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Please add a few REAL ufos :)

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Oh man, three exclamation and four quotation marks? Was it really necessary?

I mean, that's just plain overkill.

Shuuk, extraterestial ships probably would be even more bizarre than these (xenonauts ones based on the earth organic depsea designs, i believe). It's good to step off from the stereotypes, especially when you do it with style.

And, like Max_Caine said, there are disc-like ships for you to worship their..roundness.

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Hello GoodGuyEddy. We are representatives of the Intergalactic Grammar Police. Please enter our disc shaped craft where our language centre is located...

Going by the google pics, the OP was just referring to the standard craft form UFOlogy for the last several decades.

or was he?

OR! WAS!! HE!!!???

Hello thothkins. We are representatives of the Intergalactic Grammar Police. Please enter...

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certainly having rounder C4 charges would help when throwing. However, would you lose out on power? There's also the roll factor. you'd not want the C4 charge to necessarily roll away to completely blow up something off target.

I miss some of the original craft form EU1994. Well, I miss all of them through sheer familiarity. But, for the purposes of this topic, the tripod shaped first UFO that landed in wheat fields would be about the closest to a UFOlogy shaped craft. The abduction and battleships possibly too.

But as per the stunning revelations here Xenonaut UFOs are in fact spookily close to UFOlogy ships.

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Some larger variations in ships would be nice since there are many different races involved in the invasion. But my guess is it comes down to the time required to do such a thing, being not feasible business wise as it would ad development time.

I will say this however, the current UFO's are a bit too pretty for something that has been shot down.

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