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  1. The new equipment slots for interceptors are nice welcome to the game. So i wondered if the same is possible for dropships? So we could extend the range of them with fuel pods and maybe later others..
  2. Hear me out. Games too often have a tech tree where... all the advances are just incremental improvements to existing tech and items. The opponents do the same. Everything just feels the same and balanced out for the entire game with nothing really feeling different. Just bigger numbers. Stellaris at launch (stopped playing a month later) was a big victim of this design. That and the perfect Rock/Paper/Scissors combat. Sword of the Stars is an example of excellence. Yes, the numbers got bigger but the tactics and feel of the weapons became very different. God, I love the mass driver hulls... X2, suffers greatly from the incremental tech. It's boring and changes nothing in squad tactics or abilities or outcome assuming parity with the aliens. It all washes out and all your tech upgrades are meaningless. Might as well be the very first battle same as the final. It may be too late in the development cycle for X2. Still, I would strongly suggest that the team try to innovate and have each teach level ballistic/accelerated/laser/plasma all feel and act much more differently than the +125% that the info card literally says in the game! OG floppy disk X-COM even had more drastic differences in the gear-enabling tactics. Nuclear Football anyone?
  3. Hello, my first post, so let me start with the obligatory "Wow, this is the real modern X-com, awesome, thank you!" Now that is out of the way, I think the troops could use an additional equipment slot in addition to armor, weapons and stuff they are carrying. I'm talking gadgets - things like visors and such. You could have a simple selection available and other things you need to research and produce. You could tie the gadget slots to the type of armor, thus increasing tactical considerations. For example, the heavier the armor, the less slots it has, while going naked gives you three or even four gadget slots. Here are some ideas on what the additional gadgets could be, just as examples of course. EarthTech gadgets: Night-Vision Goggles (Self-evident) Gasmask (Self-evident) Armor plates (More armor, heavy!) Lucky charm (+Bravery) Stuff you need to research: Ablative vest (More armor, heavy!) Combat HUD (+Reaction/Accuracy) Targeting matrix (+Accuracy) Autodoc (Stops bleeding on its own) PSI Shield (Protects from PSI) Alien scrambler (Aliens less likely to target) Alien beacon (Aliens more likely to target) Anti-grav harness (Faster movement) Supreme Night-Vision (Self-evident) Hydraulic sling (Throws grenades much further) Exoskeleton (+Strength) Helping hand (Additional hand slot) Sensor matrix (Wider field of vision)
  4. I'd like to see am equipment stowage bin, perhaps the size of 4 or 5 backpacks, on the transport craft where a player can load up extra equipment for the troops to grab should they need it. Maybe have a load up button in transport screen where you place the troops in different locations on the ship. Given the size of the transport craft, a Chinook carrying 8 soldiers, I fail to see where this would be unrealistic or unbalance the game (seeing how you'd have to run back to the craft to get stuff). It would also help for those times you fly from one crash site to another. Thanks...
  5. Hiya When the weight limit bar reaches 100% full, you can still carry more weight before you start to get an AP drop. Picture one shows the weight bar full, picture two has 2 kg more gear, but still full AP. This has happened for the last couple of builds, but I just got around to reporting it now.
  6. Hello everybody! I had this idea and I thought of bringing it up. In squad tactics and warfare a simple invention called mirror has helped to reveal information behind a corners. In all simplicity here is my idea. Could soldiers be able to use device or just have action to take leaning peak when close to corner. This tactic is used alot through out history of armed warfare. And it is a solid tactic to gain information of opposing troops. Surely this could cause reaction fire, but atleast you would have cover.. Additional idea I had, was that maybe weapons could have "utility slot". Then you could choose this or another utility to the weapon. Would be nice to hear what you think and how difficult this kind of thing is to put to game. Mayhaps this could be left possible to do with mod? Anyway just a idea, I hope I stir discussion. -Commander Tasku, over and out!
  7. Was thinking that it would be really neat if you could have a turret you could deploy in missions, it would take up the entire backpack space. Say, if you wanted to lock down a hallway, you could set it up. Have it have a combat shield facing, and a rifle with a large magazine.
  8. Hi, new to the forums. Played the original X-Com, Terror from the Deep, and Apocalypse heavily, usually on the hardest difficulty settings. I'm a bit of a masochist as far as X-Com goes and prefer brutally hard gameplay. The following mass of text are my thoughts on the current state of arms, armor, and equipment in the game. Some opinions are echoes of what others have said, and some are unique: I felt I should share. Weapons: Pistols: I feel they're great where they are now in terms of damage, cost to fire, reload, and effectiveness. Offers great volume of fire at the penalty of damage. I don't mind the reduction in magazine size from ballistics upwards. Shotguns/Carbines: I really felt the difference between this update and the last. The accuracy buff across the board was one of the best changes made in the beta IMO- the shotgun/carbines have benefited the most. The range isn't all that great until plasma, but you will kill whatever you're shooting. Great power offset by the need to be close. I don't feel that these weapons need a change...except the projectile speed on the plasma carbine. It's too slow and doesn't make it feel powerful. Assault Rifles: I'm not sure others will agree with me, but I feel these weapons are where they should be. Any reduction in TU's to fire them will make the game to easy. With laser rifles I was already at 95% chance to hit with full-aimed shots. High accuracy + ability to one hit kill enemies w/ melee full-auto= already powerful. As the game is right now, you can outfit a whole squad w/ assault rifles and do fine. For a midrange weapon, this is where it should be. Machine Guns: The accuracy buff put these over rocket launchers as my preferred heavy weapon. The 10%+ chance to hit along with the volume of fire changed this gun from a suppression device, to the focus of my squad. In real life, a machine gun is used to supress- but if it can kill a target= they do so. I've had great luck with hanging my machine guns back and railing aliens, while my riflemen move up to get shots in. Many times the machine gunners kill the aliens. The guns sound and feel powerful, have a decent chance of hitting, suppress well, and deal the right amount of dmg at all tiers. They sound chuggy and powerful- great job. Sniper Rifles: I understand the necessity of nerfing these weapons a bit. They work well, but I feel that they aren't as useful to me now compared to just using an assault rifle. I was at 95% chance to hit with laser rifles on most of my soldiers. Taking two shots with high probability of hitting, plus the ability to use burst fire to one-hit-kill at melee> snipers. I started using snipers again when I researched the Shrike. I felt like I could afford another non-front line soldier. I think the reason I didn't use them pre-Shrike was that my sniper soldier would lag far behind the others in stats gained per mission because of the lack of shots-per-mission. Rocket Launcher: I don't use these anymore. I cannot afford to destroy alien equipment IMO. -Stun Rockets: I would use stun rockets, but I've never had it create a gas cloud. It deals light stun on impact and creates 2-3 tiles of light gas. I expect it to at least fill the blast radius w/ light stun gas. I do feel there's room to add an electroshock rocket as a side-grade to the stun gas rocket. -HE Rockets: Whatever you shoot with one of these dies. It does its job well. You really have to weigh the cost of losing mission money against the threat posed by your target. I really only use these to help take the Alien Leader rooms of bases. It's powerful, but you pay for it in opportunity cost. -What I want: Electroshock rockets + Incendiary Rockets. If you are able to work out the bugs for the Armor-piercing rounds= I would love to try those. Not sure if they're needed though. Stun Baton: Dangerous to use, but rewards your efforts. This has the right amount of stun dmg in my opinion. The TU cost seems balanced. -What I want: A lethal melee weapon like the thermal lance and vibroblade in Terror from the Deep. There are few things more satisfying than stun baton 'kills'. A lethal version would be a great alternative if you absolutely need to kill an andron without collateral dmg. Could use same animation/model as stun baton. Conceptually, a high-tech stilletto. Slams it into a target, uses a plasma charge to superheat a metal tip and propel it forward (just like lore for plasma torpedo) before creating a small explosion in target. Shield/Assault Shield: Perfect IMO. Does what it says and saves lives. HE grenades: I use these to kill entrenched aliens that pose a huge threat, or drones/reapers. I would like to see 1 tile more of range. The overdamage property makes these inviable as a main weapon now. Stun grenades: Knock out low rank aliens with ease + area denial. I feel these are where they should be. Electroshock Grenades: Decent side-grade for the stun baton. I feel these are good for higher rank, fleshy aliens, but could use a 10% improvement in stun dmg. Also, these are poor against androns. I don't know if they're meant to have higher dmg against them- I assumed so based on their Xenopedia entry. Flashbangs: People need to use these more. I barely receive reaction fire from movement because of these. The radius is right where it needs to be and they suppress well (higher rank is more resistant, but usually 2 will do it= makes sense). You don't need them in the beginning of the game, but when attacking bases/larger UFO's these save lives. I feel these are where they should be. Smoke grenades: They work, and can be used the whole game. People need to use these more, as well. It would be nice if you shed more light on how they affect accuracy for the tooltip. Does what it needs to do. I've gotten used to how it doesn't block line-of-sight. Only issue, in the future aliens need to be allowed to grenade and burst fire into smoke at players. At 2 plus smoke grenades, aliens usually don't fire at my troops. Not good. Medkits: I Don't have an opinion on these as far as effectiveness, they're necessary. I would like to see a late game upgrade to reduce their inventory size by half, as well as a 20% bonus to efficiency. Could make it require a looted alien base to recover their regeneration/maturation technology. Thoughts on Laser Weapons: I feel that either a $5k price reduction per weapon, or earlier access to the research would help usher out ballistics. I was tempted to skip lasers altogether. In this beta I didn't in order to afford another base. Armors: The removal of the sight restriction was spot on perfect. The weight and monetary/opportunity cost to create armor is balance enough. Jackal: I was never able to afford making it. By the time I could, Wolf was an option. I'm sorry to say I've never made jackal armor. Wolf: I can eat direct plasma cannon shots to the face and still live (sometimes 2). Xenopedia for the cannon needs to be updated, btw. The game changes pace once you've acquired this armor. I'd venture to say it might need a 5% reduction in armor to keep the game tense. I'd wager I could beat normal without making any other armor. Predator: I've made one suit so far. Yeah, definitely worth it. My main machine gunner is a walking war-crime in this. Definitely represents that old X-Com feeling of reaching the top of the tech tree and finally going into battle knowing the aliens should be afraid. The lack of nades and non-hvy weps balances this out. Rookie soldiers are useless when wearing this= good. Need to test this more, but it seems spot on. Aliens need an answer to this armor IMO. Haven't tested the other top armor yet. If it's stronger than wolf= normal is cake once it's acquired. Vehicles: These suffer from the same problem that alien heavy drones have: Huge target, low armor and health. This has been an issue in all X-Coms. I can get more longevity and firepower out of two soldiers instead of a vehicle. I feel they should excel at pushing through open terrain so your soldiers don't end up taking shots. More health, more armor, perhaps less firepower to compensate. Other threads have more knowledgeable thoughts on this. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. This would be an early game researchable and possibly manufactured item that would be carried on the soldier to mitigate the drastically reduced night sight range. This would allow me to not get horribly demolished as badly on every single night map ever. Discuss!
  10. Hi guys! So, I'm tired of having incomplete information regarding various things (since I've actually played very little of the game, as far as going for a long time in a single save goes), so I've got a few questions to ask: So, what are all the armors in the game? There's the blue jumpsuit, Jackal, Wolf, Buzzard, Predator, and what else? And what all does predator armor do? What is the assault shield? Just a beefed up combat shield? When/how do we get that? Also, what are all the "different" non-standard names for weapons in later tiers? Like, the laser LMG is called the scatter-laser, right? (Personally, to me that sounds too much like a laser-shotgun (see scatter-gun), but whatever). If it's just called a MAG Pistol, then that's easy and I don't need to know that. What are all the weapons that the aliens use? And what kinds of aliens are there? Sebillians, Caesans, the disk-drone things, reapers, I've heard about wraiths but never seen them, androns sound like cybermen or something but I've never seen them either. What else? What kinds of human aircraft are there? Interceptors and dropships. What kind of ground vehicles are there? I've heard of hyperion tanks, are those the top tier ones? How does the dropship (shrike?) with the drop pods work? Are those effective? Can it carry vehicles? I think that's it for now. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Thanks All!
  11. I've just finished my second month and I am still using basic equipment for ground combat (with the exception of grenades). I was going to upgrade to lasers and wolf armour (I have wolf and jackal researched and am currently researching the jump armour). However, when I looked at the costs they were very expensive. So a few questions: Does anyone know the stats (damage, range, weight, clip size, etc) for laser weapons? Do the laser weapons have the same firing options and TU costs as the equivalent ballistic weapons? Just how much does armour protect you and how much does it weigh? If a soldier dies do you lose his or her equipment? I think the wiki is wrong. It says of the laser rifle "Compared to the Ballistic Rifle, it is more powerful and has a longer range, but has a smaller clip and is heavier." But states the range as 20 and the range of the Assault Rifle as 180. This is clearly not longer range. Lastly, I am confused by the Hunter Scout car. Three (I think) missions in a row it was destroyed, but a new 100% health one was there for the next mission. After that it was gone and I built a new one. Is this intended behaviour or a bug?
  12. As an aid to hidden movement, it might be interesting for your soldiers to pick up on noises behind them, inside buildings etc. Perhaps when they hear gunfire, it could place a marker in the general area where they heard it to indicate where the aliens might be? For Christmas or my Birthday, I would also like one of the following: 1. A snake camera that I can feed through a door before breaching 2. New mission types - rescue the abductee's, destroy the comms radar/turret, recover intel, recon the area etc. 3. Stims (similar to some other posts I have seen) 4. Androids - maybe they come later, who knows! 5. Drones to scout out the landing area later on, or motion sensors
  13. This is an announcement of plans for a mod to help expand and replace the current armoury used by the Xenonauts in order to make for a more immersive game. It'll also make some game balance changes that I'll attest to later in this post. The idea came to me when I relaised, as many seem to have, that NATO equipment was pretty much the default of the Xenonauts, despite their multinational nature and their willingness to bring in not just NATO countries but also numerous other nations, unaligned, Warsaw Pact, and just Communist in general. At first, I considered creating a mirrored set of Ballistic weapons for the Warsaw Pact, and then simply go with that to equip my Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Hungarians, and others from the East. Upon that realisation, I figured that it'd probably make sense that instead of repurposing existing tech, that the Xenonauts would probably use their own series of kit, so I decided to get to work on that. I plan on starting with the gear and weapon mods to start, then adding more changes from there. Currently, my gear plans include the following, all with new weapon art, at least on the equipment screen. Animations will...be figured out later on, if possible, depending on what is needed: Sniper Rifle Battle Rifle Carbine PDW (9mm Variant) Flamethrower Grenade Launcher Flare Gun Mortar Load Bearing Vest Currently, for existing weapons (the sniper rifle and battle rifle in particular), there won't be any status changes, mostly just an art swap to bring the weapons in line, with the battle rifle replacing the assault rifle. I'm considering the same for the MG and shotgun as well, but all the other weapons are going to be 'new'. The carbine will be a light battle rifle, with an increased rate of fire, small caliber (less damage), and greatly decreased weight, allowing them to be a more practical weapon for assault and other CQB forces. Additionally, the light weight makes them a possible secondary weapon for heavy weapons carriers who are dragging around a rocket launcher or the new grenade launcher as their main weapon. The PDW is basically your standard SMG, a very light, short-ranged weapon for snipers and the assistants for a crew-served weapon (should there be an easy way to implement them). Provided there's also a way to require an actual crew for the Hunter, or add actual crew to the transport chopper, it'd also be their primary weapon...though of course that's a long ways off. Now, while snipers can fire their scoped weapons at close-ish range without any penalty that I've seen, I'm considering doing an XCom2012 style bell curve for the sniper rifle, so that the SMG is a practical weapon for anything within, say, 5 tiles. The flamethrower will be self-explanatory, an incendiary heavy weapon that carries dangers of its own. It is an excellent area denial weapon, and can easily suppress those enemies that it doesn't outright kill with the wall of flames, trapping them in their positions. However (and I'm still working out how this will occur), should the operator be hit, there is a moderate chance (greater if shot from behind or the flanks) for him to be killed instantly as his fuel tank is detonated, frying the operator in a massive ball of flame. Very dangerous to operate, just as lethal to the user as it is to the enemy, but invaluable at times for urban combat. The grenade launcher is pretty self explanatory, an M79-type weapon that can fire a variety of grenades. It'd be less accurate, and have far less range than the rocket launcher, but it's much lighter, allowing for a scout team to carry one with them in order to create their own entrances into buildings or engage the enemy with some higher-powered weaponry. It'd come with a full range of grenades, including tear gas (designed to suppress civilians to keep them from running around into the line of fire), smoke, incendiaries, frags, as well as chemical weapons of various types. Advanced grenades are avialable through research, things such as 'sticky' grenades that deploy a sticky substance via air-burst to slow down the enemy, or plasma grenades. Rounds will be the usual size, but incompatible with regular grenades, so they can't be thrown, or regular grenades shot from the launcher. Like it's big-brother, the flare gun fires projectiles in a wide arc, however, it can only fire illumination rounds and is no larger or heavier than a pistol. Though planned right now, in all likelihood, I'm going to remove this eventually and make it one with the grenade launcher, adding illumination rounds to it. Due to the addition of the grenade launcher, the rocket launcher will be gaining a significant range boost likely, as well as an expansion in its explosion radius in order to make its niche as a long-range direct-fire weapon a little more noticeable. The mortar is a weapon that I'd like to add, to fill in the heavy weapons niche that the rocket launcher simply can't, namely that of being able to fire a wider variety of munitions than what the rocket launcher is capable of mounting in its warheads. It'd require a proper crew due to its weight (easily 20-25 kilos for the weapon itself, never mind ammo), and it'd be costly enough in TUs that almost no one will be able to fire it after moving, even the slightest amount. Snap shot will be its only fire mode, to represent the necessary rapidity in firing the weapon, and also the fact that the weapon, even if sighted properly, will still be quite inaccurate due to the vagaries of wind and weather. It's much more of an indirect area-denial weapon than any of the others. Due to their minimum range and accuracy issues, using them as close-support weapons within a 'useful' distance of your own soldiers to push back a force already in contact with your men would be dangerous at best. Aside from the weight, the ammo would be large, perhaps a bit more than the rocket. To compare the three explosive weapon systems: grenade launchers are the new assault launchers, used for breaching and assaulting fortified positions, rocket launchers are useful for softening up the enemy prior to an assault, and mortars are primarily designed for area suppression and flushing out the enemy. Oh, and regarding load-bearing vests and similar: if possible I'll likely have it produce a minor but noticeable negative weight to represent the more even distribution of gear across the wearer's body, at the expense of a significant number of backpack slots. Which brings me to a question - is it possible to have a negative encumbrance value, and if so...does it actually reduce the encumbrance? I've got a few other ideas that'll be elaborated on in time as the mod progresses. Anyone interested in something along these lines? By the by, the mod will likely be balanced around a sight mod of some sort, to help make the range differences in some of the new weapons a little more noticeable. == Pardon the rambling here by the way, I hadn't expected the post to come out nearly as long as it did, but it is what it is. Watch this post for future updates/news.
  14. So here I was in the middle east and I spotted some local forces with AKs, these babies have 30 rounds compared to the 20 Xenonauts' (XN) default rifles have. SO I knocked a few of them unconscious to nick their shit. >_> <_< ... what? Anyway, your units can keep these weapons only under specific circumstances or else the ballistic rifle will end up in the storeroom and it cannot be pulled out from the equipment list to equipped onto other troops. Is the current equipment UI going to be developed more to cover things like this so we can give a little more character to our units using gear found on the field?
  15. One of the annoying bugs in the game is that character loses their equipment. With the latest version, it seems like it's resolved somewhat, where they get un-equiped when they are hurt. Or at least that's how I'm having it happen. But there are still times I go into battle, forgetting or not knowing, with naked soldiers. Is it possible to add in the option to check/change equipment on the list of options when a craft gets to the crash/terror site? As it is, you can already edit equipment, even if your characters aren't actually in the base. This would be help with frustration of forgetting to change equipment, and allow double checking as well.
  16. I'm curious why after using medikit on soldier his HP doesn't increased to full? Medikit has "energy" of 50 and theese energy is going down by every use. Soldier HP is constant. Can anybody explain it? Is it because of wound? and can't be fully cured?
  17. Two types: - binocular: improves daytime sight range (3-5 squares) - night googles: eliminates nighttime sight range penalties Both can be equiped/activated during combat, but not simultaneously. Both have a penalty to viewing angle. Both has no affect on weapon range and accuracy. Maybe some high-tier armour have one of them (or both) included.
  18. I don't know if this has been forgotten so I decided to bring it up. The toggle roof button is pretty pointless so I think replacing trade button shouldn't be a loss. And I drew a picture.
  19. Bit of a knotty question, but should soliders have the option to carry their loadout (arms, armour, and equipment) in-between base transfers? The obvious benefit of being able to carry over equipment is one of convienence: there's no time spent re-equipping a solider, or in transferring over equipment separately, or forgetting that your solider needs re-equipping! The negative aspect to it would be the consequence of convenience: forgetting to de-equip a solider of stuff you want kept at the original base, transferring the wrong things and not having enough room at base B to store arms and equipment.
  20. In my ealier thread I mentioned that aliens holed up in a room are just too dangerous. If you go in you will 99.9% die. That aint no fun. We should have some kind of device to chck if there is someone inside. Or do we have something we could use?
  21. Hi! First off I don't know if this has been brought up before, there are 400+ threads in the feature suggestion section, I am not willing, nor do I have the time, to check. So my idea is something along the lines of a flare or throwable light or maybe even a throwable motion detector. The idea behind this is that no one likes it when your best man goes through a door or into a new area and BAM he is dead. With this useable item you could basically check an area for threats before exposing yourself to them. Any comments or ideas? Please share your critizism. -Ed
  22. What if we could only buy some products from specific countries. Tanks from Germany? Big Guns from Russia? High tech from Japan? etc. If you fall out of favor with a country or if Aliens take it over, then you would lose the ability to get those items (as well as some funding).
  23. I feel the early ballistic weapons and grenades can gear should be lighter in wieght allowing soliders to carry more gear. also armors should wieght much much less than they do now, because even after 20 missions my soldiers dont have the strength to wear a wolf armor and only one laser weapon and no ammo clips or grenades equipped or he willsuffer alot of wieght and AP penalties, which also makes the wolf armor and laser weapons obsolete and useless unless i would perfer my soldiers to have only 40 ap. I think the weight of items and armor need to be re-balanced better. Its too restrictive as of now and whats the point of researching better guns and armor but u cant wear it becuz you ll move like a turtle in combat?
  24. whether done scanner movement? In the original x-com, he was, and helped search for aliens.
  25. Will it be included in final game? I'd like to see one after good improvements
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