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  1. I voted for just before Christmas but I'm not sure i'll still be around at that time. Too many people in the USA are doing their best to flush our country down the toilet for me to be optimistic. Many of us are wishing we had the money to move to the UK or some other place. Things do not look good here!
  2. garyg

    What's the late game looking like?

    Sounds good!
  3. I would like to see some very different and interesting aliens. After all the aliens have a galaxy to draw from for recruits. One of the things I enjoyed about UFO Exterrestrials was the variety of aliens. I do not think a strict continuity is necessary. Creativity is vital and this is a fantasy type game. So let your imagination run wild.
  4. garyg

    What's the late game looking like?

    Glad to hear that something is being done to mind control. I have played the game for many hours in spite of the fact that I hated the mind control aspect of the game. That alone proves my high opinion of X1 but if X2 still has a aggravating, frustrating, annoying, hair pulling, fist through the monitor mind control, I will seriously reconsider buying it. No, that's a lie. I'd buy it anyway. Love the game.
  5. Don't use $ signs ever. It looks like a 5 sometimes and I don't care what natiionality the money is anyway. And I know you are going to use larger font because that has been mentioned many times. Right?
  6. I agree on both points. In real life grenade throwing is not that difficult. Alien alloys should be more plentiful, after all those are big spaceships. I think the alenium (sp?) should be increased somewhat too. Otherwise the game gets boring doing countless missions just to get material to build stuff.
  7. garyg

    suicide mission

    I have been playing on 'normal' difficulty, assuming that was the difficulty the game was set up for, a balanced playthrough. The word normal led me to believe that I was playing on the diffficulty the designers intended for a balanced game. Thank you Chris, good luck on the decisions you have to make.
  8. garyg

    suicide mission

    If I may insert my opinion here again, and this is just my opinion of course. I just finished another run through of Xeno and again when approching the end mission was not motivated to continue. Yes, there are some of you guys that are so good at the game that you can end with no casualities. I' m very happy for you. But there are others of us who can enjoy the game in spite of not being the 'best of the best'. Ending with one survivor is not really winning except for the overall story line and I am more interested in my team, who I trained with great difficulty. Killing the boss is too easy and the other option is too hard. (for me, that is. I don't expect you experts to understand) I would be happier with a role of honor for the heroes instead of a line of corpses. There is no glory in body bags.
  9. I am always disappointed by the ending of Xeno and I hope Xeno 2 does not have any suicide missions. You work hard to build your team only to have them all killed at the end mission. Even trying the alternate method by destroying the pods gives you only a very small chance of any survival. This leaves me with a very unsatified feeling and little desire to finish the end mission. Hopefully other players feel the same way.
    Having only played a couple of hours my impression is quite favorable. Print on the screen is easier to read and I am enjoying the game so far. One thing seems to be missing. The author states that downed fighter planes cannot just be retrieved and repaired as in the regular game. This is not true. My Condor was shot down and is now being repaired. I agree that when a plane hits the ground at few hundred miles per hour there isn't much to repair so this would be a nice addition to the realism if it worked. It is interesting that you can now buy Foxtrots as well as Condors at the beginning of the game and the Foxtrot is cheaper in spite of it being the better plane. The Condor has a 10% Advantage in turn radius but the Foxtrot is better in all other aspects. This makes the Condor obsolete. Also on the research screen the "high speed interceptor' is still available, which is the Foxtrot, and is unnecessary to research. So far I haven't noticed any increase in ground combat difficulty but my soldiers accuracy is certainly better. Edit: Just finished the game and yes the combat is harder and better. Really like the new armor, looks great. Overall a very good mod.
  10. Playing the demo mission, I didn't see an access to the soldier inventory. Is there a way or not?Besides changing weapons/medkit that is.
  11. I agree. The first thing I noticed was the HM screen and I thought 'don't like it' Options are great, the more the better.
  12. At the loading screen it freezes and I have to use Alt+Ctrl+Del. This brings up the task mgr and a message of 'Name='armour.jackal_3' this screen is also frozen. after 3 or 4 tries I am able to 'end task' for the error message in the task mgr and then the game will load. This is a problem every time I start the game. What can I do?
  13. garyg

    alien base strikes

    you're probably right, I do hurry. I get a little bored doing all those missions and I dislike the maze aspect of the base missions anyway.
  14. garyg

    alien base strikes

    Too bad. Maybe in Xeno 2?