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  1. After a failed intercept the enemy UFO escapes. First of all it says it escapes into space but it's signature is still there and it can still be intercepted. Secondly it's altitude when it "escaped into space" was just over 1000m. I intercept again and start t run out of fuel. A popup warns me I need to retreat but there seems to be no fast way to disengage. I kept trying the retreat button but had to wait for the UFO to fly out of the screen? Just need clarifaction here.
  2. You're fast today Sathra. Seconded.
  3. Err actually depending on res you might cut off the side of the screen. I have to play windowed otherwise I can't see the cost of buildings etc.
  4. Alt + Enter for full screen. But you are right there needs to be an option, i cant see it either.
  5. Tweakd

    V8 Released

    Sweet! Back later for some reporting.
  6. Tweakd

    V8 Released

    It will be updated through Desura once they actually get it authorized. We still have some time to wait.
  7. It's alright Chris thanks for the updates and if you have to delay again don't fret. We are a friendly bunch.
  8. Tweakd

    Build V8 Preview!

    No worries. Just patiently waiting. Well, just waiting really.
  9. Thanks for helping out Chris. I'm trigger happy with the trash can.
  10. Tweakd

    Build V8 Preview!

    New cover system \o/ Really can't wait to see how this plays out and of course to hear what everyone else thinks of it. Other points of interest are how the Fire Control System was changed and the improvements to unit control. Map randomisation along with the other tilesets are right at the top of my wanted list. I wonder though what the reason is for sending it to the press without all the tilesets active? Or perhaps I misunderstood.
  11. I see your point but for arguments sake the same logic can be applied to hiring from a more varied pool. If I'm strapped for cash it's annoying and if I'm not then it's irrelevant. I would still enjoy occasionly getting a higher ranked potential recruit. Rather than everyone being noobs I like the idea of getting a decent replacement once in a while. But I also think there might be something to training. Perhaps the way Chris has laid it out is the best but I can't shake the idea that putting training options with the options to hire makes a lot of sense. Especially if training will be basically just a time delay and a cost for an amount of stats gain. Err I've just had an idea. Oh this might be good! As your scientists perform research, autopsys and alien weapons and the like, a list builds up in the training screen. Individual soldiers do not get the advantages of the research until they have been trained on the specifics. So if you want Team Alpha to get the benefits of that sectiod research you have to take some of them or all of them out of combat for a day. If you want Sergeant Urist to use those funny looking Sonic guns they keep finding you need to get him trained up in their use after your scientists have figured it out. New recruits would go on training to catch up on the advances bringing them in line with the others. Existing members would need to be taught as things unfold. The training screen would be used to keep track of who knows what etc. This would really mix up the play. It would lead to specialisation within your team. Rather than everyone being able to wield laser weapons at once only a few can if that's the path you decide to take.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. (Right thats one more post down, how many left until I get a new shiny???)