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  1. Capital! Though please tell me you aren't using the same engine again.
  2. Not to my knowledge, no. Are you sure that the entirety of the second floor was completely checked? Props have a tendency to mask tiles.
  3. Vanilla-wise, there are actually only about a dozen environments that the team was able to produce while remaining on-budget ('course, that didn't exactly stop certain fans from producing a gigantic mod-pack that greatly expanded the map pool). On topic: Oh god...I remember the D-Day esque mission starts back in the Quickstart option of the Beta...
  4. Just did a google search for the label that they said supposedly owned the music. Apparently, this exact thread is what comes up when you search their name.
  5. Nah, 80s would have had some sort of giant focusing dish...
  6. Nah, probably one of the options for the Hunter's missile loadout.
  7. Don't shotguns have a higher damage potential than the regular assault rifle?
  8. WarThunder was always good about that. Though the less said about its Battle Rating balance system...the better.
  9. They are Xenos Scum. They do not deserve an honorable battle! Xenonauts: Crush the Invader WITH COMPLETE HACKING BULLSPIT
  10. Depends. Did you directly download it from Humble? Or did you use the Steam key provided?
  11. Gaming mechanics 101: You can issue orders while the grenade is in flight. Thus, if you are quick enough, you can close the door before the dirty xenos scum get their chance at a reaction roll.
  12. Except you've got to remember that if the GC were taking place in real time, turns would last seconds. There's definitely a difference in accuracy between a prepared shooting position and one where a red shirt was just sprinting down an alleyway (even though that's not really pictured in-game). Heck, the game's a lot more forgiving than actual combat since your solders can't automatically reaction-fire each other. Especially when the plasma is flying above their heads to act as a distraction.
  13. Pretty much. The only thing Steam adds to Xenonauts is the requirement that Steam be running when you play it (and that can also be circumvented quite easily). You just have to follow the directions posted with each mod. And pay attention to the version requirement.
  14. Then they are found in dereliction of their duty. You are hereby required to notify them of their impending termination.
  15. You have failed in your task of ridding our GLORIOUS HOMEWORLD of the disgusting, tainted touch of Xenos Scum. I am disappoint. Report to your Regimental Disciplinary Officer for immediate summary execution.