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  1. As a matter of fact, X-Division downloads linking to @ Solvers servers are also down.
  2. The landing page for the download section is a bit empty. You might think of revising that. Some pictures in there got eaten by the bots. The community edition got its own category, which ... i dont know how i feel about that but i think it should be properly represented. I can confirm the 0 bytes bug addressed on reddit when trying to download the 35.1.zip. Propably something for @ Solver.
  3. You cant see the number of upvotes somebody has below the profile anymore, though whether that information is actually informative, or just an ego thing is up for debate. You cant directly see activity when hovering over a name anymore. Might be minor.
  4. I dont have the right to edit my own posts, therefore the double posts. Some other user rights might be missing. Edit: Wait, i do, its just somewhere else.
  5. I looked at the wrong color scheme problem again, and i have come to the conclusion that rewriting the thread is problematic, not only because i cant edit some posts, because they are not made by me, but also because we are solving the wrong problem. Excluding X-Division there are a lot of mods which presentation was based on the light theme, and they would suffer from the same problem. Some threads are made based on the dark theme, and some are based on the light theme. The proper solution is to enable users to switch to the appropriate background, of which the basic themes are dark letters on light background, and light letters on dark background, and not to edit each individual post. Apart from that setting a custom background color, which is possible, is neat, but not required. The fluidth width and bigger fonts options are a great addition. Profile pictures are loading in abnormally slowly, and late. Additionally sometimes they have weird representation. You might want to look into that. You want to load in pictures first, then the rest. This is a common nitpick with software that i have, and that extends to the whole unviability of windows 10, but if you want to load a "window" of any kind, and you render the window first with a white background, you flash the user, especially with a dark theme. The solution to that is pretty simply. You load the window per default with a black background. This is present on this forum as well, and is a minor point, but one that i would wish software would have per default.
  6. @ Chris The completed mod section has a section to the right with some stats. It looks good at first, until your realise that it takes 30% of the space away. Would be much obliged if that got removed, for all instances across the forum. While "i" dont really need a light/dark theme switch, i think its a functionality that a forum should have. As i know from experience it is possible to activate that switch, as it was switchable before. So maybe you look into that when you have some time.
  7. Anyway, the major issue i can see is that the colors of the X-Division main thread are all messed up. Im not sure how to fix this yet, or when the forum is stable enough to start fixing it. We want to keep it presentable, in both themes.
  8. Cuz things keep changing constantly. Rights, Layout and stuff. Lost the right to change between "Light" and Dark theme again. Also lost the right choose the Solid Background color. Need a hand ?
  9. So I guess i will wait until @Chrisis finished changing stuff in the background and then come back ? Come back tomorrow and comment ?
  10. If you are not adding visual content than you can delete all .pngs, since they are getting loaded with X-Division anyway. Just use some powerful tool to search and delete all *.png, windows usually isnt too fast with searching. If you are adding new visual content you can add it once, and it will overwrite pngs defined in X-Division. That should decrease the mods size to a few mbs.
  11. Most people dont code in C#. Most people cant code at all. So the common basis of extrapolating data sheets to the non coding audience will still be a necessity. Harmony has its limitations. Mostly that if the source code doesnt extrapolate an hook you cant change it. But also that you can only change objects or functions. If something is written inline you dont really get access to it. Implementing support for Harmony is the next big step for moddability for a game. Rimworld does it. Amazing Cultivation Simulator does it. And it does amazing things with the game and the community. Also as i mentioned the worry about source code got thrown out of the window fast when you use Unity anyway. Nothing which is coded in Unity stays a secret for long, Unity is simply too well known for how it works. So harmony could be the next step forward for the people who can do more than just alter spreadsheets, software could get closer to becoming a true platform to enable the players and modders to have the experience they want to have and to give.
  12. Since Xenonauts is written in Unity, and Unity is written in C#, and C# compiles to IL i can potentially see the creation of hooks that people can take advantage of with Harmony. For all important functions and data there could be hooks written so that people can splice in their own code. That would especially include map generation, but also all other important parts of the game. After the game is finished developing mod compatability with Harmony could increase the value of the software to unprecedented levels, and give modding capabilities never seen before without having to reveal the source code ( though no code written in Unity is ever really unknown - cuz of IL ). Just something to think about.
  13. Called in some favours. Got it fixed temporarily. Moved permanently to the download section. <3 to the german playing community.
  14. Version 1.06


    Reupload for Humax┬┤s German translation for Xenonauts. I dont take any credit for it. Version uploaded is the V1.06.
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