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  1. @PALUIf you want a perfect solution you can simply describe the coverage angle as the angle which the weapon covers to the left and the right. Thats the technical reason for it anyway, the arc gets calculated once to the left and once to the right, and this is why 180 degree equals 360 degree.
  2. Please do so. I particularly dont like entries describing 180 degree coverage as "you can shoot while you fly away from the target". While this is technichally correct, the 180 degrees are more than misleading. Transfer costs are 10% of sell costs, we cant set them differently unless we change the sell prices, which i am not sure are unbalanced.
  3. @PALUThere is something bugging me. Can you check on all of your aircraft entries where you describe weapon arcs and correct them ? The firing arc degrees are always doubled. So a weapon with an 180 firing arc has complete coverage, while 160 degree means 320.
  4. @Solver Bug report the post above. @PALUSome nice aircraft you have there.
  5. @Mr. Mister Im not sure what would look good but maybe this can help you: If you want it in blue you can either manipulate it yourself, or ask @drages if he still has the blue one lying around somewhere.
  6. @PALU knows the same as in have interrogated @Mr. Mister What do you need an .ico file for ? Do you know what an .ico file is ? The start up screen already uses this image: Dont you like it ? We have a lot of art lying around, but i think @drages has all rights on the art for X-Division. I would need to know what you use it for before i post any kind of non-published art.
  7. @PALUThe Scout UFO entry has 2 white spaces at the beginning of the second paragraph. which we believe @Mr. Mister #OrderofThings Dont worry about the order so much. Apart from very small details everything is thought well through. After your first mission your team researches the captured UFO automatically in a timeframe of 0 - 24 hours. After these kind of preliminary results roll in your forge gets set up ( since you dont have any alien parts to work on yet anyway ), and in the next 24 hours you get the report about it. Sounds sound to me. I think you are getting a bit ahead of yourself here. Firstly, the autopsy reports and the class analysis reports come from 2 different internal departments inside of your organisation, so their information can overlap, dublicate and/or add to each other. You could tell this from the different art style. but you dont necessarily have to. Secondly, just because it is an Xpedia entry doesnt mean your organisation all of sudden is blessed with knowledge by god. They make mistakes, they make assumptions and they can change terms depending on the way the invasion progresses. Information will get revised, reconfirmed, dismissed, overwritten and overhauled throughout the game, depending on your path through the game. So just because they are for now called non combatants doesnt mean they wont get better defined as the campaign goes on. Just keep your chin up, your brain activated and form your own oppinion. As the head scientist said, thats the only effective weapon you have . Also just because things are not plainly explained to you doesnt mean they dont exist, or have a coherent structure . Dont worry about me, i only answer as much as i want.
  8. The game code doesnt support it. For unknown reasons the torpedo entry cant be unlocked at the start of the game, so i had to add it to a research. They are not not unlocked, only the entry isnt. So you can think about all 3 entries as a dossier about your current military assets, lying on your desk simply as a reminder and as welcome to the game. I dont think that is out of place, once you realise those things dont get unlocked.
  9. There is. It is kept where the original Ambient Forest mod was originally located ( and it will change depending on whether XCE changes the order or not ).
  10. Thats intended. You gotta bring enemies down to their last stage before you kill the second last enemy on the map, otherwise they use an emergency teleport out.
  11. There is an explanation in the Xpedia for this. Uff .. you make me work. Fixed this for the 4 relevant races. Vanilla bug. Either you get the icon or you get the autoloot. And autoloot seems to be far more important than the icon.
  12. You are a crazy bastard. Always pushing to the rim. Yeh, i know that it is not undetectable, thats also what i do. I count the number of sounds i hear and try to judge based on my evaluation if the situation has become more dangerous all of a sudden. If i hear psionic waves and dont see any rings i can also "assume" something has teleported somewhere. Sometimes the aliens just teleport from one UFO level to the next, and its a false positive. Sometimes you literally dont turn around and they eliminate you from the back. The point i am trying to bring across is that it is based on SKILL, otherwise you will just have to check your six every turn ( and lose TU with that in the progress ). Sometimes a false positive can be come a correct one and they just teleported further away. In a nutshell if you remove the teleportation sound altogether your remove a gameplay element depending on skill, or a good ear. Im not trying to remove skill elements from X-Division, but rather increase it, so that you can factor out luck on a statistical level as much as possible. Edit: Once you have a tired evening you will soon realise what the difference between counting rings, and not being able to count rings, is. The mods which you should be able to deactivate/activate through the installer are the "COM - Ambient Sounds" and the "COM - Ambience Forest" ones. They seem to work on my end.
  13. @Mr. Mister The Ready to Install bug was simply the installer calling for the wrong variable. The Easy Airgame bug was a call typo of the string for the registry. Fixed. I also fixed some additional spelling typos along the way. X-Division 1.00.10 Update.exe Can you do me the favour and check if everything works as it is supposed to ?
  14. Ssshhhh ... Fixed . I will look into it, but that may take a little while.
  15. Gimme a picture of your modloader.