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  1. At the loading screen it freezes and I have to use Alt+Ctrl+Del. This brings up the task mgr and a message of 'Name='armour.jackal_3' this screen is also frozen. after 3 or 4 tries I am able to 'end task' for the error message in the task mgr and then the game will load. This is a problem every time I start the game. What can I do?
  2. you're probably right, I do hurry. I get a little bored doing all those missions and I dislike the maze aspect of the base missions anyway.
  3. Too bad. Maybe in Xeno 2?
  4. A small addition to a mod that I would like to see would be the ability to airstrike or bombing strike an alien base that you don't want to do by ground attack. I really dislike alien bases and loose too many veterans when attempting. An airstrike like done for ufo's on the ground would be great. I would lose a lot of resources but it would be worth it sometimes. Is this a feature in a mod that I'm not aware of?
  5. the only bug I have seen is the really bad one on the modding tools screen. If you try to delete a mod using the delete mod button it completely screws up xenonauts. I just had to download and install the game all over. I wonder how many people have had this happen to them. It really should be fixed.
  6. On the modding tools screen, what does the priority up and priority down buttons do? I can see that it moves the mod up or down on the list but what does this mean? Also some mods won't move. Like the xenonauts fix pack which says it should be at the top of the list, but it won't move.
  7. Yeah, I had so many reapers piled up that I think that they were blocking my LOS at times. When I was down to just grenades I was killing 3 or 4 with each grenade. I never made it to the throne room with any more than 6 troopers left and 2 or them wounded and by the time I got back to the intersection to attempt to leave, there were the reapers waiting. Anybody love a reaper?
  8. Was never able to have any troops survive so I thought I'd try to eliminate the reapers. I had a lot of ammo and grenades so I thought it would be fun to kill them all. Answer: no way. I think reapers are infinite. I tried twice and wonder about the 'mission successful screen. The first time my kills were 261/386 and the second was 230/337. I assume that was kills/total aliens. Then why did the total change? I did not replay the whole game just the end game so I should think the total aliens would be the same. Am I wrong?
  9. I thought you had to capture one of every type of alien officer and each had to be interrogated in your research lab. I had the Caesan already but don't remember getting a Sebellian yet. Too bad there is no history type data to check on. I still think stunning is too difficult.
  10. XCE with mods: Most aliens are dying from two or three stun grenades, one or two electro stun grenades, and sometimes even the shock baton kills them. The alien falls down and looks to be stunned but at the end tally he is listed as executed. Almost impossible to stun an alien of any kind. I have run through the game 2 or 3 times with the same problem. This really needs to be fixed!!!
  11. With the older stun grenades I managed to stun a Caesan but using the electro-shock grenade I have had no luck at all. Either I have to use so many that it kills the alien or it does nothing! I haven't had a chance to use it on a Caesan but 3 or 4 of them does nothing to a Sebillian. Does it only work on Androns? Update: I just tried to stun a Caesan officer by lobbing grenade after grenade at him while he shot up my team. He was not stunned just eventually killed by the electroshock grenades. I haven't seen anything posted about this. Am I doing something wrong? update again: anybody out there. I am now building mauraders and sentinels armor and still unable to stun anything. They just die.
  12. OOPS! My fault. I just checked. Soldiers only drop weapon if they panic AND run. It just seemed to me that they always dropped them for any reason. 2-3 seconds? I think 1 second is closer to the truth. Maybe I'll come back to this base when I am better prepared. Does the alien base grow bigger the longer I leave it alone? Thanks much. I appreciate your quick responses.
  13. Yeah, but those messages flash on the screen so fast and so often that I miss them. Maybe I'm a slow reader. However if I ignore an alien base until I'm better prepared won't it negatively affect that country to the extent that I could loose It?
  14. I am doing a alien base mission. Ran into an ambush and discovered that two of my men had no guns.Where were they left? Had to reload a save to find the guns. All my troops have as high bravery as I could manage at this point in the game yet they are still repeatedly panic, unnerved, berserk, etc. Almost every turn this happens. I am still using lasers which are black on a black background and are not easily noticed when missing. I may be stupid for not checking weapons every turn but am very tired running around looking for the guns dropped somewhere. There should be some kind of defense against psions because looking for guns on floor, sometimes hard to see, is no fun.
  15. Learned the hard way. I put my first base in central america to cover all 3 areas worth lots of money. What I didn't realize was that having so much water about meant that most of the ufo's I shot down went in the ocean, no recovery, no experience for my troops. I've been on 2 missions and it is the middle of October. Also since I am playing X:CE with the mods the ufo's run away from my condors so I can't shoot them down which further reduces my opportunities for a ground mission. You need that early experience so put that first base in the middle of large land mass. Has anyone succeeded with your first base in the Americas?