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With Forum change, how will palpha/alpha/beta testing work.

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OK - well, the pre-order builds will no longer be hosted on the forums. They'll be hosted on Desura, which is a Steam-like service. I have a record of everyone who pre-ordered the game, and we'll email everyone a Desura key so they can claim their pre-order.

I'm going to try and set up something so the pre-orderers have special forum badges, but we'll see if that's feasible.

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The pre-orders will now be serviced through Desura, so the forum is no longer segregated into normal people and pre-orderers. Anyone can read the bug reports and pre-order discussions, although they obviously can’t take part until they pre-order!

Looks like there will be, but it won't be private like it was on the old forums. It'll help make the forums seem more active (since we went through about a month with apparently no activity since it was all in the pre-order forums) and let non-pre-orderers get a better idea of what's going on.

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Yeah, I've paid more than anyone else for access to the game :)

Hopefully we can get the linking system up very soon. Premium people should be able to select green usernames and custom user titles too.

The actual badges aren't that nice, but maybe we'll get something professional done further down the line.

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Ok, I guess I know what you mean. Its just not a big official promotional launch. Quick and short for those already in the know.

Is that it?

Needless to say I would very much appreciate that if you can do it. I am looking forward to this game in what ever state its in and can hardly wait.

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