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  1. redunion1940

    Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

    Heh I would give it some time, Gotta like Kalypso, they have brought back a lot of good oldies. Tropico 3 & 4 coming to mind. And then Dungeons, I'll give it some time to patch though.
  2. redunion1940

    Eve online anyone?

    Yeah I have kotor 3 Anyways here is a link to some pretty cool things that have happened in MMO history, if I remember right this has 2 eve ones, from cracked( can at times be nsfw, don't remember the language in this article) http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-7-biggest-dick-moves-in-history-online-gaming/ As to why solo play may be boring This game from what I read is a construct of our economic model, with no big body oversight. So solo play would mostly equal an everyday job, which is boring. Starting your venture is much more fun with lots of people. For the record I have yet to play this.
  3. redunion1940

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    Well, the one base thing isn't bothering me as much as I first thought. With the inclusion of satellites networks(radar bases) and intceptor landing pads(interception bases) Doesn't sound much different. As to the 4 soldier limit, yes the difficulty of early missions will probably be scaled down, hell we might even have some crappy tutorial mission. I am going to assume the upper limit is 16 soldiers. Just a decent guess. It actually does look fun, and looks like it will turn out well. It just has been streamline to make it more efficient to handle battles. But as I have said, guess what I have room for both games, Xenonauts and X-Com Enemy unknown. This game is looking closer to UFO: EU than previously anticipated.
  4. redunion1940

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    Yeah it is a reboot of the series. It will be good. But if you want the classicish play Xenonaugts is the best bet. X-Com is the modern version and it could be great. It could be in 10-20 years from now there will be a whole community devoted to this game.
  5. redunion1940

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    Well got to watch out of the Teekay Marins, those are the tough aliens, bland and linear. Though I ask this in UFO: EU, if you play it well enough you only lose at most between 50 to 100 humans. And this is from a unstoppable threat according to that game.
  6. redunion1940

    I got X-Com for $1.69!

    Hmm I got it on sale from steam I want to say 3 to 4 years ago, when it was $4 for Ufo:EU, TFTD; Apoc, Interceptor, and that shooter one. Everything I hear about the UFO series of games(the newer ones) is that they are okay and can even be enjoyable to play, but no where close to the gameplay value of x-com.
  7. redunion1940

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    And in terms of actual logical sense a multi-level base is better suited to survive alien assault, instead of say a one level base.(Actually 2 but you know) It also builds in the #1 defense everyone built in there base anyways, 3 hangers with one access lift. So now you have only one point of entry, unless they give the aliens the ability to burrow like the NOD.
  8. redunion1940

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    I've played them all, Civ 1, Civ 2, Civ 3, Civ 4, Civ 5, SMAC, Colonization, Colonization Civ 4, Civ Call to Power, and I have loved them all.
  9. redunion1940

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    Yes to our Beloved Leader of the Eternal Chairman Chris
  10. redunion1940

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    Civ 5 is very faithful to the series. My biggest complaint is the maps are to small for the hex combat to be effective. Super large maps would allow a very fun game of Civ 5. As to AI diplomancy, (Thing is, if you want challenging gameplay in any strategy game, you will need to face a human player. I am certain humans could play the aliens in x-com better than the AI in x-com did.) The aliens main strategy, stay in a very small square unless a zombie making machine, or terror machine.( I put the chrysallid in a whole new level past terror) Truthfully the Aliens in UFO-EU/X-Com are not hard at all to beat, keep 3 to 4 spaces between each soilder don't leave a door un opened. Fire all weak psi soldiers so they can't be panicked/controlled. And finally (while I have always never bothered with psi combat, guns are my thing, and screw the blaster gun, too many accidents) make a super psi squad win game) Anyways back to point. Civ 5 was a good game, some may prefer the combat of 4 over 5 that is fine. and Xenonauts has some nice points to market now and show it is different. Chris has so much momentum now he can turn that into moster sales.
  11. redunion1940

    Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced!

    And there is Chris marketing standpoint. While his game is different it still keeps to a lot of the core principles of X-COM, really I feel like I am playing a high res version of X-Com playing xenonauts X-Com EU looks good and I will be getting it. But now with pictures out it gives Chris ammuniton to market with.
  12. redunion1940

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    I discovered Xenonauts because of steam, You know it post story's related to the games (mostly) well I like to check older games just for any sequel news. That is when I learned about XCOM and had every fanboys hate moment, come back I don't know 2 weeks later, article about xenonauts in the steam thing, read it, see the old website, sit for about another 3 weeks, and then bought in. I am going to say this now, I will purchase Firaxis game as well, but guess what I have already bought a right of use copy for Xenonauts so it is all good. Just post on news stories if you can. I don't like signing up for forums and news site, (or using that facebook intergration thing, because I just don't like having my information in to many hands, considering all of the massive security failures this past year. Still mad at sony) But to those that do, by goodness do it, just be like Well if you want something similar but playble now, take a look into xenonauts.
  13. redunion1940

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    If UFO Extraterrestrials 2 is good then it won't hurt them to come out after these 2 games. And, if they come out after 4 to 8 months after these 2 it should be fine. Where it becomes hard is when you release near another major release that is what hurt sales. Anyways lets just enjoy the fact that there are 3 games that seem to follow the genre we all really like.
  14. redunion1940

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    And why we should probably stop talking about it. It does not benefit us to try and downplay it. It is from a major company yes. It will probably just be a remake that is good yes. Xenonauts is a whole new different game that draws inspiration from it. And will be good as well. Remember in order for Xenonauts to succeed, X-Com Enemy Unknown doesn't have to fail. So lets leave it here, and go back to the LP
  15. redunion1940

    Why Firaxis is a very serious threat

    Firaxis is going to be just fine, Firaxis = Micropose I have no doubt the game is going to be JUST like the original it is going be an okay sucess, or you know something take-two isn't going to like because it isn't the huge sucess like Civ usually is. Xenonauts will be fine, it draws inspiration from x-com and similar games. Has a similar theme, but has improvments in game play compared to UFO:EU and that is the main selling point. OH and you can play it right now albeit only in alpha mode and costing money, what isn't it $20 for just the game. So that is a selling point that you can point out in the comment sections.