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  1. Hi Chris, have you considered implementing prone to replace crouch? prone IRL is slower to switch to. Also, Perhaps instead of making couch or not have any benefits, maybe cap it as it can only be done either in proximity to cover, or maybe make it available every other turn or every third turn. admittedly, having it available only after x amount of turns is a bit more like a board game and might hurt immersion.
  2. I found the Xenonauts ost to be a bit boring. Originally Phoenix Point was only going to have Broomhall, but thanks to feedback, Both Broomhall's and Simeon Dotkov (their sound director), will have music in the final soundtrack. This track is excellent and sets the tone very well. Is there any chance X2 will have a more electronic, sci-fi sounding score?
  3. Xenonauts 2: Infiltration Xenonauts 2: Infiltration War Xenonauts 2: The Secret War
  4. Xenonauts 2: The Silent War Xenonauts 2: The Unseen Conflict Xenonauts 2: Deadly Silence Xenonauts 2: Cold Silence
  5. if the laser generates a huge amount of heat, that can effect the accuracy by distracting the shooter. unless it's mounted as a turret or vehicle.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate the consideration. Hmmmm. By "large battles" allow me to clarify. I don't mean hundreds of NATO/Warsaw soldiers duking it out with Aliens. Rather I mean a few dozen, perhaps behind fortifications and maybe with vehicle support. They are holding off the aliens as best as they can (in that they can fight and do inflict casualties on the aliens) but they are in a situation where It's unlikely they will win without Xnaut support. The player's job is to prevent their destruction and/or say stop the aliens from capturing something the NATO/Warsaw soldiers are protecting, technology, VIP, recovering a captured alien, etc. I mean for the non-Xnaut troops to be controlled by AI as well.
  7. I may have brought this up early last year, though I don't fully recall. Since there is the Cold War going on, is propaganda a factor, in relation to, nor not in relation to the aliens? Let's say a "faction" within NATO or Warsaw is indepdently working on some technology, against the aliens, or even in league with them, this might something to think about for a "stealth mission." You dispatch one or a small number of agents to recover to destroy said technology, while covering your tracks. If i'm bringing up a dead horse, my apologies. Currently dealing with a stressful situation in RL. Anyway, I liked that local police existed in X1. But they were weak and not very intelligent. I'd like to see occasional incidents or big battles wherethe mission is to rescue a force of NATO or Warsaw troops under attack. The idea is that, this force can hold its own, (and their tech would improve over time like Xnauts), but ultimately they will be wiped out if you can't get to them during the ground mission and help them fight off the aliens, since there are too many of them. Helping this force would give improve relations wth Xnauts and said faction. Further, for propaganda, it could be that Xnauts puts out propaganda saying "Warsaw helps native defeat extremist rebels" in at attempt to improve relations between both parties but without revealing the alien threat.
  8. i mean what about national militaries, unofficial militias, and other things who arent random civilians.
  9. Will there be local forces who aren't just cannon fodder for the xenos?
  10. Yeah I somewhat agree with making psionics optional. Maybe disabling Psionics could allow the aliens to use it (but it would be nerfed) and allow you to ignore that technology and focus on other things.
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