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  1. AeronautEdward

    [XCE 34.2] Game locks up on carrier GC

  2. After 1-3 turns on ground combat assault of a downed carrier, the game locks up and gets, well, stuck on the AI turn, it will not respond but does not crash, simply locking up. I tried reloading multiple times to no avail, nothing out of ordinary on the screen. Happened twice when I was assaulting a crashed carrier with 6 wraiths and 14 Ceasans with a leader on the ship. Dropship used was the Valkyrie. I hacked the research.xml, and the 120-degree view mod. OS: Windows 10 To reproduce: -Use the provided GC save file. -Play for 1-3 turns untill game locks up. -Bug Get! researches.xml armours_gc.xml GC.sav Humor: (I just have to.) If i was a COD kid i would be saying: omg aliens using gamefreeze hack Goldhawk pls ban!!11!!1!1111
  3. AeronautEdward

    Alien Power unit always destroyed

    I could use a little more information on how to do that, please?
  4. Even though I've reached December, and with cheat-hacked gamefiles, I can't research alienium because every time I shoot down a scout or other ship and do a ground assault, I find the power unit thing which I need to research alenium to be destroyed. Any way to prevent this or hack in a power core or hack the research?
  5. A little mod I made to change the gameconfig.xml's recovery values to make losing a solider permanently a bit harder, changing base recovery chance from 0hp from 50% to 100%, recovery chance percentage loss for every 1hp below 0 from 2.5% to 1%, and the amount of hp where a solider would be undeniably dead from -20 to -50hp. This is also my first mod, hats off to the devs for making this game able to be modded with a keyboard and a basic knowledge of how to change values in a text document! Advanced Medicine.zip
  6. I was reading the xenopedia, and the alien interrogation page describe Dr. Snidley's team using radio waves to attempt to communicate, which was successful, and the suicide bit. It seems entirely possible to make a radio system powerful enough to override the alien's officer's orders and make them do what we want them to do, but only mind control as aliens don't have emotions to manipulate, but now that I think about it it seems a bit overpowered being able to make an alien solider shoot it's officer and then make the rest of the aliens shoot themselves for an instant win. Your thoughts?
  7. AeronautEdward

    Fire Extigushers

    You have a point there, also now that I think about it going point blank to a ceasen and freezing him with CO2 might be a bit Loony Tunes, but it could be a way to stun aliens without bashing them over the heads before you have stun gas or cattleprods
  8. AeronautEdward

    Fire Extigushers

    Could someone make a mod or list one, because we could really use fire extinguishers, despite them being not very "weapon-ey", they could be really useful as in some maps with lots of flammable materials, such as a wheat field in the "Farm" map. Let's say you were to launch a rocket to destroy a hedge blocking your vision, the rocket would cause a few tiles of fire which would spread through the field, and harming troops in cover in the field. I guess it could also be a weapon, because spraying high pressure water can do some harm, or being frozen by pressurized CO2.
  9. That is just the most anti-climatic ground combat mission EVER. Since that debrief doesn't really tell you anything, here's what happened: I got my teams out, the shield dude going left saw an alien, the team going right, the other shield dude and shotgunner came over, took potshots at the alien, all missed, then got reaction fire by the machinegunner who was aimed out the right dropship door when the alien started to run to the shields and shotgunners, the secound alien was blasted by a shotgun when we saw him. I didn't even SEE the UFO. That was anti-climatic.
  10. AeronautEdward

    How do YOU assault alien bases/ships?

    The way I assault alien scum-ships is that I always have 2 assault troopers and a shield dude, because I have the mod Fire In The Hole, my assault troppas have breaching charges. If I encounter too many aliens or the front door has too little cover, I simply run my soilders to the side of the UFO, have an assault troop set up the charge, and once the hole has been blown, then have everyone take shots at any scum they can take shots at, then I move the assault troopers to point-blank shotgun hiding aliens. If there is more than one room, place the team into cover behind room in question, then move the shield up to the door and have shotgunners behind. Rinse and repeat. The shotgunners and shields have the best armor, so they can survive, I'm not the "cannon-fodder" kind of person.
  11. AeronautEdward

    General Fanart Thread

    I was skimming this thread like a light drone, and saw the Sebb regeneration thing, I remember a remark about how their hide could make a fashionable bullet-proof vest, so my fanart request is a Female Xenonaut in the living quarters look in the mirror posing with a Sebbillian hide plasma-proof vest.
  12. AeronautEdward

    Battle Stories

    Share your stories and tales of your ground combat missions!
  13. AeronautEdward

    transport helicopter

    The way I think of it is that the heil can only carry as many people as the rows on the sides, unless the dropship is wide enough to have at least a 1 tile wide column between the side and center seats, as you aren't going to stand without any restraints on a helicopter. EXAMPLE. So I have a trasport craft, that is 4 tiles and 6 tiles long. I would have 12 seats, because I have 2 rows on the side with 6 tiles long, or seats. Now my engineers have made a better dropship, that is 6 tiles wide and 12 tiles long. I could fit 48 seats, because I can fit 12 seats on the sides with a 2-seat wide center row. It's the same system passenger planes use. Tanks are 3x3, so in a 6x3 dropship, you could fit 2 tanks. But because tanks are way more heavy than soldiers, the Charlie could only lift one, because it would be too heavy for 2 tanks. Shrike could carry about 3 or 2, and Valkary could fit as many tanks that could fit.