle. That is, if XXP even allows you to do that. XXP has silly code dependencies on the Fix Pack, breaking all other aircraft adding mods on top of it irreversibly. In short, its bad code, and you should stay away from it. You can still play it though.
  4. @Solver Did the forum software update ? The Quote button bar looks distortet.
  5. Hey I’ve been playing x-division and absolutely love it. I really miss the old economy system though for starting ballistic weapons. Does it look at all compatible with this mod?


  6. Hey, is there a github repo or something for the X-Division mod? I was thinking about filling in some of the lore text.

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    2. Charon


      Every file has special conditions and special programs to open it with:

      Notepad, Notepad++ , Sublime Text: xenopedia, strings, weapons_gc, ...

      Excel 2010: researches, manufactures, items, ... . Excel files are off limits for everybody else because only i have the program to work with it, there are even inconsistencies between excel 2010 programs.

    3. Dreadhawk177


      I noticed the inconsistencies for Excel opening the XML files. Fixed the corruption by removing some excel styling within the file. Also just noticed a few minutes ago a couple of your easter eggs. Apparently your corpse is worth a shit-ton on the black market.

    4. Charon
  7. Pause is on my mind.

  8. Yes, i know ^^. Im now on break for a while, all the best to you guys !
  9. @desertoth It is not recommended that you come even remotely close to any other version than the 1.41X. So if you have installed the 1.41 delete everything and make a clean install. Dont use any other Fix Packs other than the ones provided by me, or 1.41X ( until @Solver updates the main package ).
  10. From a glance this doesnt seem to be compatible with anything. If its below something that changes weapons it wont get taken, and above it will overwrite anything else. Or you can play X-Division, there the Projectiles have been getting overhauled to about 50%.
  11. It is not recommended that you use this mod pack at all:
  12. Make your own mod, put it on top, change the things you want to change. It will always have the highest priority and you dont have to care what lower priority ones are doing. In your example you can make your own mod, create the modinfo.xml, copy the gameconfig.xml from XCE, delete all other lines than the starting money, and change the value to what you want to have it. Voíla, done. Had a snarky reply to the OP but realised it would only spark some flames so wasnt worth it.
  13. What are you talking about ?
  14. New version for X-Division - 0.99.42 . Notes: X-Divison has gone the step to replace vanilla files. There has been an original file added for every replaced one in case you want to deinstall the mod. In case of doubt make a reinstall of the game or verify game integrity through steam. Before applying patches withdraw all scientists and engineers from their current projects. You can reapply them afterwards. You only need to download and install the latest Patch avaialble, it contains all prior fixes as well. The .41 to .42 version is savegame compatible As a basic rule never patch during Ground Combat Installation: The Base for this patch has to be version 0.99.4 or higher. This update is not available for versions lower than 0.99.4 Download the X-Division 0.99.42 Update: ( MD5: 68c413101f06689fea41006df005c081 ) Follow the instruction of the installer After you have used the installer there is no need to change ANYTHING anymore, everything has been taken care of, including scripts, modloader priority, and everything else you may think of. The only time you might want to change something is if you are activating/deactivating No Airgame or change the soldier models. Enjoy . DAY 443 Version 0.99.42 "Terror from the Sky" Revised and readjusted the ufocontents for Terror Battleship, Dreadnaught and Mothership UFOs. Their Terror Crashsite, Terror Site and Base Assault was missing the level 1 GC element of making your way to the UFO. Now all 3 type of assaults, Crashsite, Terror Site and Base attacks, now have a unique design: 1. Terror Crashsites have the highest number of aliens on them and should prove to be the most difficult ones, but still see passive AI on the map. 2. Terror Sites get defensive AI removed and slightly less alien. The defensive numbers are put into the aggressive ones. Still passive AI behaviour present. 3. Base Assault removes passive and defensive AI behaviour and puts all numbers into aggressive behaviour. They have the same number of aliens as Terror Sites, but no vehicles. alien and human interceptors were made far more agile and are harder to hit now and need to get closer to, to effectively combat them Increased multi-torpedo launchers torpedos turn rate from to 2 to 20 degree per second, they should now lock on much better Decreased the time Phase 2 and 3 lasts by 25% each @trueman11 found some aim options errors in the weapons_gc. Fixed Increase range for short range aircombat weapons by around +50% Cyclone can now evade Revised the manufacture requirements for aircraft and aircraftweapons Increased Caesan and Sebillity main armour by around +15 to +20 and side armour from +7 to +13 Decreased Lock on time for the FOCUSLENSE, FOCUSBLAST and SHORTCURCUIT aircraft cannons to 1 second, while increasing the firing arc from 30 to up to 210 degree Greatly increased numbers for all alien bases, including small and medium ones Replaced Easy Airgame with No Airgame, updated description 23 new droppod submaps for the valkyrie Increased empress damage from 75 to 120 Reduced sight range for aliens from 60 to 40 Reduced aircraft MAGSTORM ammo capacity from 960 to 768 total damage Increased aircraft BATTLECRUISERSPEARCANNON total damage output from 800 to 990 Decreased aircraft RAILCANNON damage from 115 to 90, total damage from 1725 to 1350 Revised the aquired alien aircraft beams to have more total damage than their human autocannon counterpart in their respective phase Upped the weapon loadout for the mothership. You may find it more interesting now
  15. X-Divisions Servers will experience a maintenance pause on 26.10.2017 on 23:40 to 00:40 GMT+1 for ... maintenance reasons .