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  1. Charon

    [X:CE 0.35] Cruiser interior not visible

    @kabill suggested it actually has something to do with the smoke in some cases turning a prop into a wall, which i additionally assume gets put on top of the roof. So deactivating the <EnhanceCrashSites> code actually could partially fix it, as less smoke on the crash site equals less chance for the hull becoming weird. You can observe this sometimes when a cruiser is actually totally fine, because a certain tile didnt get the smoke treatment, so it is a 80% statistical occurence in the current situation.
  2. I think you rather want to talk to @PALU about this, as he is doing all the writing currently. Clip size is based on the highest possible bullets per option x2. The more dangerous automatic weapons might even only have authorisation for 1 burst.
  3. YAY ! Jup. alive alien. Its a game, we tried to make it fun first and worry about real physics later. The point of it is to balance the game. Sure. The weapons_gc.xml values are the correct ones, the weapons.xml is almost irrelevant. I was assuming that was already what you did, but yes you can just edit the xenopedia.xml. If you just look for the >Description< part and edit it nothing can go wrong really. The file doesnt take new lines, you will have to format that. You can edit the X-Division file directly but making your own mod ontop of it is a cleaner solution, and doesnt get overwritten in future updates. Heres the research file for the next version. I slightly changed the requirements for armour, if you want to use it. researches.xml
  4. Charon

    [v1.5/XCE] Instant Grenades

    You made me click through a lot ><.
  5. Specialists armour cant be processed, becuase their armour is more integrated than the soldiers ones, eg. A "guard" may be promoted "soldier" but a technician doesnt really get the same armour upgrade when promoted to engineer, which is hardly the case anyway. Uuuh, hybrid sounds bad, as it should be pure ballistic weapons. We also have a pure hybrid ( toxic ) weapon build later in the game. I think you can stick to your original entry just stress that the xenonaut matergy weapons are NOT weapons based on a rail principle. Thats the gaussian principle ( Phase 3 ). Gaussian Gun Principle.mp4
  6. @Sir_Dr_DIt doesnt sound anything like X-Division. I still think your install isnt correct.
  7. Fixed. Was a typo of the identifier. From ManTech.AlienExLandingDSB to ManTech.AlienExLandingshipDSB Thats a good entry. Maybe you can integrate that into the lore ? Its quite a genius system put in place that invaded species can not simply take up some weapons and start to fight back, without understanding the principles behind it. The ammo clip itself is sealed to its tightest form, and opening it up without destroying it is virtually impossible. Yes, we can crack it open, but then we are looking at some destroyed items nobody can put to use. It also has a 5.31441*10^5 bit encryption, which is so impossible to break that we could spend the lifetime of a star to decrypt it, with our current equipment anyway. They are also seem to use a different encyryption method which seems, in terrestrial terms, to start with a base of 3. Experiments by putting a dead alien hand on the authorisation scanner also does not work, because the scanner can see that its dead. I fancy the real problem with it though is that not enough alenium is flowing thorugh the dead component, and thuse the scanner wouldnt even be able to take the input, even if, in theory, the scanner would accept it, which it doesnt. I cant stress that enough. I wouldnt advice trying to pump some of the alenium through our own soldiers to get those weapons going either, as we simply dont know what we are doing, and i think it wouldnt be wise to have soldiers in our base who can blow up any minute, at any occasion, under any circumstances. So unless you can fly up to the aliens and ask for a nice supply of alenium nanoparticles i guess we are stuck with this situation, Commander. The math says no, Commander. I guess we will have to resort to other means than straight taking their weapons, and turning them against them. I would like to see this entry rewritten, as it might collide with the Phase 4 human ballisitic weapons, which are literally called Rail weapons. Maybe make it a bit different ? Yes, extreme landingships almost exclusively run construction and supply missions. I could be wrong though. The biggest indicator for construction missions are different escorts though. So if they are getting escorted by something else than the current alien interceptors, its most likely construction mission.
  8. Charon

    THIS IS SPARTA !!!! X-Division Version

    There are multiple files who work in conjunction with each other, and you would need to change all of them. You can start with the AM_* files. I urge you to look into the thread, as it gives you a lot of information. "How to properly test mods and changes you made to the game" and "The comprehensive guide to modding and the modmerging system of XCE" especially. Dont worry about that, sharing is caring. If you are struggling with the difficulty of the game you can look into the difficulty modifiers of the game in the gameconfig.xml. <!-- DIFFICULTY MULTIPLIERS --> <!-- The values for each are multiplied by these numbers --> <alienTickerSpeedEasy value="0.8" /> <alienTickerSpeedNormal value="0.9" /> <alienTickerSpeedVeteran value="0.9" /> <alienTickerSpeedSuperhuman value="1.0" /> <ufoHealthEasy value="0.75" /> <ufoHealthNormal value="1.0" /> <ufoHealthVeteran value="1.0" /> <ufoHealthSuperhuman value="1.0" /> <alienAttributeEasy value="0.7" /> <alienAttributeNormal value="0.8" /> <alienAttributeVeteran value="1.0" /> <alienAttributeSuperhuman value="1.25" /> <alienWeaponDamageEasy value="0.6" /> <alienWeaponDamageNormal value="0.8" /> <alienWeaponDamageVeteran value="1.0" /> <alienWeaponDamageSuperhuman value="1.1" /> <alienWeaponAccuracyEasy value="0.6" /> <alienWeaponAccuracyNormal value="0.8" /> <alienWeaponAccuracyVeteran value="1.0" /> <alienWeaponAccuracySuperhuman value="1.25" /> <humanAirplaneSpeedEasy value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneSpeedNormal value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneSpeedVeteran value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneSpeedSuperhuman value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneRangeEasy value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneRangeNormal value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneRangeVeteran value="1.0" /> <humanAirplaneRangeSuperhuman value="0.8" /> <maintenanceModifierEasy value="0.75" /> <maintenanceModifierNormal value="0.9" /> <maintenanceModifierVeteran value="1.0" /> <maintenanceModifierSuperhuman value="1.0" /> Maybe you find something for youslef there.
  9. Charon

    Mod Hosting

    Mods got deleted during a forum update, but all the original data is still on @Solvers servers, eg. only the publications got deleted, not the entries themself. During that time Solver deviced a plan to automatically reinstatet original entries, but that "automatic" method included a lot of manual work on Solvers part, so it never got realised. I dont think this will change in the future and Solver will be happy if the community takes action to reupload their own mods where they deem it to be useful.
  10. In both cases i would suggest looking into game files. For the researches you need to look into the researches.xml. For the weaknesses you can look into the aiprops.xml. Both can be opened with a text editor, and i suggest sublime text 3 for it. Drones and Warriors share the same AI, but their fundamental different tools they have available make them behave fairly different. They are front line warriors. Just google Xenomorph >unit< lore and you will find enough for everything, but the acidlings. The timeline for X-Division are fairly "young" and "early" stages of the xenomorphs and their hive behaviour. They dont "really" have "individual" recognisable xenomorphs yet, and a higher queen spawn cycle to increase the chance of a successful establishment on earth. Edit: Something of note would be that Praetorian hatch out of wraiths. So maybe this bioweapon has gone a little out of control ? Queens hatch out of praetorians, although it is more like shedding the skin. It is unknown how an Empress is made.
  11. ? Im not really sure what you are talking about, but the Quantum Cryptology Center reveals the mission and target of any UFO spottet in its range. It gets available as soon as your first successful base raid mission. Yes, they are in the EMPTY category because no category has been specified for them. I temporarily put them under MELEE WEAPONS for now. explosiveS 2 light fibre. Same for the ceasan chieftain. mention the medikit update, as well as the bonus damage ? Once a facehugger is released from an egg it starts to look for its nearest pray to infect. Eggs can be killed to prevent facehuggers from hatching. Manual fire is needed to dispose of this creatures although they still trigger reaction fire. The infected host hosts an imperfect Praetorian version of its Phase. The host can be killed but the imperfect Praetorian will hatch nevertheless. After 5 turns it will morph into a queen of its Phase, then into the Queen of the next Phase and so on until the ultimate queen is born after like 20 turns. The higher the Phase, the shorter the chain. This rarely happens though because the player is either strong enough to dispose of the praetorian early on, or has to retreat immediatly. This chain prevents being able to run away from a praetorian though, as giving it enough time to hatch into a queen makes the mission very difficulty all of a sudden ( terror sites ). You can also mention that facehuggers due to their frail nature will die naturally after some turns. Too much fresh air i guess ><. I rather wanted to make a theme out of it. When they are not feeling comfortable/lower hierachical status they are turning red. Remember the operators who turn red when captured ? Something like that. Normal "soldier" sebillian dont turn red because of their status, and some sebillians are permanently red. They behave pretty similarly to the common Xenomorph lore. Im impressed. I like the entries.
  12. Charon

    Dismissing low rated soldiers?

    Good job. Im proud of you .
  13. Charon

    Dismissing low rated soldiers?

    Just one question. What keeps you from making a safe and trying it out ?