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  1. This mod appears to work with v1.65L stable (no one seems to notice yet), which is meant to have allot of the XCE changes in it, so I didn't install/enable the XCE mod for this. So it 'appears' to work, I won't know until I play a fair bit, and I am using Linux version also. UPDATE: Appears to crash on ground combat, thought that could any number of the additional mods I have going, guess I better test JUST this mod first hey. Error log has a huge number of complaints with Skitso's MegaMix Map Pack 2000! Actually another error occurs related to this mod below. So I guess this doesn't work afterall in ground combat, shame. Might try with XCE mods enabled and see what happens? Errors: [06:06:58]MOD ERROR: An element to replace does not exist: Weapon [06:06:58]MOD ERROR: Merging XML for weapons_gc.xml from mod mods/choicespart1/ failed. UPDATE: Confirmed the above error occurs with just this mod installed (part1). Perhaps XCE parts are needed, or a rollback to the old and non linux compatible XCE version (it does not work well under Wine, sound/text issues, then no doubt crashing as reported by others).
  2. Linux user here (I must be only one), but the XCE off steam installs just Windows binaries and tries to run them, while the game runs and all it does mean its going via Wine thus has text/ui rasterizing issues and sound distortion. Solution?
  3. Yeah a Intro and Outro video would be nice, but Chris can also add them later with a update if he wants to. Or just get a series of cartoon flicks made and voice over to help tell the story for intro/outro. Either way I wouldn't mind, the simple ending was a bit disappointing, would have been nice to have at least a whole page of statistical information such as soldier with most headshots/kills/taken most damage and so on. Maybe we will get all that in Xenonauts 2 (if 1 sells well and makes Chris enough money to make a 2nd).,
  4. I'm able to shoot Aliens on the corners where you would think they couldn't be hit. Its a bit iffy, I believe if a Alien or Human is on a corner then they should be able to shoot around it to simulate leaning but they shouldn't be able to be fullbody/damage shot so easily as which is occurring now.
  5. Still seems to be a crashing problem on final mission. Reloading savegame after crash fixes it.
  6. Just had a crash, tossed 2 plasma grenades at a Caesan in first turn from 2 separate soldiers. Was unable to produce it second time around. Perhaps a random one. Also noticed Scimitar tank graphics renders on top of tall concrete walls. But am sure that is very low priority fix.
  7. I believe you can shoot through those hay stacks now, I know you can see through them. Makes kinda sense since its very soft cover.
  8. Yeah I might redownload the game from scratch later tonight and see if there is perhaps some files conflicting causing the crash. Its possible.
  9. If you start a fresh game I believe the occurrence is lower, from memory it took a few ground missions to cause the crash. I will restart a new game after this one I'm in now, where after every mission it seems the loadout button crashes my game. (mid/late-game atm) Reloading the savegame fixes the issue of cause, so really this is just some sort of memory leak/glitch occurring rather then a outright static code error.
  10. I'm still gathering data as to what causes it directly. But is very common in my current midway-game, was only common at beginning of game.
  11. That loadout crash, SO EASY TO REPRODUCE, unsure why its not addressed yet!
  12. It would be a truly sad day if Earth ever did get attacked by a mass Alien invasion and the worlds countries decided to BUDGET the defense of Earth. LOL
  13. I would prefer the difficulty being in larger alien numbers on ships with harder to kill aliens, and perhaps higher hitpoint on ufos. Rather then just massive rapid decline of nation funding if you don't have 3 bases up by beginning of 3rd month. Fortunately you can tweak all this yourself in the XML so its not a major issue really. Just adjust it how you like it. But for new comers, well they may be turned off by the game or find that easy setting is the ONLY mode they can play on.
  14. It would be nice if the lost countries could be recovered if you detected a large alien base and assaulted it. In veteran mode its pretty easy to loose 4 nations fast, once you have limited funding your basically relying on rookie soldiers who get creamed mission after mission.
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