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  1. Bet I get more than you and much better quality even when I am hostile, dpelectric.
  2. It's word for word and face it; though you may not like it it has been released and I'm glad. (Chris just said it)(in all intents and purposes the 31st they stop development and for 2 weeks will have it ready for reviews. So its done, released! ) It is a very good game as it is and as I've said before can't go on forever trying to make it prefect for everyone. This game is less buggy and more enjoyable than most AAA titles like watch dogs. Not to mention it has far more complexity than Xcom EU which is quite buggy and still has bugs. And I never threw words into your mouth my good man from Bulgaria, Proud supporter no matter what. I just quoted part of what was officially stated from the start of this post word for word and I did that intentionally so you could get a grip on yourself with the : "they don't have to ever release it that's fine until it is running smoothly, they can release it in ten years from now and they can keep rebalancing it and fixing it and polishing it forever.
  3. "the game will launch on the 30th of May" There it is you just quoted it. Stop denying it and face the truth don't be a toady and don't argue semantics. At some point (what its been patching for over a year now) and as he's said its been 5 years in development, at some point they have to fly from the nest and why shouldn't it be today as planned. It is the release date even though they will and should keep fixing, polishing and balancing long after and as most developers do any way after the release of their game. Let's face it there are many here who would prefer Xenonauts never to be release but only as something happening in the indefinite future (something that never happens) and they can keep patching and balancing and adjusting the game to consult all tastes and claim that it is getting to be a game and will be a perfect game...when its released-nonsense.
  4. So tomorrow is the said release date. Why is no one posting about it? yeah, I know there is more work to be done like all games after they are released (but can't work on them forever) and nonetheless it is tomorrow!
  5. I had a crash when shooting an alien with a rocket launcher. I believe he was dead and the game froze for a few seconds, then, crashed to the desktop. I shot him north.
  6. Sorry, but this is one of the worst updates as far as stability goes I've played in a long time. Have had virtually crash free games for about six months now. But after playing the first ground combat I had two crashes one was when I was healing someone with first ad and the other when I threw a smoke grenade in front of the alien ship. Whatever was fixed seems to have broke the game in a far worse way.
  7. Same thing happened to me tonight. I was healing someone and it crashed to the desktop. Also, it crashed a second time after throwing a smoke grenade in front of an alien ship. This was supposed to be a fix for crashes? I haven't experience crashes like this in this game in a long time. Was better before the hot fix. Mine was also the 22.1 hotfix.
  8. Waladil, have you played any of the other grand thief auto games? It gets old fast. In GTA V the camera is as bad as it was in previous ones. The way the cars handle is as usual terribly and unrealistic (not even a good arcade driving experience) the missions are very repetitive, same crap of chasing and getting someone and getting away from the police-how many times in how many missions and how many GTAs do we need to do this crap! As for the Characters they are one sided common place scumbags.
  9. I got the game and you just described exactly the reasons I should have never bought it. Seems all the "gamers" that includes everyone and their grandmother went out and got it and love it. All those who own consoles or used this game as an excuse to buy a console are suddenly coming out of the woodwork, doing something they do maybe once or twice a year that is: play a video game. I've played maybe 3 missions since release and its the same boring sensational crap that excites that average fool we saw in all the other GTAs just better graphics. GTA, will litter the stores and online places for months now with advertising.
  10. ok, that's nice to see. I was wondering if they were ever going to do it because it seemed a lot of people in that post thought it would be better to leave it black.
  11. I'm not referring to the UI. (User Interface) Icons and buttons info, stat, screens. Just the background the sea in the geoscape. Such as ocean colored Blue or Blue/green as apposed to the way it is now, no ocean just back. It was discussed in an old thread.
  12. Are you still considering adding a different geomap sea with an ocean blue back ground and will that come in the next few updates or be the last touch?
  13. Just want to thank you Chris for taking the time and going through the trouble to get us our keys and thus expediting the whole process. I was worried if you left it up to Desura, I'd never see my key or the game on steam. downloading it right now. This is so much better and faster for me to download with steam and I'm hoping some of the patches and updates can be managed through steam as well. "Check file integrity" should be helpful feature in making sure all the files are there. It's neat seeing Xenonauts on steam congratulations and good luck! I'm just a little worried about the ignoramuses trolling who have never played anything but the latest in the StarCrap series and games like Company of Heroes oh and COD. "the graphics look like playstation 1" is what I read from some idiot in his post.
  14. So I've got to trust that Desura will have my key and send it to me in a few days after the launch. We'll see how that goes
  15. So you may put the game up on steam tomorrow. I would like to download it to my steam account. How is this going to work for those of us who have pre-orders? Will you email us the keys or should we download it from Desura and then add it to our steam games list? Or perhaps it will already show in our steam library for us to download as a the user names is usually the same as the users email address.