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  1. The first terrormissions spawn around the 10th of October and at the same time marks the third of the first Phase as complete. So i would say the progression is nicely done. Remember that a lot of spawns are up to RNG and you might not get your prefered weapons and/or specialists as soon as you like. In my playthrough i had to skip the first one, and failed the second one on NG+2, so i think the time frame is just right.
  2. We think about this in the same way but unfortunately dont have any option to implement a proper solution.
  3. Everything with a "grenade" suffix which is not in a soldiers inventory at the end of the mission might not autoamtically get recovered after the mission, including melee weapons ( weapon.grenade.axemk1 ). This includes rockets and other small stuff. Phase 2.
  4. Same as in the old one, Researches.SebillianphysicianInterrogation. The first one which gets available needs these techs: Researches.AlienAlloyFabrication(AND)Researches.AndronDisassembly(AND)Researches.aliensmallshield(AND)Researches.alienminishield .
  5. https://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14516-xenonauts-community-edition-0343/&do=findComment&comment=168999
  6. Please read the installation instructions and follow them step by step.
  7. Yes, all optional mods as described in the OP can be activated/switched as long as you have a geoscape save.
  8. The reinstallation sounds good, but you really only have to check the md5 sum, if it is correct, you have the correct data. I checked the MEGA links and they do seem to work. It should definitely not make a difference though. Here are some things you can check if it shouldnt work out: Go into a GC situation, alt tab out of the game and send me the logfile situated in your AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts folder. Send me a screenshot from your COM - Xenonauts Fix Pack and xce folder.
  9. @Avenger93 Modloader looks fine, and save loads without any problems. Your save has the same mods as i do and i can get the scientists to work with no problem. Screenshot down below: This would lead to the only possible explanation of whatever data you have is not the same data i have. But you said you made a clean installation twice, so i suspect you deleted your mods folder manually as well. Did you delete your mods folder manually before the fresh installation, and then downloaded the .40 and the .45 update ? Did you check the downloaded files for their md5 sums ? The other thing i could think of is deleting your AppData\Roaming\Goldhawk Interactive\Xenonauts\internal\scripts folder manually.
  10. You dont have the latest correct XCE exe.
  11. Charon

    [X:CE] Geographic addition 1.1

    @Axiomatic Im recoding the files and need to know if the index of added/changed cities in the OP is exhaustive. Edit: Nvm, your coding is stronger than mine, you have the high ground.
  12. Charon

    [X:CE] Geographic addition 1.1

    @Rodmar18 Rodmar, give me your status report !
  13. 100% confident. The main corruption which occured was in your research tree. And nobody can really tell what went wrong there. Im pretty confident that you can play through the game without much problem. But can you say when a research didnt unlock when it should have ? Can you tell when entire weapon trees are missing from the game ? You cant, and neither can I. Thats just the beauty of the Fix Pack bug, you never know what went wrong ... . You can decide to cotninue your campaign, but it will be excempt from future support, as I cant troubleshoot a broken save. No matter how you decide i wish you some good luck on your runs.