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  1. Hey it appears that all the download links are dead.. can the mod be reuploaded? I'd like to use it once again.
  2. I can't donwload either, using Google chrome, it just redirects me to the forum index page!
  3. Eh, sorry for the necro I guess, but does this mod still work, and does it still have any embers of life?
  4. Ahh, that makes sense! Looks quite wicked though, would be nice to maybe see upgrades to the .50 cal in Xenonauts 2?
  5. daveboy2000

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    So do we get to capture the high praetor with stun batons this time?
  6. The image in question: So does anyone have an idea what it is? To me it seems like a really bulky laser designation system with build-in missile tubes, but I'm not entirely sure.
  7. It was kinda unfortunate that taking out the preator with stun batons didn't seem to allow the soldiers to take it with them, to be honest. That ending though, such a cliffhanger
  8. daveboy2000

    X-Division 0.99 Ideas Discussion

    Well, in real life hydrochloric acid is sometimes used to maim people without killing them
  9. daveboy2000

    X-Division 0.99 Ideas Discussion

    well, a strong enough acid could stun someone in pain I suppose