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  1. Have a great holiday. I think you all fulfilled your last year resolutions, aren't you? =)
  2. I've got chance to try Distant worlds myself. As Kordanor said, it's not for everyone. Critics first: >4GB memory or prepare for constant crashes. Interface and graphics are very... uncommon. Some design desicions are questionable. But then you realize you've been playing for 5 hours straight, ships are many, managers are helpful, and graphics aren't that bad especially when you are dealing with battles. It's a large scale 4X, when you'll spend much more on the economy planning, strategical decisions and global oversight than micromanaging every ship in every battle. There are lot of interesting choices to do, but rather than "What cannons should this ship have" it's "Where i should build deep space scanning station to spy for one empire and avoid provoking the other" kind of choices. I haven't seen a global 4X game more detailed and thought-through. Still it'd be great to try before buying. Also, Dix, if the weird graphics don't bother you, i'd highly recommend AI War from Arcen Games. Very interesting idea, progressive difficulty, challenging gameplay, nice balance and lots of things to discover.
  3. a333 doesn't mind of Lore+ being translated. (Xenonauts supposed to be international initiative after all). If you'll have any problems with psd (they are mean and grumpy), pm Max_Caine or me.
  4. Let me guess, animation layers gone bad? I do like him that way, though. Toughness in a flesh.
  5. Either that or praetors achieved 4th wall breaking abilities.
  6. Game crashes after killing a praetor. Save: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60491525/A33_GC.sav Reproduction: 1. Select 6th soldier (Kevin Leach) 2. Go into the teleporter 3. Kill the praetor. 4. Game crashes either immediately or after you move the soldier.
  7. Thanks. Forgot i've messed up with maps on this pc too. Sorry for trouble.
  8. Black-tiled map counts as game-breaking? It's not possible to finish the mission. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/60491525/black%20map.sav Regarding the 2 levels movement, i've only noticed that if some soldier is moving on 1 floor, and you switch to someone on 2 floor, camera jumps down.
  9. So this day has finally come. Congratulations, guys. Even though it's a bit sad the development is over, i know the new beginning isn't so far away. Good luck with the release. *Breaks a bottle of chamagne over the monitor*
  10. Good job Max. Congratulations!
  11. Armor bra and open tummy. Aliens will not stand a chance.
  12. ..as a side result, Max_Caine became one of the most proficient AC players. This could lead to slightly more difficult mod, but as you're advancing from lights to heavies, it's allright.
  13. a333

    Wastelands 2

    If the release price will drop, i'll buy this definitely. It's a good team and i'm sure they won't screw up. Just as Max and probably many other people around these forums, i'm usually buying the early access to catch a ride on the development train. That whole process of the game getting better can be very involving and satisfactory, but you can only support a number of games that way.
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