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  1. Aliens can't kill humanity if you do it first taps head. I only really purge innocents as a last resort or if they are too close, i just nuke em both since it's not worth saving one random when one of my troops could get killed if i miss. No damage like collateral damage.
  2. Long story short, my crew got decked. Reapers just destroyed everyone and overwhelmed me and i had to evacuate with 2 people left. Is there a good strategy when dealing with these things aside from going "Suffer not the xeno to live" and fire rockets and throw grenades until i run out or they die. I normally try to overwatch crawl with 2 troops watching each angle and kill civvies if they could be turned. Reapers are my bane of my life so any tips would be great.
  3. Will early access be available on steam for purchase and will it just be the rough draft of the entire game? Since I'll pick that up for sure.
  4. You can't disable it sadly but if you crouch and uncrouch with the troop you can drain their TUs until they can't reaction fire.
  5. So long story short, my squads heavy weapons guy just mowed down my entire group and killed troops i had since the start because some xeno scum walked past us. Now after exploding rage, i thought about how a overwatch "lock" that prevents overwatch from triggering would be amazing and would reduce deaths by massive amounts. Also just another tiny idea but can we get a knife/bayonet weapon for our troops, just so if one of our guys run out of ammo while a reaper lovingly stares at their fleshy bits, they can have a fighting chance instead of just impotently slapping the reaper and them being turned into a walking xeno day care centre.
  6. Bookshelf11

    Different classes of landing craft

    Shame but it makes a lot of sense, i guess someone/me could always mod in a module system when the game releases (which i hope is soon, c: hype) that doesn't change the craft art or anything like that but just gives it some stat bonuses like better fuel efficiency or unique bonuses like being harder to intercept by UFOs. Thanks for replying though.
  7. Bookshelf11

    Different classes of landing craft

    Yeah, i wanted to make the disadvantages not too steep but not too small but i can see what you mean. I dunno if i made these too steep with these ones though. "Boxer": can't carry extra troops and if the mission fails while using this craft the panic increases by a slightly higher amount then normal (Xenonauts bringing out the big guns and failing may damage local support) "Valkyrie": can't carry vehicles or extra troops and takes up 2 slots in your barracks (Xenonaut field medics) "Interloper": can't carry vehicles, takes 2x as long to refuel and instead of having a straight line exit ramp it has a very small in width but long in length snub nosed exit (Diagram below) 0000 R=exit ramp 00000000 Standard craft interior to the left, Interloper to the right 0000 00000000 0000 RRRRRRR RRRR "Red Army": no side doors, has a weight limit which means you may have to leave some heavy hitters behind if you want to have a vehicle as well
  8. Bookshelf11

    Different classes of landing craft

    The flares and turret was just a rough example. Here are some of my sort of more thought out ones: "Boxer" Heavy duty class: more HP if intercepted by a UFO, the main and side doors having medium cover attached to the doors, can carry vehicles/slower then other, uses more fuel, can't carry extra troops "Valkyrie" Medical class: improves all healing done to troops who are inside the craft, increased chance the crew will survive a crash, decreases civilian casualties during missions and gives the civvies a chance to get knocked out instead of killed/less HP, can't carry vehicles or extra troops, uses more fuel "Interloper" Interceptor class: Fastest dropship available and could do some good damage to UFOs, can attack and disable landed UFOs, lands closer to crashed UFOs/less HP, can't carry vehicles "Red Army" Carrier: carries the most troops out of any dropship, can carry vehicles at the same time and extra troops but airdrops vehicles near the landing site instead of rolling out the craft/the slowest of all the craft and uses a lot of fuel Still very basic but just to show the concept of it.
  9. As the title implies, how about having different "classes" of craft that have unique advantages and disadvantageous like a support that deploys turrets (and flares when doing night missions) at the landing site that remain active for x amount of turns/until destroyed but they are slower or a high speed troop transport that is faster than any other and could take on a UFO in a fight but carries less troops.